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Chapter 878 - Chapter 878: Extra: Chu Tianye (48)

Chapter 878: Extra: Chu Tianye (48)

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After Shen Ruojing and Chu Cichen left, the atmosphere within the production team changed completely.

The Su family of three were almost isolated.

Originally, the other families were not pleased with their attitude towards Su Yan, and now they became even more open about it.

To avoid further embarrassment, the Su family had to consult with the director and withdrew from the program early.

After they left, the atmosphere in the villa improved greatly.

Later, news spread about the Su family offending the Huo family, and Su Qingyan’s fiance directly came to cancel the engagement.

Subsequently, the Su family faced difficulties in the Capital and decided to move to the south with Su Qingyan to seek new opportunities.

In fact, Su Yan hadn’t taken any action against them. After all, they were her biological parents, and although their relationship was cold, there was no need for her to intervene since others were afraid to associate with them.

In business, connections were crucial, and without them, they couldn’t succeed.

Later on, it was heard that Su Qingyan, after marrying a small businessman in the south, often quarreled with him. He would insult her and even become physically abusive.

When Mr. and Mrs. Su visited, the small businessman accused them of being scammers. He claimed that they had said the Chu family in the Capital was his in-laws when in reality, they were enemies.

Mr. and Mrs. Su didn’t say much; they could only advise Su Qingyan to endure it.

Su Qingyan had never imagined that her childhood resentment and hostility towards her sister would eventually ruin her life.

Of course, these were stories from a later time.

As the popularity of the program soared, the production team also became famous. Su Yan’s popularity skyrocketed, and even her management company, upon learning of Chu Tianye’s background, dared not interfere too much in her affairs.

She left her original company.

During the termination of the contract, both parties were amicable. After all, no one dared to offend Royal Ocean Entertainment, the leading figure in the entertainment industry, especially with the backing of the Chu Group.

After Su Yan terminated her contract, several entertainment companies extended olive branches to her.

However, she never expressed a desire to sign with any of them.

“Did I hear correctly that you rejected Uncle Lu’s invitation today?” Chu Tianye looked at Su Yan and asked, “You don’t want to join Royal Ocean Entertainment?”

Su Yan nodded.

Curious, Chu Tianye inquired, “Why?”

Su Yan looked at him.

She suddenly lowered her head and sighed, “I just don’t want to have too deep a connection with you.”

She took out the prenuptial agreement, saying, “Now I understand why you insisted on signing this agreement. I heard it was because your parents forced you into this marriage. You married me because of that, and if you ever want a divorce in the future, I want you to be able to leave without any worries.”

Chu Tianye was taken aback.

She continued, “I know you don’t like me. You’re only with me because I deceived you back then. 1 was really starving at that time, and 1 couldn’t get an advance on my salary from work. I hadn’t eaten all day, and then 1 saw you, so 1 tricked you into buying me a meal. 1 know now that it was wrong. You don’t have to force yourself anymore.”

She looked at Chu Tianye and gathered the courage to speak, “Do you know? Everything that has happened in these past few months feels like a dream to me. I’m afraid that one day I’ll wake up, and you’ll disappear. So, 1 never said these things and never talked to you properly.”

She forced a bitter smile, “Everyone praises me, and it seems like all the suffering from before has disappeared overnight. My parents don’t dare to pressure me, and even the director comes to ask for my opinions. Everyone respects me… This kind of life is really good, but 1 can’t continue. I’m afraid 1’11 become greedy, and I’m afraid that when you want to divorce me in the future, I won’t be able to let go of this life…”

“So, Chu Tianye, let me say it first now, let’s get a divorce.”

Su Yan’s words left Chu Tianye momentarily stunned.

He clenched his jaw and looked at Su Yan.

Su Yan returned to the master bedroom, pulled out a packed suitcase, and brought it in front of Chu Tianye, saying, “Your clothes are in here. You can leave..”

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