Madam Is Being Evil Again

Chapter 186 - Chapter 186: Sue!

Chapter 186: Sue!

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When Ning Yushi saw this, she couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. “It’s fine as long as you believe me! Sister, you can’t keep such a person. Sue him!”

Ning Yushi’s words were exceptionally firm. She obviously wanted to say something, but the young hunk was completely furious. His vicious gaze instantly landed on Ning Yushi. “F*ck! You were the one who asked me to frame her, and now you want to sue me?! You little b*tch!”

If it wasn’t for the fact that the situation wasn’t right, the young hunk would have gone over to beat her up!

Ning Yushi was so angry that her body was trembling. ‘You…!”

She had never said such harsh words before, and it was the first time she was scolded so harshly in front of so many people. She really couldn’t take it.

No matter how dark Ning Yushi’s heart was and how many people she schemed against, in her heart, she was still pure and holy, so… She would not learn a lot of ugly curses.

As a result, she could not accept these things at all.

The young hunk was really angered. He immediately shouted, “You what you! Do you still have the face to say that! You want to be a whore and still want to build a memorial archway!?”

Li Xiuying’s face darkened. “Sir! Please have some self-respect. I’ve recorded everything you said!”

In other words, she would use this as evidence in court.


Just as everyone was still watching the argument, the big screen that had just been turned off suddenly lit up again!


They saw two people in the room, as if they were talking about something.

“Alright, let’s forget about this matter. After all, outsiders don’t know. I’ll make those servants shut up.”

Everyone’s attention was attracted.

What did this video mean?

What was Li Xiuying asking?

Coupled with today’s gossip, everyone inexplicably felt that their conversation was related to todays matter.

Ning Yushi’s expression changed drastically!

She quickly said, “Turn it off!”

D*mn it!

Why was there such a video here? How could it be like this?

Li Xiuying was also dumbfounded. This… Why was her conversation with her daughter here?


The video did not turn off at all. Instead, it continued to play!

Hearing Li Xiuying’s words, Ning Yushi’s eyes gradually turned cold. The next moment, she sneered, “Of course l i m prepared. I guarantee that Ning Mengmeng will definitely suffer a huge loss this time.”

Everyone was instantly dumbfounded.

It really was Ning Yushi!

Ning Yushi was so anxious that her eyes turned red. She shouted crazily at the person controlling the computer, “Turn it off! Turn it off!”

As she spoke, Ning Yushi had already run toward the location of the technician.

But the video continued!

On the screen, Li Xiuying’s eyes lit up. She looked at Ning Yushi with endless anticipation. At the same time, she placed one hand on the crook of Ning Yushi’s arm on the table.

She stared at Ning Yushi. “Are you sure? This is an opportunity that cannot be missed. You must not make a mistake. Otherwise, we will definitely be the

ones in trouble.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already asked a top hacker to make a video of her in bed with someone else. There’s not a single part that doesn’t match Ning Mengmeng. When the time comes, the man in the video will be there personally. I want to see how Ning Mengmeng will explain herself.”

Li Xiuying immediately smiled with satisfaction. “That’s the best. We’ll just wait to watch the show..”

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