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Chapter 476 - Chapter 476:1 Think It’s a Daughter

Chapter 476:1 Think It’s a Daughter

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At Clearcreek Mansion, Rong Qi woke up feeling disoriented and famished.

“Little Qi, you’re awake? Have some congee to fill your stomach. Mrs. Hong made chicken soup, I’ll have it brought to you later,” said Ye Nanshen, offering her a warm bowl.


Rong Qi shot Ye Nanshen a glance, intrigued by his newfound tenderness. She thought, ‘Did he find out about my blood donation to Rong Tianshi? Why else would he add nourishing jujubes into a simple bowl of congee?’

However, Rong Qi was never a fan of congee. After taking a few spoonfuls, she set it down.

Ye Nanshen gently picked it up, spooning another mouthful towards Rong Qi. He coaxed softly, “Mrs. Hong mentioned that women often have poor appetites during their first pregnancy. Seems like it’s true. Little Qi, finish the congee; you’ll need the energy.”

“First pregnancy? What do you mean?” Rong Qi asked. A sense of foreboding washed over her.

Ye Nanshen smiled as he looked into her eyes. He said, “Little Qi, you’re pregnant. Didn’t you know? Four weeks along.”

“What the—”

Rong Qi’s face fell onto a pillow instantly, hovering between shock and the verge of tears.

‘Impossible; how could I be pregnant? No wonder my period was late.’ Rong Qi thought.

Touching her stomach, realizing a tiny life was taking root there, Rong Qi felt overwhelmed and began to cry.

Ye Nanshen drew her into his arms, “Don’t cry, Little Qi. Don’t be afraid. I’ve already sent someone to bring Lu Chengzhou here. Everything will be fine.”

It wasn’t really tears of fear, more like resignation. Rong Qi was scared because she was only 22 years old. It was quite terrifying to give birth at her age.

But as Rong Qi observed Ye Nanshen’s tender and excited demeanor, she found her fears slowly giving way to a feeling of elation. She asked, “Shen, do you want a boy or a girl?”

“As long as it’s our child, Little Qi, even if it’s a monkey or a dog, I’ll love it.”

Rong Qi felt her lips twitch involuntarily.

Ye Nanshen leaned her back against the bed and laid his head on her lap, resting it against her belly. He asked, “Do you think our baby is asleep? Can he hear me talking? Can he see me?”

“He’s too small right now. He can’t hear or see us.” Rong Qi replied.

“But why do I feel like we’re connected, like he can see me and hear us speaking?” Ye Nanshen lifted his head and smiled radiantly, “Little Qi, I think it’s a daughter.”

“Why do you think so?” Rong Qi looked at him, puzzled.

Ye Nanshen stroked her belly, his eyes filled with yearning and expectation, “Because she’s so well-behaved, so quiet. She must be a girl.”

Rong Qi laughed, suddenly finding Ye Nanshen quite adorable.

In theory, Rong Qi shouldn’t be roaming about while pregnant. However, with final exams approaching at Capital University, she insisted on going to the university.

Rong Qi had always believed in seeing things through to the end. Even if she wasn’t going to teach Class 7 in the future, she wanted to guide them one last time.

Despite Ye Nanshen’s concern, he respected Rong Qi’s decision, quietly assigning two more people to watch over her discreetly.

Mrs. Hong also had her reservations, insisting on accompanying Rong Qi to the university along with Xu Yi.

Everyone in Clearcreek Mansion who knew about the pregnancy seemed ready to treat Rong Qi like a fragile relic, fearing she might stumble or bump into something. Only Rong Qi herself seemed nonchalant, going about her day as usual.

Rong Qi arrived at the Capital University early, taking a leisurely stroll around the campus, considering it early education for her unborn child.

However, before her ‘early education’ could properly start, Rong Qi saw a figure approaching her. Her expression darkened instantly, and she turned to leave.

“Stop right there! Rong Qi, I need to talk to you.” Su Yifan shouted. He caught up with her..

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