Pregnant with Twins: Poison Doctor Consort is Too Hard to Please

Chapter 476 - Chapter 476: Shamefully Gave In

Chapter 476: Shamefully Gave In

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Su Qian looked at the map attentively and shamelessly gave in!

That was the Ancient Divine Alchemist’s map. She had searched for it for so many years, but she had only managed to find a corner of it. But now, Xiao Yan was willing to give her two pieces at once. This saved her so much effort!

Looking at the man in front of her who smiled like a fox, Su Qian had no choice but to put on her shoes and walk forward to help Xiao Yan detoxify.

The poison in Xiao Yan’s body was no longer difficult for Su Qian. Although she couldn’t prevent the toxins from recurring, temporarily detoxifying Xiao Yan made it easy for him to stand.

After Su Qian helped Xiao Yan detoxify, he waved his hand and picked Su Qian up. Then, his figure moved like a graceful swan as his toes gently tapped on the ground. His figure shot out like an arrow that had left the bow. His terrifying speed was almost terrifying, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared without a trace.

Su Qian was completely caught off guard. By the time she came back to her senses, she had already fallen into Xiao Yan’s arms. She was tightly held by this man, and Su Qian couldn’t help but scream in shock. She subconsciously wrapped her arms around Xiao Yan’s neck and was brought away from the Su family by him.

Her breath was filled with the cold scent that belonged to Xiao Yan. Su Qian was shocked and raised her hand wanting to punch Xiao Yan. She was so scared that she shouted in panic, “Why are you hugging me like this? Don’t mess around. Put me down.”

After hearing this, Xiao Yan not only had no intention of letting go of Su Qian but instead hugged her more tightly. Then, he lowered his head and raised his eyebrows as he asked, “What’s wrong? Don’t you want the map fragment anymore?”

Seeing Xiao Yan speak so matter-of-factly, Su Qian was dumbfounded for a while. She was deeply surprised by this shameless man and could only stare blankly at him as this man carried her and continued to run forward.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Yan directly led her out of the capital. At this moment, Su Qian couldn’t help but tighten her grip on Xiao Yan’s neck. There was an unconcealable fear in her eyes as she wrapped her arms around Xiao Yan’s neck even more tightly and asked, “What do you want?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be there soon,” Xiao Yan said as he continued to shuttle through the night sky with Su Qian.

The night breeze gently brushed past Su Qian’s cheek as she stared blankly at the night sky in front of her. She didn’t know where Xiao Yan was taking her and could only hold onto his neck more tightly, being taken forward until they arrived in a secluded canyon.

The canyon was dim and there was no moonlight today, so Su Qian couldn’t see what was in the canyon. She could only vaguely feel that the spiritual power in the canyon was very strong.

After Su Qian looked around, her face was full of undisguised surprise and confusion. She looked at Xiao Yan and asked, “What is this place?”

“This is the second gift I prepared for you.” Xiao Yan’s voice contained a smile. As he spoke, he slowly put Su Qian down.

After getting out of Xiao Yan’s arms, Su Qian asked in confusion, “Isn’t there nothing here?”

“Don’t be anxious. It’ll be midnight soon. Wait a little longer.” As Xiao Yan spoke, a gust of wind blew past, and Su Qian couldn’t help but sneeze.

In the next moment, Su Qian fell into a warm embrace..

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