The Actress Queen’s Rebirth: She’s a Bigshot Loved by All Her Uncles!

Chapter 186 - Chapter 186: Fireworks Show

Chapter 186: Fireworks Show

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Song Jia knew that Lu Zhen was the adopted daughter of the Lu family, but the Spring Festival was a traditional festival for the people of Country Z. Logically speaking, Lu Zhen should have celebrated this festival with her family in the past, but she acted like she was very unfamiliar with this festival.

“In the past, during the Spring Festival, the rest of my family would go back to their hometown together. As for me, my adoptive father would arrange for me to continue attending classes or go to some local television stations to perform.”

Therefore, in Lu Zhen’s memory, she had never celebrated the Spring Festival with her family. When she was young, she had to earn money for the Lu family even during a festival like the Spring Festival.

When Lu Zhen was young, she was also envious that Lu Rou could go back to her hometown for the New Year with Lu He and his wife.

Every time Lu Rou returned, she would proudly show off to Lu Zhen how much New Year’s money she had received or where she had gone to eat delicious food. Then, she looked at Lu Zhen pitifully and proudly. “Who asked you to be picked up by my father? You’re not qualified to celebrate with us, poor thing!”

Lu Rou’s words did not seem to be a big deal to Lu Zhen today, but at that time, she was just a child. She had been very sad because of these words, and because of this, she yearned to integrate into the Lu family even more. She wanted to have a family. She wanted to have the joy of celebrating the holidays like other ordinary children.

However, even after Lu Zhen died in her previous life, she did not obtain the things she had yearned for in her childhood.

Hearing Lu Zhen say these words calmly, Song Jia felt very uncomfortable. He did not expect her childhood to be like this.

“Why don’t you come with me this year?” Song Jia asked.

“With you? What for?” Lu Zhen looked up at Song Jia in confusion.

“For the holidays with me.” Song Jia looked at his watch. “There will be a fireworks show at the Han River tonight. Do you want to watch it?”

Lu Zhen was stunned and turned to look out the window. She actually wanted to refuse because Lu Zhen felt that she and Song Jia seemed to be getting closer in the past few days. This made Lu Zhen feel a little uneasy, but she was too embarrassed to reject Song Jia directly. After all, Song Jia was her boss and had helped her many times.

Lu Zhen originally wanted to say that it was snowing outside and that it might not be convenient to go out, but at this moment, the snow outside had actually stopped!

Lu Zhen was instantly embarrassed. She hesitated for a moment and nodded. “Alright then.” Anyway, she had nothing to do tonight. It was just watching fireworks. It was no big deal.

It was past six in the evening, and the sky outside was almost completely dark.

Before the two of them set off, Song Jia reminded Lu Zhen to wear more. In the end, Lu Zhen put on a thick down jacket and a classic English-style pure wool scarf around her neck. She looked like a chubby caterpillar.

The two of them took a car to the Han River. At this moment, the coast of the Han River was hung with red lanterns and flags. The gorgeous lights illuminated this place as brightly as the day.

A huge stage was built along the Han River. The lights on the stage flickered, and a few cruise ships surrounded the stage. When Lu Zhen and Song Jia arrived, there were performances on the stage. A group of Shaolin monks in training clothes changed their formation with the music and performed traditional martial arts.

Because there were many people around, Song Jia was worried that Lu Zhen would get separated from her, so he kept holding Lu Zhen’s hand.

Even though Lu Zhen was wearing gloves, she still felt a little unnatural when Song Jia held her hand. Her face was a little red from the scarf.

“Let’s go on a cruise.” Song Jia brought Lu Zhen onto one of the cruise ships.

After checking the tickets, the two of them followed the tourists to the deck.

The view on the deck was very wide, and they could enjoy the stage performance more closely.

Lu Zhen saw that there were some cameras around the stage. Song Jia explained to her, “This year, Central Television established branch venues in five cities in the country. The Han River in Beijing is one of the venues. During the gala, the television station will live-stream with the various branch venues.”

Lu Zhen nodded. Song Jia saw that Lu Zhen’s face was red and asked, “Are you cold?”

“No.” Lu Zhen did not feel cold. It was just that the wind on the river was stronger, and her face was red.

Song Jia pulled Lu Zhen behind him and said to her, “If you stand behind me, the wind won’t be able to blow you.”

Coincidentally, a young couple behind them heard their conversation. The girl immediately looked at Lu Zhen enviously and pushed her boyfriend in disdain. “Look at her boyfriend.. Why don’t you know how to feel sorry for me? Is this the difference between men?!”

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