Hitting Up The Big Leagues with a Green Tea Personality

Chapter 712 - Chapter 712: Guidance from muyi (1)

Chapter 712: Guidance from muyi (1)

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There was a type of tone-deaf where one didn’t know that they were out of tune.

There was a lack of rhythm because he didn’t know that he was stepping on the right rhythm.

This was more terrifying.

Without talent, it would only be a waste of time to rush in.

Luo tianlin had a business mindset, and he pursued the highest efficiency.

if you really can’t do it, you can give up. Although you’re talented in guzheng, singing is a different matter.

In theory, the sense of rhythm was something that could be mastered by anyone.

However, Luo tianlin knew that the two music teachers from chongyi were good and professional, and the probability of them being wrong in music was very low.

Maybe the little girl could take the amateur route, but her professional level was too late. In the eyes of the two teachers, she could not achieve anything.

yes, I think 1 can. I’m almost done practicing the theme song of shooting. Sherby immediately replied with her chest out.

Luo tianlin heaved a sigh of relief. It was only at the level of recording the theme song.

“Do you think the two teachers are strict now? Do you need me to find a new teacher to teach you?”

A teacher with too high of a requirement would make it difficult for a girl of this level.

Oh. Xia Bohe recalled and felt that the more teachers, the better. sure.

She had imported the two teachers ‘lessons into the system and learned them by heart.

“Alright, I’ll make the arrangements in the afternoon. When you’re resting, get someone to come to the hotel to give you lessons and get Lin Qi to accompany you.”

Luo tianlin had personally arranged the little girl’s classes.

He didn’t need to be too strict, but he couldn’t mislead her either. He just taught her some simple basics, and the focus was to let her quickly complete the recording of the theme song.

In the end, in the afternoon, sherby saw someone familiar and was shocked.

it’s you? ‘

The music teacher who came was actually muyi.

Niu Yi blushed. teacher Xia, the company suddenly arranged for me to come.

Even if she could not learn it well or master it, mu Yi, as a newbie, would definitely have the patience to teach her over and over again. He would never have the guts to scold her, teach her, or make her cry.

As ke youbin walked her to her room, his boss’s words appeared in his mind. Boss was really a Dark King who took advantage of people’s hearts.

mu Yi received an Admission Notice from Berkeley’s music department. He started learning music at the age of four, and later came into contact with the piano and violin. He’s considered to be from a musical family.

he rejected Berkley. He’s now a songwriting student at the University of Jianghai.

Ke youbin reported his resume.

Previously, he wasn’t as active as his boss when he asked mu Yi to teach him.

To put it bluntly, sis-in-law was not a singer. She only needed to have the ability to sing some popular songs.

It was commonly known as the ability of KTV.

“Yes, muyi, I’ve told you about the information from before. You should understand the situation. From now on, I’ll wait in the next room. Lin Qi, you stay here and help.”

Ke youbin left the room after he finished speaking.

Only Lin Qi was left in the room to prevent the hot boy from being exposed for being in the same room as his sister-in-law.

After he left, Xia Bo Li smiled at mu Yi. I didn’t expect you to be so amazing. It seems that I’ll be able to win the Golden Records award soon.

Mu Yi waved his hands repeatedly. no, no, I’m still studying music. I’m still far from it …

But when he said this, he froze unnaturally.

The company asked him to teach, but he said he wasn’t good enough. Wasn’t that saying that summer was worse?

Niu Yi awkwardly stopped talking.

In his mind, he quickly recalled that before he came, he had specially gone to ask the music teachers from a few companies.

‘Well, that’s terrible. Her Foundation …

‘Not really. I have to teach her sentence by sentence …’

‘When you go, just help her review the things I taught her last time. She probably hasn’t mastered it yet

Mu Yi scratched his head, feeling a little uneasy. teacher Xia, can you sing first and let me understand your current level? ‘

“Hey, didn’t teacher Lu teach you last time?”

Xia Bo Li nodded. okay, then I’ll do what Mr. Lu taught me in the last class? ‘

Mu Yi nodded. After ten minutes, he was dumbfounded..

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