Hitting Up The Big Leagues with a Green Tea Personality

Chapter 420 - Chapter 420: She thought he had seen everything (1)

Chapter 420: She thought he had seen everything (1)

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Luo tianlin had just returned from the capital city after a four-day business trip.

Xia Bohe had night scenes these few days. Although Luo tianlin was in the capital, there were many international meetings.

The time difference between the two was reversed.

Luo tianlin did not have the self-awareness to report his itinerary to the little girl. He only told her the approximate date of his return.

Shiba didn’t ask further.

After all, she was busy filming and attending classes. Of course, there was also a very important factor.

It was just that asking too much would make the man feel annoyed.

She could clearly feel that Luo tianlin no longer had any ill feelings towards her as before, and everything was going in a good direction.

At this time, she should continue to establish a good image and maintain her advantage.

That was why she didn’t keep an eye on him 24 hours a day, and she didn’t ask or say much.

For example, she recently had a habit of taking a bath, and she had to do it at noon when the sun was at its peak. She didn’t tell him. Today, when the hotel bathroom door opened …

What a big surprise!

Double the surprise!

The water in the wooden bucket didn’t soak for long, and it was so hot that summer’s little face was covered with a layer of gorgeous peach powder.

In order to prevent her black hair from getting wet, she pulled it up behind her head, revealing her slender, Pearl-pink, snow-skinned swan neck.

She had beautiful flat shoulders and a straight shoulder line at the base of her small and exquisite neck. It was neither wide nor narrow, and the visual proportion was just right. People could not help but look down from her beautiful small face.

Perhaps it was because she insisted on running in the morning, her cheeks were full and smooth like an Apple, but her collarbones were deeply sunken. A few drops of crystal-like water slid down her elegant neckline and rolled into her small and beautiful collarbones. They turned one round and trembled slightly. The water droplets grew larger and larger, and it took a long time before they fell again.

It flowed down her well-balanced muscles and dripped into the deep undulating snow-capped peak.

Only Xiao He showed her sharp horn.

Half of it was hidden under the water.

Even if Luo tianlin was not an eighteen-year-old teenager, he was also stunned by this scene.

Shiba saw him too.

She saw his black eyes staring at her and his gaze kept moving down.

Her face flushed red!

Her entire body didn’t feel like it belonged to her anymore. It was as if she was soaking in boiling lava. It was so hot that her palms were sweating and her eyelashes were trembling.

“Ah! Brother Kuai!”

She quickly shrank back into the water, revealing only her pink face. She wrapped her arms around her shoulders, blocking his unruly sight.

But the first thought in her heart was that he was not an iron monk …

He didn’t even look at her when they were at the pool. He thought that he had been through a lot and had no feelings for her.

It turned out that he could also look at her in a daze.

Xia Bo Li opened her pink lips and bit down on her almond-shaped lips.

As she moved, the hot water in the wooden bucket started to boil. The Chinese medicine bags and flower petals floated up and down. The hotel’s small and unventilated bathroom suddenly had a strong fragrance.

Luo tianlin’s eyes were deep and he subconsciously took a step back.

However, a black thing was floating around in the pool, surging to her proud snow-white skin under her collarbone.

A moving object would always attract a man’s attention.

After all, they were hunters from 10000 years ago and liked to chase after prey.

Luo Tian felt a burst of impatience in his throat as he grew up uncivilized.

The doorbell rang.

“Customer, the food you ordered is here.”

Luo tianlin took a deep breath, glanced at the little girl who was still holding him in the pool, and left the bathroom.

Only then did sherby lean against the wooden bucket weakly and let out a long sigh…

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