I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: DNA Test For Chu Yu and Shen Ruojing

Translator: Lordbluefire 

Everyone present was shocked and speechless.

Under everyone’s gaze, the door was opened and someone with the image of a young, sweet, and innocent girl from the neighborhood came out of the driver’s seat. Then, she spoke out in a tone filled with complaints.

“My dear… I’m really out of ideas. I did everything I could but wasn’t able to pacify him. After he woke up, he kept on saying that he wanted to look for you~”


The mushy voice caused all the males on the scene to be shaken up involuntarily.

Chu Yu also pushed the car door open and slowly got off. He then walked over weakly to Shen Ruojing and hugged her thighs. “Beautiful aunty, Little Yu doesn’t want to be apart from you…”

“Little, Little Yu?”

Chu Cimo let out a cry in surprise. “You aren’t dead?”

“Little Yu!”

Matriarch Chu was the most agitated of them all. The moment she saw him, her body started trembling. When the bloodied clothing had been taken out from the Shen Family’s residence, she had thought that her grandson was really gone. Now that he had come back to her, she hugged Chu Yu tightly.

Chu Yu still had one hand grabbing onto Shen Ruojing’s sleeve and patted Matriarch Chu’s shoulder gently with the other hand. “Grandmother, I’m fine.”

Next to them, Madam Lin’s eyes were opened wide. It was only then that she came back to her senses and abruptly realized something. She turned and wanted to stop Lin Wanru, but she was still too late!

Lin Wanru stared at Chu Yu in horror and shouted, “You! Why aren’t you dead? You clearly already stopped breathing!”

Didn’t they say that he couldn’t be saved?

Why was he standing here in front of her, looking fine?!

The police officers were also stunned. One of them was puzzled and asked, “What is this situation?”

Chu Cimo said in a muddled state, “My nephew didn’t die.”

“He didn’t die?” The police officer looked at the bloody clothing in his hand and asked hesitantly, “So, this is a misunderstanding?”

“It’s not a misunderstanding.”

Chu Cichen finally walked up to them, no longer having the aloof attitude of wanting to stay out of this matter. He said, “It’s not considered a wasted trip. It just happens that I want to call the police as well.”

The police officers were stunned. “Mr. Chu, are you trying to say that the Lin Family made a false report?”

“That too. And how the Lin Family had abducted and abused a child.”

Chu Cichen’s voice was icy cold. Hearing this, Lin Wanru instantly regained her senses and felt as if something had smashed fiercely onto her head. “Cichen, I didn’t. It wasn’t me, I…”

Shen Qianhui stepped forward and questioned, “If it wasn’t you, why did you say that he had clearly stopped breathing? Who had stopped breathing? No one knew of Young Master Chu’s disappearance. Why do you know that he had stopped breathing?”

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When Matriarch Chu heard this, she also raised her head and looked at Chu Yu, asking, “Little Yu, do you know who kidnapped you?”

“I do.”

Chu Yu’s voice was crisp. He then looked at Lin Wanru, his gaze filled with a forlorn that shouldn’t belong to someone of his age. “It was Mommy.”

Lin Wanru’s sharp panicking voice rang out. “You’re spouting rubbish! Your eyes were covered and you couldn’t see me at all!”

The reason Lin Wanru had kidnapped Chu Cichen back then was because a DNA test had been done with Shen Ruojing’s two children. Lin Wanru was afraid that Chu Cichen would suspect that Chu Yu wasn’t her child.

However, she held onto one last strand of hope that maybe Chu Cichen might not think of this.

After all, she’d still have to rely on Chu Yu to get into the Chu Family. Therefore, when Chu Yu was sent to the Lin Family’s residence, his eyes were blindfolded all the time.

Matriarch Chu’s gaze turned cold. “How do you know that his eyes were blindfolded all the time?”

Lin Wanru was given a fright. Her mental state had been broken down by Shen Ruojing and Chu Cichen, so she started to speak illogically. “I, I guessed that!”

Madam Lin started scolding her daughter in her heart for not being able to remain composed. She quickly added, “In television shows, usually when people were kidnapped, they’d be blindfolded… Little Yu, let me ask you, did you see us personally?”

“I didn’t.”

Chu Yu shook his head. “Because my eyes were indeed covered up.”

Both Madam Lin and Lin Wanru heaved a sigh of relief at the same time.

However, at the next instant, Chu Cichen’s cold voice rang out. “He didn’t see them, but someone did.”

His words caused Lin Wanru and Madam Lin to be dumbfounded.

The two of them followed Chu Cichen’s gaze and realized that all five kidnappers had been caught and brought over!

Chu Cichen looked at the police officers. “My bodyguards were searching everywhere and found out that these five men were the ones who had kidnapped Chu Yu. One of them felt extremely guilty and sinful, thus, he took the initiative to contact me. He then worked with us to catch the rest of the people. He can be considered to have made up for his mistakes through gaining merit, so I won’t pursue his part in this.”

Both Lin Wanru and Madam Lin looked like they had been struck by lightning.

To think that a traitor had appeared amongst these kidnappers.

Who was it?!

As they were wondering this, the person who had the burliest figure amongst the five men stood out. It was Da Shan! The person who looked simple-minded, seemed like he was a pushover, and also was a little clumsy, was actually the traitor!

He lowered his head and said in a rough voice, “Officers, I was the one who had joined this group the latest, and this was my first time taking part in a job. Big Bro kidnapped a child and the instigator is Madam Lin! She told us to abuse the child like we wanted to take his life. I witnessed the child being kicked by them in the stomach, being put through all sorts of torture, and ending up covered in wounds. This is too vile…”

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He then took out a flash drive from his pocket. “Oh, right. Back then, I was unable to save the child and could only take photographs as evidence. This child vomited a lot of blood when he was beaten up by them. In the end, he was even discarded at the back of the mountain. Fortunately, Miss Shen chanced upon this and saved the child who was on the verge of death…!”

Shen Ruojing: ‘…’

If it wasn’t for the fact that Da Shan was the one who had abandoned Chu Yu at the back of the mountain last night, she would have believed his words from his honest appearance!

What did he mean that he had realized his folly? He was clearly working for Chu Cichen!

She had previously thought to herself that the Chu Family was very powerful, so how could Chu Cichen, who had succeeded the family, not even be able to save a child? That would be simply too weak.

She didn’t expect him to have made all the arrangements!

She then looked at Chu Yu…

After picking him up yesterday, he looked as if he wasn’t going to survive the ordeal, but the truth was that his body was very healthy. Although he was covered in bruises left by Lin Wanru, other than being a little weak from starving for a few days, as well as having weaker breathing, everything else was just an act!

“Cough cough, cough cough…”

As Da Shan spoke, Chu Yu started coughing intensely. He then spurted out another mouthful of blood and leaned onto Shen Ruojing ‘weakly’. “If it wasn’t for beautiful aunty, I would have been dead. Your act of saving me is like giving me a new lease of life. Beautiful aunty, you’re my mommy from now on!”

Da Shan had his head lowered. ‘…’

(Little Young Master! Your acting has gone too far!)

He couldn’t help but feel like complaining about this when they were in the hidden room yesterday. The despair that the young master showed when pretending to be dying seemed so real, as if he was really going to die. His gaze seemed so sincere as if they were going to speak out all of his inner thoughts. It’d be a waste to not issue him an Oscar award!

While everyone was having different thoughts, Madam Lin ran up to Chu Yu and shouted, “Little Yu, I was wrong! This was all my idea! But your mother didn’t think of killing you! No matter what, she’s your mother!”

Madam Lin was planning to sacrifice herself to save Lin Wanru.

Chu Cichen had listed out so many crimes but not the crime of stealing a child from Shen Ruojing. Hence, she was holding onto the last strand of hope that they had not discovered this truth. This way, her daughter could be saved!

Lin Wanru looked at her mother in a daze and suddenly knelt in front of Chu Yu. “Little Yu, I’m your mother. I was the one who gave you your life! You can’t do this to me!”

Chu Yu looked at them.

He was also dumbfounded when he was kidnapped.

Thereafter, his daddy sent Da Shan to come and save him, and it was that time that he made an escape attempt. Da Shan then told him that the instigator behind the kidnapping incident was Lin Wanru. However, Chu Yu didn’t believe it and thus chose to stay behind, wanting to see Lin Wanru’s true appearance clearly.

His mommy really didn’t love him…

When he had Da Shan give him a kick and he pretended to be seriously injured, his mother didn’t show any concern for his condition.

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Even when he was on the verge of death, Lin Wanru didn’t feel the slightest bit of regret.

However, the word ‘mother’ was too heavy. She was the one who had given him his life and in the end, he still couldn’t bear to condemn her…

Just as Chu Yu was feeling torn, Chu Cichen suddenly walked over in huge strides, saying to Shen Ruojing, “Miss Shen, can I trouble you to… do a DNA test with Little Yu?”

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