Long Live the Mad Wife!

Chapter 537 - Chapter 537: The Rhythm of the Wedding 2

Chapter 537: The Rhythm of the Wedding 2

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His kiss was as domineering as ever.

Feng Chuge was almost suffocated by his kiss and could not withstand it at all.

She pushed him, but no matter how strong she was, she couldn’t move Di Juechen at all.

Feng Chuge secretly gritted his teeth…

He had suffered once again!

She had to get her money back!

At this moment, their lips and tongues were already intertwined. The whole carriage was warm| At dawn.

But at this moment, the carriage suddenly stopped. Due to inertia, Feng Chuge and Di Juechen’s bodies leaned forward.

The two of them were caught off guard and separated.

Feng Chuge fell into Di Juechen’s arms.” What happened?”

Di Juechen, who had his mood disturbed, had a cold glint in his eyes!!

His cold eyes swept outside.” Beixuan!”

” Master…” Outside, Beixuan heard this voice mixed with anger and shivered.

He had also heard some of the commotion in the carriage just now. It was not difficult to guess what his Master and Miss Feng were doing. It was also because he was eavesdropping that he did not pay attention to the scene outside. That was why he braked when he encountered an accident…

Beixuan’s expression changed.” Master, it’s my fault. However…” There are a few people who are not afraid of death in front…”

Di Juechen was in a bad mood.

It’s rare for him to be in tune with his wife| However, her love was interrupted by someone who didn’t have eyes.

He lifted the curtain and looked around. As expected, not far away, there were a few figures standing. One of them was the Second Master Rong whom he had seen yesterday!!

The ruler was very angry, the consequences were very serious!

Almost subconsciously, he raised his hand.

At that moment, the few guards standing at the front were knocked far away by the powerful airflow!

Second Master Rong was trembling in fear…”Big brother, you saw it, right? They’re too domineering!!”

When Second Master Rong found out that the entire Rong family had been emptied yesterday, he was so angry that he fainted. When he woke up today, he found that his eldest brother had already come out of seclusion.

And this time, the Rong Family Head had successfully advanced to the Spiritual Venerable Realm!

With his eldest brother backing him up, Second Old Master Rong was not afraid of anything anymore.” Eldest Brother, yesterday, they caused a ruckus in the clothing workshop. Then, they came to the residence and emptied our treasure vault. They even emptied the secret compartment. Eldest Brother, you have to teach these two a lesson and snatch back all the things of our Rong family.””

Master Rong was dressed in a green robe and stood in the wind.

He was about fifty years old and looked decent.

His long hair was tied up, and his beard was fluttering.

Master Rong narrowed his eyes coldly as he looked at the palanquin.

“Outsiders are not allowed to take over the Rong family’s things!!”A cold and stern voice rang out. The next moment, the Rong family head raised his hand without any hesitation, and a stream of air rushed straight into the carriage!

Just as the air current was about to strike the carriage, a blue figure flew out of the carriage.

The white light enveloped Lan Se’s body and blocked the airflow that the Rong family’s head was slashing at!!

“If our palanquin is destroyed, how are we going to go back? Are you sending us? “Master Rong, long time no see Feng Chu Ge smiled indifferently and turned his head. His gaze swept across Second Master Rong again.”Second Master Rong, didn’t we just meet yesterday?” Could it be that Second Master Rong was reluctant to let us go and specially chased after us?”

“Stinky girl! This time around, let’s see how to deal with you!’.”Second Master Rong only berated him angrily. Little did he know that at this moment, Master Rong’s expression had already changed..

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