I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: DNA Results

Translator: Lordbluefire 

“No need.”

Chu Cichen coldly said, “I was only plotted against once.”

Matriarch Chu felt extremely regretful in her heart.


However, she understood Chu Cichen’s objection. Back then, there was definitely a reason why he was plotted against. In addition, she also found out by chance that her son had someone he loved. It was just that he and his lover were separated due to some unknown reasons.

This was also the reason why he kept delaying giving Lin Wanru a proper status.

However, a child would surely need their mother.

Matriarch Chu retracted her thoughts and carried Chu Xiaomeng upstairs. “Little girl, there’s an elder brother up there, but he has fallen asleep. When he wakes up tomorrow, I will get him to play with you.”

After coaxing Chu Xiaomeng to sleep, Matriarch Chu then went out of the bedroom. She instructed the butler, “Although Shen Ruojing created chaos for us, the child is innocent. Take good care of her.”


The butler nodded. She then hesitated for a while before speaking again, “Miss Lin used our Chu Family’s name to circulate news outside. The news said that you are very angry and don’t wish to see the Shen Family in Sea City anymore.”

Matriarch Chu immediately frowned. Someone who had been in a high position for a long time would naturally appear imposing without being angry. “No wonder Cichen doesn’t like her. Her head is filled with too many schemes!”

The butler asked, “Should we clear the air?”

Matriarch Chu sighed. “If we did so, it would be smacking Lin Wanru’s face. And it would be equivalent to smacking our own face.”

Chu Yu was the grandson she personally brought up. It was also for the sake of the kid that Matriarch Chu wanted Lin Wanru and Chu Cichen to get together.

Matriarch Chu waved her hand. “Forget it.”

Shen Ruojing had messed up Matriarch Chu’s birthday celebration for no rhyme or reason. If there wasn’t a little punishment, many people might wonder why.

During the next day.

After Chu Xiaomeng woke up, Matriarch Chu brought her down for breakfast.

After she went downstairs, she found another child that was the same age as her sitting on the sofa. Her eyes immediately widened.

Chu Yu glanced at her from his higher position on the sofa. As the most prestigious little young master of Sea City, he had never faked his expressions when interacting with others.

He glanced at Chu Xiaomeng.

Mn, she was really quite adorable.

Chu Yu then sat straight and his chin was slightly lifted.

His grandmother told him earlier that a little sister had just arrived at their home. Although her mother’s reputation wasn’t good, there was no need to implicate a kid in the matters of the adult world.

So, later when he saw Chu Xiaomeng, should he greet her?

It wouldn’t be too good if he ignored her.

However, he heard the servants saying that her mother had offended his grandmother, so if he greeted her…

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The little girl sat there with a straight face, but her heart was pounding madly. Just when Chu Yu was conflicted, he saw Chu Xiaomeng looking straight ahead, not even bothering to glance at him.

Chu Yu: “!!”

(She’s so lofty and cool!)

Although her background wasn’t good, she was charming and beautiful.

Chu Yu gave her a hundred points in his heart.

He completely had no idea that when Chu Xiaomeng lowered her head, she was madly chanting this in her heart…”He can’t see me, he can’t see me…”

The world of someone with social phobia was just so simple!

Lin Family.

Lin Wanru was down with the flu and was lying on the bed and sneezing.

When she recalled the humiliation last night, she ruthlessly spoke, “Back them if I stole all her triplets, there wouldn’t have been trouble today!”

Five years ago, Lin Wanru met Chu Cichen and Shen Ruojing by chance at a hotel.

After that, Chu Cichen vanished and Shen Ruojing’s missing person police report spread around wildly. Only then did Lin Wanru realize that Shen Ruojing basically had no idea about the guy’s identity, and Shen Ruojing even got pregnant.

Hence, Lin Wanru told her mother to keep an eye on Shen Ruojing. Through bribing a doctor, they made the doctor change her pregnancy report from having triplets to twins.

During the birth process, Shen Ruojing was under general anesthesia as a C-section was done. Hence, she was completely unaware.

However, Lin Wanru didn’t expect that there would be a day when this could be exposed.

Madam Lin frowned. “We almost got discovered by her father just by stealing one. In addition, why would we need triplets? In the future, you have to give birth to your own baby with Young Master Chen. Do you want his fortune to be shared amongst the three kids?”

Lin Wanru bit her lips and was so anxious that she almost cried. “What should I do now?”

Madam Lin consoled her. “Don’t worry. Right now, Shen Ruojing basically won’t be able to come in contact with Young Master Chen. In addition, their family will vanish from Sea City in just a few days. I’m going to the Shen Family to suppress them now. Just wait for my good news!”

Outside the three-story terrace.

Shen Ruojing woke up on time. After practicing some taichi, she sat on the sofa and waited for the DNA Verification Institution to send her the report.


The door was pushed open, and her mother Shen Qianhui walked in wearily. After working overtime for so long, the faint layer of make-up on her beautiful melon face couldn’t mask her fatigue. However, her eyes were shining with excitement. “Jingjing, I want to share some good news with you!”

Before Shen Ruojing could reply, Shen Qianhui continued, “I just helped the Shen Family to secure a huge project. Your grandmother will surely restore my position as the general manager!”

Shen Ruojing drank a mouthful of wolfberry tea and coldly said, “This is the thirteenth time you said that this year. They will only give you a little bonus at most.”

Shen Qianhui sighed. “Jingjing, I know you have some prejudice against your grandmother. However, she was forced to expel us back then because she had no solutions left. Actually, she has never forgotten us. It has been so many years but am I not still working in the company of the Shen Family? In addition, they will also give us a set amount of living expenses every month on time…”

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“That’s because you are capable. If you join another company, your salary will definitely not be so low.”

Hearing this, Shen Qianhui revealed a worried expression. “Don’t say that…after all, she’s not my birth mother. It’s already not bad that your grandmother can treat me like this!”

Shen Ruojing quietened down.

Shen Qianhui was actually a child adopted by Matriarch Shen.

Back then Matriarch Shen had only adopted her because of her beauty and wanted to use her in a marriage alliance. However, she didn’t expect that Shen Qianhui was so capable in business, yet her two sons were useless in comparison.

Shen Qianhui entered the company at 18 years old, and her effort enabled the business to keep growing.

Matriarch Shen suddenly felt that it was better not to use her in a marriage alliance. Hence, she stopped the flow of suitors by saying that she was reluctant to marry her daughter off. Eventually, she decided to find an unpopular actor, Jing Zhen, to be her son-in-law.

Five years ago, when Shen Ruojing’s matter caused a huge uproar, Matriarch Shen used the pretext of this matter might bring a negative influence on Shen Qianhui’s cousin to expel them from the Shen Family. She then fired Shen Qianhui from her general manager position and moved her to sales instead.

In truth, she only did this to seize away Shen Qianhui’s authority in the company.

This could allow Shen Qianhui to continue working hard for the business, but she would have no shares of the company. How good would it be if Matriarch Shen only needed to pay her a paltry sum for monthly living expenses?

Sadly, Shen Qianhui who craved motherly love basically wouldn’t believe this.

Shen Qianhui sounded more hopeful as she asked her daughter, “Jingjing, do you think your grandmother will allow us to go home if I perform more outstandingly?”


Shen Ruojing ruthlessly broke her fantasy.

At this moment, Shen Qianhui’s phone suddenly rang. She casually glanced at the notification, but her expression immediately changed. She then obediently picked up the call.

“Mother…oh, you want me to come home? Okay…I’m heading over right now.”

After hanging up, Shen Qianhui grew excited. “Jingjing, I’ve told you that your grandmother isn’t that sort of person, but you don’t believe me…Do you see it now? Your grandmother is asking me to go home. I’m sure she’s going to reinstate my general manager position!”

She then spoke, “After I get back the general manager position, you have to apologize for the bad things you said about your grandmother behind her back!”

After speaking, she anxiously rushed out.

Shen Ruojing originally planned to rush out with her, but her phone rang at this moment. It was from the DNA Verification Institution.

The results were out!

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