Medical Consort, the Prince is Pretending to be Dumb Again

Chapter 476 - Chapter 476: He Didn’t Love My Mother From the Beginning

Chapter 476: He Didn’t Love My Mother From the Beginning

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Blinded by love and deceived by fate, it was a lifetime’s tragedy.

But looking at it from a different perspective, even if Liang Ruyi hadn’t married Liu Fuyun, in this era, how many men from wealthy families didn’t have multiple wives and concubines?

In the end, the men of the Liang family were the true anomalies of their time.

“Premature birth, followed by difficult childbirth. Although both mother and daughter were safe afterward, Lady Ruyi had already given up her martial skills since marrying into the Liu family for several years. Her health deteriorated, and her body grew weaker day by day.”

Nanny continued with a hint of resentment, “Originally, because Lady Ruyi was pregnant, Madam Zhang got pregnant a few months later too. Lady Ruyi had been melancholic all through her pregnancy. After childbirth, her mood worsened. She often had suicidal thoughts.”

“Prenatal depression, postpartum depression?” Liu Shimei immediately plucked out the most suitable professional terms from modern medicine.

Nanny Li did not say anything but acknowledged the notion of depression.

Mo’er, who had been silently listening to the story, finally spoke up here, her expression grim. “So, Lady Ruyi didn’t… pass away because of suicide, did she?”

Upon hearing this story, the young maid’s face turned even paler.

Lao Li shook her head. “No. Before having the young miss, Lady Ruyi had completely severed ties with her natal family. She had no friends, living a life filled with depression. But she had the eldest son and the young miss. The eldest son was carefully nurtured by Master Grand Chancellor and was very filial, never neglecting his duties day or night. And the young miss was lovely and charming from a young age. Later, Lady Ruyi thought that just having a son and a daughter would be enough for the latter half of her life. But she suffered from poor health, and in the end…”

Liu Shimei spoke with near certainty, “A woman who practiced martial arts since childhood, with a strong physique, even if she suffered complications during childbirth and injured her body, without special catalyzing reasons, she wouldn’t have deteriorated and left this world in such a state six years later.”

Mo’er opened her mouth in shock and asked, “So, Eldest Young Miss, you suspect that Lady Ruyi’s death and the eldest young master’s death were both suspicious?”

“It’s not impossible,” Liu Shimei said resolutely, “Once I uncover the truth about my brother’s case, I will find a way to thoroughly investigate Mother’s matter as well. If it’s just an accident, so be it. But if I find out that Mother and my brother were both murdered, I will not let these people go!”

As she spoke, her eyes were cold, her face icy.

This vengeance wasn’t originally hers, but she had taken over the original owner’s life. She couldn’t just accept the remnants of the good and ignore the original owner’s hatred.

She had to repay kindness with kindness and seek revenge for the wrongs done!

Nanny Li looked at her with relief, and even smiled faintly, “Eldest Young Miss has grown up after all, despite the unfortunate events this year.”

Liu Shimei pursed her lips in silence.

They all thought she had grown up after going through these changes, so let them think that way!

The fact that she had switched souls was too bizarre; if people knew, they might have called exorcists, thinking she was a demon!

“In my opinion…” Mo’er sighed, “It’s terrifying how a man can change his heart! In all these years since Lady Ruyi’s absence, Master Grand Chancellor has rarely mentioned her. After Lady Zhang officially became his wife, aside from offering incense on Lady Ruyi’s death anniversary every year, I think Grand Chancellor has completely put his deceased wife out of his mind!”

Liu Shimei sneered, “He probably never loved my mother from the beginning!”

Nanny Li and Mo’er stared at her in shock!

Meeting their gaze, Liu Shimei rubbed her temples and said, “Forget it. Tomorrow morning, I’ll go find Ninth Brother. It’s late now; let’s go to sleep..”

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