The Three-and-a-Half Years Old Baby is Pampered by Eight Uncles!

Chapter 440 - Chapter 440: Conquering the Xie Family

Chapter 440: Conquering the Xie Family

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This answer surprised everyone. Xie Jing stammered, “Burn me?”

Xie Huan held Xie Jings hand and said, “You can’t burn him.”

Purple Eye smiled and said, “Ask Xiao Jing to burn him with his God of War Flame. The God of War Flame can burn those evil things and won’t hurt Xie

Hearing her words, the Xie family relaxed and let Xie Jing walk to the front. Purple Eye looked at Xiao Jing and said, “Be careful. Don’t scare the child.”

Xie Jing understood what she meant. He did not use the flames to burn it

directly. Instead, he controlled the flames of the God of War to burn up from Xie Jings feet bit by bit, giving him time to adapt.

Xie Jing, who was originally very tense, relaxed after feeling the warmth of the flames. He could feel that the flames did not cause him any harm. He did not even feel hot.

The flames slowly climbed up Xie Jings head, and an illusory shadow appeared. It was a part of the soul left behind by the little ghost. It was hiding from the flames.

However, he could not escape at all. He could only watch as he dissipated.

At this point, the Xie family’s matter was finally resolved. Purple Eye left Yunbao’s body and returned to the bracelet. She said, “I’ll leave the rest to you.”

She had been too tired recently and needed to rest. After reminding Yunbao, there was no more sound.

Xie Jin still remembered about his wife. He walked in front of Yunbao and said, “Uncle wants to thank you for your help. I also need you to help Auntie Xiao Ya stay.”

“That’s not a problem,” Yunbao said. “I’ll set up an array in the house later and let Auntie Xiao Ya stay inside first. We’ll sign the contract after Brother Xie

Jing becomes a sorcerer.”

Xie Jin thanked Yunbao from the bottom of his heart and said, “Uncle doesn’t have anything to give you, but as long as you say what you want, the Xie family will do it even if you want the stars in the sky.”

This promise was too heavy. Xiao Jing understood how much trouble this would cause if word got out.

Although the Xie family was not as ostentatious as the other two aristocratic families and rarely appeared on the news, they were related to the government. The Xie family was even a part of the government’s cultural dissemination.

That was why the Xie family could become an aristocratic family with less than a hundred years of inheritance. The Xie family’s status would definitely not be shaken.

“Yunbao is still young and doesn’t have anything she wants.” Xiao Jing hugged the child in his arms and said, “The family already dotes on her very much. Mr. Xie can just buy some children’s favorites for her.”

Xie Jin understood what Xiao Jing was afraid of. He smiled and said, “Mr. Xiao, don’t worry. I won’t let anyone else know about my words. This promise will always be valid.”

Since Xie Jin insisted, there was nothing Xiao Jing could do. He could only accept this promise.

Yunbao leaned on her father’s shoulder and said, “Daddy, I want to eat and What happened just now had consumed a lot of her energy. Now, she was especially tired.

Xie Huan immediately reacted and said, “There are still groceries in the kitchen. I’ll cook for Yunbao now.”

Xie Jin also went over and said, “It’ll be faster if we do it together.”

Seeing that everyone from the Xie family had entered the kitchen, Xiao Jing hugged Yunbao and was a little flustered, as if his daughter had conquered the Xie family.

Xie Jin and Xie Huan’s culinary skills were not bad. After all, one often cooked for his wife, while the other cooked for herself when she was traveling overseas.

Xie Huan even thoughtfully prepared dessert cakes. She remembered that Yunbao liked to eat this.

After Yunbao ate and drank her fill, she quickly entered the next segment. She lay on the table and was about to sleep.

Xie Jin hurriedly said, “There’s a guest room on the second floor that has been tidied up. Let Yunbao sleep for a while.”

Xie Huan shook her head. “Don’t go to the guest room. Let Yunbao sleep in my room. The bed in my room is custom-made and is especially comfortable.”

Xiao Jing watched as the Xie family treated Yunbao like a treasure and wished they could give her all the good things. He thought that he was still dreaming. “Yunbao is just tired. I’ll bring her home to sleep now.” Xiao Jing wanted to bring his daughter back.

However, Xie Jin did not give him the chance at all. He carried Yunbao upstairs.

Xiao Jing didn’t know who Yunbao’s father was, but Xie Jin did this out of goodwill. He could only endure it.

When Gu Lin saw that they had not returned for a long time and came to pick up the father and daughter, he saw Xiao Jing sitting in the living room with a worried expression.

“Where’s Yunbao?” Gu Lin asked.

Xiao Jings expression turned even worse. “Sleeping upstairs..”

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