The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right

Chapter 635 - Chapter 635: I Don’t Want to Fall Like You Guys

Chapter 635: I Don’t Want to Fall Like You Guys

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Moreover, she had not gone through a systematic study of cooking. Other than learning from the old man for two years, she spent most of her time fumbling around on her own.

Therefore, Mo Yangyang especially needed the guidance of others …

The timing of this recipe was just right.

According to the recipe, knife skills determined the success or failure of many dishes, and the control of heat was sometimes the soul of the entire dish. These were two very important links. There was no shortcut, only hard work!

If these two were shortcomings, it would limit the development of a chef.

After reading it, Mo Yangyang made up her mind. She looked up and said to Xie Xize,” Fifth Uncle, from tomorrow onwards, we’ll run in the morning. Call me, and I’ll run with you…”“


No matter what Mo Yangyang wanted to do, he would support her unconditionally.

He wouldn’t say,’I have money, so you don’t have to do anything.’

She wanted to chase her dreams, so he would accompany her.

It was past 10 in the afternoon, but Jiang Niancheng and the others were still asleep.

Xie Xize felt that if they didn’t wake up in the morning and make it in time for lunch, it wouldn’t do…

Therefore, he wet three towels with water and placed them in the freezer for a while. Before they were frozen, he took them out. At this time, the towels were so cold that he could not even hold them with his hands.

Xie Xize took three cold towels to the guest room and smeared one on each of their faces.

After he entered, Spicy Strip said to Mo Yangyang, who was studying the recipe, “Mom, Old Xie is too cunning, don’t you think?“

Mo Yangyang did not know what was going on and asked, “”What happened to him?“

As soon as he asked, he heard a few screams that sounded like pigs being slaughtered.

The Spicy Strip shook its head.“

Mo Yangyang wondered,”What’s going on?”“

She got up and wanted to take a look, but she was caught by a Spicy Strip.”Mom, you don’t have to worry about it. Old Xie just went to get someone.”“

Mo Yang Yang said,”But, I heard this voice. It seems to be especially tragic…”“

Spicy Strip replied,”I won’t die anyway.”“

At this moment, in the guest room, the three people who had been woken up by the cold towel were looking at Xie Xize angrily.

Jiang Niancheng roared,”Xie Xize, you’re too inhuman. F * ck, f * ck…” My face…“

Xie Xize chuckled. ” You’ve been eating and drinking at my house, and you’ve even stayed up all night. It’s already past 10 o’clock in the afternoon, and you’re still refusing to leave? ““

Gu Fei exclaimed,”No way, it’s already 10 o’clock in the afternoon. I slept for so long?”“

Jiang Niancheng’s forehead instantly turned black.”Gu Fei, you’re focusing on the wrong thing…” Our main point is that he used such a cold towel to freeze our faces…“

Gu Fei nodded,”I know, but it’s already 10 o’clock the next morning…” I’ve never slept so late before. I’m really too depraved…“

Jiang Niancheng was speechless.“

The Crown Prince said,”This …” Actually, it was nothing to do once in a while.“

Gu Fei shook her head. ” No, this is not going to work. Once I fall, it will become a habit in the future. What if I end up like you guys? ” I don’t want to be like you guys. I can’t accept that kind of myself …”

Jiang Niancheng and Gu Fei opened their mouths.”No, it’s not … What’s wrong with being like us? As if we’re so pathetic? How outstanding are we? Where did he degenerate?”

They had been fooling around with Xie Xize, but because of Gu Fei’s words, the two of them immediately forgot about Xie Xize and aimed their guns at Gu Fei.

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