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Chapter 783 - Chapter 783: Elderly Care Industry

Chapter 783: Elderly Care Industry

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The enterprises of major families generally concentrate their shares on one person in order to maintain their status.

Take the Chu Corporation, for example. Suppose the Chu Corporation’s future stocks are divided into three parts and distributed equally among three children. In that case, the Chu Corporation will be divided and the stocks will be dispersed once the three children start their own families.

In such a scenario, none of the three children will have significant influence within the company.

Moreover, if the three children have their own children in the future, further division will occur. If someone is determined enough to collect scattered stocks exceeding the Chu family’s holdings, the Chu Corporation will essentially change its surname.

Therefore, in most large families, they choose one person as the heir while the remaining children only have some dividend rights.

Shen Ruojing and Chu Cichen have three children, but their advantage is that there are three family businesses to inherit. Country A’s Royal Family has now become one of the three major economic empires, and it will be inherited by Chu Yu, who has officially become the Crown Prince.

The Chu family’s industries were initially given to Xiaomeng.

The Loong Corporation’s industries complement those of the Chu Corporation, and many things are interconnected. Therefore, in the future, the Loong Corporation will also belong to Xiaomeng.

Chu Tianye was the only one who will inherit the Shen family.

It is considered an incredible fortune to inherit the Shen family, something many people may not achieve in several lifetimes.

However, people tend to compare themselves with others.

Compared to the industries of Chu Xiaomeng and Chu Yu, Chu Tianye’s stake in the Shen family is insignificant.

Although at a certain point, money becomes just a number, Chu Tianye is naturally money-oriented.

He would never allow the number in his bank account to be lower than the others!

Besides, even if he has the most money in his account, he would only deposit and not withdraw it.

Whenever Chu Tianye thought about this, he wore a worried expression. During his time in kindergarten, he always felt low-spirited.

Chu Tianye had always been the favorite of the kindergarten. When he is unhappy, the whole class seems to lack a lot of joy. The little boys and girls gather around Chu Tianye, asking, “Chu Tianye, what’s wrong?”

Chu Tianye sighed silently, “Alas, I’m the least favored child in my family. My parents gave all the family property to my younger siblings, and 1 have nothing!”

Chu Yu corrects him quietly, “I’m the older brother.”

Chu Tianye looks at him and complains, “Brother, then why don’t you give me the money that Mommy and Daddy gave you?”

Chu Yu,”…”

He really couldn’t stand seeing Chu Tianye like this.

He had actually thought about it, as he doesn’t care much about these things.

But after discussing it with his grandfather, his proposal was rejected.

This was because Chu Tianye’s character was unsuitable for being the Crown Prince. His ambition lies elsewhere, and his character is too unconventional. Having him confined to Country A would essentially harm him!

On the other hand, Chu Xiaomeng also couldn’t bear to see this. She suggested to her father to give the Chu family to Tianye and the Shen family to her, but her father also refused!

The initial purpose of the Loong Corporation was to help China’s economic development. If Chu Tianye took over, with his character, he would gather all the wealth in the world and expand it. How then would other companies develop?

So, at present, the situation has become settled. Chu Tianye only had the Shen family.

Upon seeing Chu Yu remain silent, Chu Tianye knew that he couldn’t make the decision on this matter. Therefore, he sighed quietly once again.

The other children immediately felt sorry for Chu Tianye and started saying, “Tianye, you’re so pitiful. Why don’t you marry me? Then all my family’s wealth will be yours!”

“Marry me!”

“Marry me!”

Several girls started arguing with each other.

Chu Tianye looked at his girlfriends… or rather, all the girls, and rubbed his temples in frustration. “Why can’t a person marry more than one wife?”

The little girls,”??”

At the end of the school day, many parents came to pick up their children.

The children attending this special kindergarten were either from wealthy families or had influential parents in certain industries. As a result, each drop-off and pick-up at the entrance turned into a small gathering.

People formed groups of two or three within their social circles.

However, on this day, as soon as the parents arrived to pick up their children, they immediately heard the kids talking. “There’s a child in our class who is very unfortunate. His parents have already distributed their inheritance to his younger siblings, leaving nothing for him! Mommy, Daddy, can we help him?”

As a result, Chu Tianye’s entertainment company managed to establish connections with all the previously unreachable individuals in the industry!

And then…

When Matriarch Chu came to pick up Chu Tianye, she saw the little guy with a smiling face, mingling among the parents. Then she witnessed him tilting his head and saying to the surrounding parents,

“Uncle, you’re so good. When 1 grow up, I’ll take care of you in your old age!”

“Grandpa, you’re even better than my real grandpa. When I grow up, I’ll take care of you in your old age!”

“Auntie, when I grow up, I’ll take care of you in your old age!”

Finally, Chu Tianye walked over and stood in front of Matriarch Chu.

Matriarch Chu looked at him with a twitching corner of her mouth, while Chu Tianye counted on his fingers and excitedly said, “Grandmother, I’ve made connections with the bank manager. He said 1 can get a loan easily if I start a business. 1 also know a big shot in the academic field. He said if I pursue scientific research in the future, 1 can contact him, and he’ll help me form a research team. I’ve also met influential figures in the finance industry. If 1 decide to play in finance, he can assist me. I’ve also met…”

After listing a round of connections, Chu Tianye looked confusedly at Matriarch Chu and asked, “Grandmother, now that I know so many people, what industry should 1 pursue when I grow up?”

The Shen family’s current industry is gradually falling behind and would have to transition eventually, just like when Chu Cichen returned to China and promptly brought fresh blood into the Chu family.

Chu Tianye has been struggling with this issue lately.

The entertainment industry is just one sector of the Shen family’s business. He needed to choose a primary focus, and as for the others… only children have to make choices, but he wanted all of them!

To expand a conglomerate, one must be involved in multiple industries!

Chu Tianye’s heart is filled with lofty ambitions and unwavering confidence in building his future business empire!

Seeing his determined appearance, Matriarch Chu couldn’t help but twitch her mouth and said, “I think you should develop one industry first.”

Chu Tianye immediately humbly sought advice, “Which industry?”

Matriarch Chu chuckled and said, “The elderly care industry!”

Chu Tianye,”?”

“You just promised to take care of more than a hundred elderly people. If there isn’t a suitable nursing home, how are you going to provide care for all these people?!”

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