I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Yun Xiu, What Does She Owe You?

Translator: Lordbluefire 

The car stopped not far away. However, just as Madam Yun was about to get out of the car, Yun Zhengyang held her hand and said, “Let’s see how the situation unfolds before we go over.”

It was only natural that he wasn’t going to allow his aunt’s child to be bullied. However, if his aunt’s daughter was the one being insensible and creating trouble for no reason, the Yun family wasn’t going to spoil her!

After all, the Yun Family was the most influential family in Ford City. They had a good background and strict family teaching.


Not far away.

When Matriarch Shen saw that Shen Qianhui still refused to give in, she cried, “Qianhui, I know that I was wrong. It was my fault back then. I shouldn’t have chased your entire family out because your daughter got pregnant without being married and caused a scandal… I was driven by anger back then!”

So, it turned out that there was such a scandal.

Little Xiang looked at Shen Qianhui. “Madam Shen, is that true?”

All the neighbors started to persuade Shen Qianhui.

“Madam Shen, your mother is already so old, yet she has come to apologize personally. It’s not right for you to keep her out here…”

“That’s right. How bad can the conflicts between family members be? Moreover, hearing from what the old lady is saying, it’s your daughter who failed to keep herself in check. Your foster mother really hasn’t done anything wrong.”

“Even if your mother did something wrong, given how she’s reflecting on herself now, you should let the past be bygone…”

“She has raised you for 43 years. You can’t be an ingrate!”


Shen Qianhui clenched her fists and inhaled deeply. “Isn’t the true reason because my daughter lost the value of bringing the family into a political marriage? That is why you drove us out.”

Matriarch Shen held onto her chest, pretending to be very sad. “How… How could you think that of me?”

Shen Ruotong also shouted, “Auntie, Grandmother lost her appetite because of you! How can you slander her like this?”

Matriarch Shen suddenly knelt before Shen Qianhui.

“Qianhui, bring the children back home. I’m old and don’t have many years left to live. I only want our family to be reunited… Tell me, what do I have to do for you to forgive me? I’ll do everything you say!”

The live stream’s bullet curtain exploded.

——My god…I cried when I heard this. I feel pity for the devotion of all parents in the world to their children.

——Children are all very rebellious. How many people fell out with their family because of their love relationships? However, even though the parents drove the children out, would they really not let you go back if you were to return?

——Turns out that she’s an adopted daughter. It seems that the old lady was already very good to her.

——This good-looking cute brother’s character is really bad. I’m not going to be his fan anymore!

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Amidst everyone’s finger pointing, Shen Qianhui’s side was immediately disadvantaged.

Matriarch Shen was old. She was clutching her chest, crying and pleading for forgiveness. Next to her, Shen Ruotong kept on adding fuel to the fire. The two of them appeared very pitiful.

In comparison, Shen Qianhui and Jing Zhen looked dazzling.

People always pitied the weak. In addition to how Matriarch Shen avoided speaking of serious matters and only spoke about the minor issues, everyone inevitably was more inclined to support her.

Little Xiang also tried to mediate the situation. “Madam Shen, even if she isn’t your birth mother, she has raised you up after all. Moreover, she also allowed your husband to marry into the family. This is already a type of affinity. The old lady is getting on in age, and your relationship was so good in the past. Why not put the feud down and get along harmoniously as a family?

“As children, we are unable to give back to our parents the way our parents treated us. We’re forever indebted to our parents. She has raised you, and you should provide for her in her old age. This is the most romantic thing in the world. Madam Shen, what do you think? Or if you have any requests for her, you can raise them too.”

Shen Qianhui said firmly, “My only request is for our families to not contact each other anymore. Mother, the Shen Family has enough money to spend now. Can you stop trying to get more benefits by making use of my daughter?”

Matriarch Shen’s crying voice paused.

“How can you think of me like this? I swear it’s definitely not because of money that I want you guys to come back home! It’s also not because your daughter has gotten married to a good family! Why don’t we do this? I’ll write a pledge that I’ll not let the family of your daughter’s husband give us money. How about that?”

Even if they didn’t ask for money, they could still obtain a lot of benefits by making use of their identities as the Chu Family’s in-laws.

Shen Qianhui understood Matriarch Shen all too well.

Shen Ruotong also shouted, “Aunt, that’s enough from you guys! Are you guys really so blinded by money? Grandmother just wants the family to be reunited. Is it so hard to fulfill this small wish of hers?”

The people around them also started commenting.

“It seems to me like you’re the one who’s thinking about nothing but money! You got angry because you didn’t get a share of the family assets, cutting off ties with your maiden family. Now, you keep talking about money, money, money…”

Little Xiang also frowned. “Madam Shen, your mother has said so much. Why are you still unwilling to give in? Even though money is important, isn’t kinship the most precious thing?”

Shen Qianhui looked at the crowd and knew that no one believed them…

When Shen Ruojing rushed over on her motorbike, this was the scene she saw.

Shen Ruojing’s motorbike passed by the luxurious Bentley, and she took a look at it curiously. However, she didn’t pause for long but dashed straight into the crowd. She took off her helmet, her feet supporting her motorbike upright. She then looked at Matriarch Shen and asked, “Are you sure that you aren’t doing this for money?”

Matriarch Shen was about to rebut when Shen Ruojing took out her phone and tapped on it. The next moment, the speakers were turned up and Matriarch Shen’s voice rang out.

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“Chase this mother and daughter out! Don’t allow them to come back here ever again! One more thing, Shen Qianhui, you’re fired! You aren’t allowed to go to the company anymore!”

“Mother? I’ve just negotiated a big deal for the company and the contract is going to be signed soon…”

“That’s right. You helped us negotiate a collaboration with the Z Corporation, so the Shen Family won’t have to worry about food and clothing for the next few decades. Just let your younger brother take care of the contract signing. Why is there a need to keep you? Scram!”

This was what Matriarch Shen had said back then when Madam Lin went to the Shen Manor.

Now that the recording was played, everyone instantly fell silent.

Shen Ruojing stared at them and said coldly, “I’ve collected a lot of similar things you said over the years. Do you want to listen to more of them?”


Matriarch Shen then glared at her and sat down on the floor, crying even louder.

“Qianhui, you’re so heartless. How can you treat me like this? When you were young, all the good food in the family was given to you. I worked hard outside to raise you…

“When you were young, you said that your birth parents didn’t want you anymore and that I was your mother because I’ve raised you. You said that you’d treat me well… What sin have I committed? Is this how the daughter I adopted out of kindness treats me when I’ve gotten old? …

“So what if I want to borrow some of the glory? I’m your adoptive mother! You were raised by me! You owe me! If you don’t provide for me in my old age, I’ll sue you!”

People in the crowd and the viewers on the bullet curtain all started discussing too. They were split into two groups. One group felt that Shen Qianhui shouldn’t forgive Matriarch Shen, but the other group, led by the water army, felt that what Matriarch Shen said made sense.

——The debt of raising oneself is bigger than heaven itself. Moreover, she is her adoptive mother. If even an adopted daughter could be such an ingrate, would there be anyone in the world willing to adopt children anymore?

——I agree with the previous opinion. Since she has received the favor, then she has the responsibility to return the debt.

Matriarch Shen’s eyes were gleaming.

She had brought up Shen Qianhui. She was on the side of righteousness! No one could reproach her!!!

Just as the Internet was thrown into a mess and Matriarch Shen was feeling very proud, Madam Yun suddenly bellowed sharply from the side.

“Yun Xiu! Let me hear it too. What does she owe you?!”

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