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Chapter 453 - Chapter 453: Relying on Strength to Protect Her Husband!

Chapter 453: Relying on Strength to Protect Her Husband!

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Ye Qianli’s words naturally attracted the attention of Shen Yanwen and Luo Tai. After all, they had not said anything since they appeared, nor had they revealed their identities.

However, Ye Qianli had seen through them? His eyesight was not bad.

“Not bad, you’re already a seventh-ranked Divine Inscriptionist at such a young age. No wonder Shaofeng was defeated by you, and even praised you to such a high position.” Shen Yanwen was slightly startled, but he could tell that this little girl in front of him wasn’t an ordinary person.

Less than twenty years old!

Seventh-ranked Divine Inscriptionist!

Such talent was stronger than his son, Shenshao Feng. No wonder he could defeat his proud son.

“Alright, alright.” After being praised, Ye Qianli only cupped her fists and took out the Divine Talisman Brush. She then changed the topic and said, ” I can give the Divine Talisman Brush to your Divine Pattern Sect, but I have a condition.

However, before Ye Qianli could make her conditions clear, Foxy, who had a murderous look in her eyes, had already reached out and grabbed her. ‘ Unfortunately, you don’t have time to make conditions. Die first! ‘


Foxy’s claws were about to tear Ye Qianli apart! The latter’s expression did not change. She only raised the Divine Talisman Brush in her hand to block Foxy’s attack. This .


It was too late to say, but at that moment! Foxy’s claws were undoubtedly shattered by Shen Yanwen’s palm. After all, Ye Qianli’s actions were very shameless. She wanted to kill her! He would destroy the Divine Brush first.

However, Shen Yanwen wasn’t someone who could be easily fooled. The moment he scattered Foxy’s attack, he grabbed at her! He immediately grabbed the Divine Talisman Brush in Ye Qianli’s hand.

The meaning behind his actions was very simple. ” You want to use the Divine Brush to suppress the Divine Pattern Sect? ” Dream on! Unfortunately, his meaning was very obvious, but…


Ye Qianli didn’t even bat an eyelid as she used her mind to activate the Divine Talisman Brush, wanting to destroy this super brush that had been passed down since ancient times.

Such an action naturally caused Shen Yanwen’s expression to change, Bastard! This is the Heaven Talisman Divine Brush. If it collapses, no one can compare to it!”

“So what? My life is over. What’s the use of keeping it?” Ye Qianli said coldly.

The indifference and determination in her eyes made Shen Yanwen choke.

Ye Qianli let Shen Yanwen know that she really didn’t care about disintegrating the Divine Talisman Brush! Even if this was a unique super divine brush.

“This little girl is very decisive. However, in the face of absolute power, everything is useless.” At this moment, Luo Tai spoke. Moreover, he emitted his unique super spiritual power!

In an instant…

“Buzz! ”

The boundless mental pressure of a super Divine Inscriptionist enveloped Ye Qianli, especially the Divine Talisman Brush that was about to be destroyed.

However, it was still too late!


At this moment, an earth-shaking wolf howl was emitted from Ye Qianli’s body. At the same time, it exploded.


Ye Qianli’s cultivation level had risen from a normal grade-4 talent to a grade-7 talent right before the eyes of the Kunlun Ocean experts! Furthermore, he had even leaped into the eighth rank.


The great power of his cultivation base and the ferocious wolf breath that burst out from the sky instantly disintegrated the mental power that Luo Tai had crushed out.


A huge shadow of the Sky Killing Wolf was still around Ye Qianli, its eyes fierce! Its aura was violent and extremely brutal.

This wasn’t the end…

‘ It seems like you don’t cherish the Divine Talisman Brush. Explode it then! ” Ye Qianli, who had fused with the soul of the Regicide Sky Wolf, released the Divine Talisman Brush.


“Divine Brush…” Ye Qianli was about to detonate the Divine Brush. Even the divine beast Qilin was about to make a move. After all, the Divine Brush was a divine weapon!

The power of the divine artifact’s explosion was so terrifying that it was not something that Foxy could withstand. Therefore, just as Qilin was about to pull Foxy away from the explosion circle, who knew …

“Stop! I, Shen Yanwen, swear that I will never take anything by force again!” Shen Yanwen was extremely decisive! He quickly swore.

Unfortunately …

“Too late.”

However, Ye Qianli still threw out the Divine Talisman Brush, and then…


A thunder-like explosion suddenly blasted toward the people of the Sword Pavilion! It was so loud that the people from the Sword Pavilion who were gathering their strength were all stunned and quickly retreated.


However, the chaotic Divine Brush’s Disintegration Wave had already bombarded their faces, causing these Sword Pavilion experts to almost break their legs.

In the end…

“Rumble…” As the disintegration wave dissipated, the experts of the Kunlun Sea realized that the explosion wave of the Divine Talisman Brush was nothing much.

However, even though it was only a secondary brush, Ye Qianli’s decisiveness to destroy it still made Shen Yanwen and Luo Tail s hearts skip a beat. They couldn’t help but feel lucky that it was only a secondary brush.

However, just as the two of them were rejoicing, Ye Qianli reached out her hand and took out another Divine Talisman Brush! This …

Jian Chongyang’s originally flustered and exasperated gaze immediately turned solemn. Because he had already confirmed a possibility, this was the real Heavenly Talisman Divine Brush!

In other words, the little girl standing in front of him really had the ability to enter the real ancient battlefield. At least, she had definitely entered it.

At that moment, Foxy, who had also thought of this, immediately said, ” Sect

Master Jian, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you just take her down!” Hearing this, Jian Ming didn’t dawdle anymore. He ordered, ” Attack! ”

However, Ye Qianli didn’t need to say anything. Shen Yanwen and Luo Tai couldn’t just stand by and watch. They said, ” Everyone, please wait.

“What’s wrong? Could it be that the Divine Pattern Sect wants to go against my Imperial Palace?” Foxy, who had been staring at them for a long time, immediately threatened them.

However, Shen Yanwen didn’t buy it. ” Foxy must be joking. My Divine Inscription Sect only wants the Divine Talisman Brush. If Foxy dares to swear on her cultivation base, she will definitely hand over the Divine Talisman

Brush to my Divine Inscription Sect. I, Shen Yanwen, will not object to it and will even listen to your orders.

If that was the case, Foxy naturally wouldn’t be able to accept it!

Therefore, Shen Yanwen stared at Ye Qianli and said, ” Let’s make a deal. Give me the Divine Talisman Brush, and I will guarantee your safety. How about that? ”

Foxy’s eyes twitched when she heard this promise. She knew that Shen Yanwen was lying! What he said was to protect Ye Qianli’s life, then ….

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