Reborn In Space: Pampering The Genius Doctor And Businesswoman

Chapter 488 - Chapter 488: Are You An Idiot?

Chapter 488: Are You An Idiot?

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Even Su Chu stared at her cousin in surprise, let alone Elder Chen.

Although she doesn’t have the qualifications to practice medicine, she’s been in contact since she was a child. She knows some rules!

For example, if it was her, she could also do the work of grabbing medicine. However, if her grandfather did not agree, she would not dare to do it no matter what. It was not that she did not have the courage, but in the face of the patient’s safety, her courage was just showing off.

Moreover, although Grandpa Chen’s medical skills were not as good as Grandpa Chen’s, and he was not a very famous doctor, he specialized in various fields. He was very experienced and capable in orthopedics and children. He had saved countless patients. This clinic had been open for many years, and there were indeed some patients who came to seek treatment repeatedly.

However, it was not that Grandpa Chen could not cure them. It was just that if he wanted to cure the root cause, he could not rush it. Some illnesses had to be done slowly.

And cousin Zhong Qing actually suggested that the patient go to the western medicine clinic next door for a drip? And he said he would recover immediately?

This was too funny.

Some people said that traditional Chinese medicine was slow to treat diseases, but that was not the case. Many people would get better after taking a decoction and drinking it. The main reason was that different diseases required different methods and time. Moreover, traditional Chinese medicine had fewer side effects.

The risk of receiving an IV drip was actually very high. Every infusion was equivalent to a minor surgery.

She had heard from her grandfather that the infusion was an invasive procedure. When the dissolved particles in the injection entered the bloodstream, it was easy to develop lung inflammation, pneumonedema, venous inflammation, and allergic reactions.

She didn’t understand these medical terms, but she knew that it had a huge impact.

However, as the cousin of their Chinese medicine clinic, she actually recommended a patient to another clinic for an IV drip. It was too unbelievable!

Even if it wasn’t a medical risk, it shouldn’t be, right? She was working here. How could she boost others ‘morale and diminish her own? Grandpa Chen hadn’t even come for a diagnosis. How could she, an apprentice, say anything?

Jing Yunzhao knew everything that Su Chu knew. If she did not have a good impression of Zhong Qing before, she would have hated him to the core now.

“Cousin, hurry up and apologize to Grandpa Chen. You’re in the wrong.”Su Chu said directly.

This was a matter of principle. She was not stupid enough to plead for mercy.

Zhong Qing raised his head in shock,””Why…I-I meant well, and I’m on a drip…lt’s indeed faster. I mainly don’t want the patient to suffer. Also, it’s the same when I grabbed the medicine just now. It’s because Uncle Chen’s writing is too complicated, so I didn’t recognize it…”

After she finished speaking, the tears that had accumulated in her eyes fell down, bringing with it a sense of beauty.

However, his vision became clear in an instant, and his face changed when he saw Jing Yunzhao.

“You, why are you here?” She asked in confusion. Her voice was soft and full of grievance and fear.

Jing Yunzhao glanced at her and said,””Do you know that your good intentions might kill someone? If the patient takes the medicine you caught, it’s very likely that there will be problems. If something happens, it will be a life. Moreover, Elder Chen will also be implicated because of you. Do you really not understand or are you pretending not to understand?”

“Besides, this isn’t your first day at this clinic, right? You still don’t know the rules after learning for so many days? Are you an idiot?” Jing Yunzhao said harshly.

Zhong Qing had graduated from medical school, so it was impossible for him not to know the dangers of infusion. It was also impossible for him not to know the differences between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

The reason why she still made such a mistake was that she did not care at all..

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