I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Finally Meeting

Translator: Lordbluefire 

Chu Xiaomeng’s cutesy voice caused everyone to be stunned.

Lu Cheng and the guards all turned to look at Chu Cichen in shock.

When did their boss have a daughter?


Chu Cichen then stared at the little girl in front of him.

She was indeed beautiful and her long black hair reached her shoulders. Moreover, her pair of peach blossom eyes were extremely clear, and her little cheeks were filled with baby fats. Although she was very young, she already revealed the hints of an empire-toppling beauty.

But…calling him daddy?

Chu Cichen furrowed his brows. “I’m not your…”

Before he could finish speaking, the little girl already ran over and held his finger. “Daddy, stop talking nonsense. Earlier, big bro just sent news to me saying that they have been surrounded by people. If we go too late, they might have to start beating people up~!”

The people in the surroundings who were currently listening with excitement couldn’t help but feel puzzled.

The kid must have said wrongly, right? She meant being beaten up instead of beating people up, right?

At this moment, Chu Cichen’s gaze landed on the little hand wrapped around his finger. His eyes then gleamed and his tone involuntarily softened. “Who is your mother?”

“Shen Ruojing.”

The back garden of the Luxury Intercontinental Hotel was now filled with chaos.

Over ten guards were lying on the ground with swollen faces. Their bodies were in so much pain that they couldn’t get up.

Lin Wanru was tossed into the water again. She tried to tread water with all her effort and was fortunate enough not to be washed away by the currents. Due to being angry from embarrassment, she started screaming, “Shen Ruojing, you actually dare to bully me? Matriarch Chu will never spare you! Also…Young Master Chen…will never spare you. You are finished, your entire family is finished!”

Shen Ruojing calmly patted the dust off of her hands and nodded slightly to the butler. Her voice was cold. “I apologize, the commotion must have disturbed Matriarch Chu’s birthday celebration.”

The butler was the only one who wasn’t beaten up. He was currently staring at her with dread and astonishment.

Wasn’t she famous for being a vase*? Why was she so capable in a fight?

At this moment, Shen Ruojing held her son’s hand and walked outside.

Since Chu Cichen wouldn’t be coming, it was pointless to remain here.

Chu Tianye frowned and asked with worry in his tone, “Mommy, since you beat that woman surnamed Lin up, would daddy’s family really not spare us?”

“No problem.”

She knew that her son was thinking too much and was worried for their family despite being so young. Hence, Shen Ruojing consoled him, “After we meet your father, all the misunderstandings will be unraveled.”

Even if Chu Cichen had a change of heart, the fact that Chu Tianye was his son wouldn’t change. Given her understanding of Chu Cichen, he wouldn’t make things difficult for them.

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Half an hour later, Shen Ruojing drove home. She then turned into a corner, arriving at a three-story terrace.

Just when she entered, she was completely shocked by the scene before her eyes.

On the sofa in the living lounge, a handsome man was lying there. His peach blossom eyes were wide open, but his gaze wasn’t focused. Moreover, his face was as pale as paper, and many parts of his white shirt were dyed red by blood, constituting a shocking sight.

Anyone who saw such a scene when they returned home would surely scream in horror.

However, Shen Ruojing’s lips merely twitched a little. Even Chu Tianye felt indifferent as he walked over. He then squatted by the ‘corpse’ and lifted its chin, proceeding to look into its eyes that were filled with unresolved grievance.

Thirty seconds later, the corpse blinked its tired eyes. “Jingjing, how’s your father’s act as a corpse? Isn’t it really genuine? Look, even a little child like Little Ye was so frightened that he couldn’t speak!”


This person was none other than Shen Ruojing’s father—Jing Zhen. He was an old actor of low popularity.

Shen Ruojing followed her mother’s surname because Jing Zhen had married into her mother’s family. The term ‘gigolo’ could also be referred to him.

His face was even better looking compared to some top celebrities, his features exquisite and his peach blossom eyes containing a myriad of emotions. Moreover, his skin also glowed with luster, and he had a tall figure. Age didn’t seem to leave any traces on him. He was outrageously handsome.

Sadly, he just wasn’t popular.

Fortunately, he had acted for over twenty years and had some savings. This house was his private property and wasn’t taken back when they were expelled from the Shen Family.

At this moment, Jing Zhen took the script and boasted complacently, “Don’t look down on me just because I act as a supporting character. The entire filming crew actually revolves around me. I’m the core of this show! I’m really too important…”

Shen Ruojing: “Okay tell me, how many scenes did you appear in for the entire show?”

Jing Zhen: “…one.”

Shen Ruojing: “!”

So he was “dead” the moment he appeared in the scene?!

Jing Zhen was very unhappy. “What do you mean by such an expression? Although I only have a single scene, this is a detective drama, so the other actors are playing characters that investigate my death!”


Jing Zhen’s phone suddenly rang. As he picked up the call, Shen Ruojing brought her son back to their room. But before she could enter, she heard her father shouting loudly.

“What? You guys don’t want me to act anymore? Director, why did you do this? My detailed analysis of this character is truly profound and I even wrote a backstory for him. I guarantee that if I act as the corpse, I can make the corpse look vivid and lifelike…”

The sound of the director’s angry voice also rang out. “You even wrote a backstory for a minor character like this? Are you f*cking crazy?!”

Jing Zhen spoke sullenly, “You don’t even want me to act despite the role being a corpse?”

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The director sighed. “Forget it, I will tell you the truth. I don’t know how your daughter offended the Chu Family, but none of the filming crews will hire you now. Just let me warn you out of goodwill…if you want to live, quickly flee. The Chu Family isn’t an easily bullied one. Your acting career has reached its peak and ended.”

Jing Zhen: “?”

He hurriedly opened his WeChat and discovered that his manager already told him that all his upcoming schedules had been canceled.

Jing Zhen frowned. A moment later, he slowly lifted his head and looked at Shen Ruojing. His aura then grew so large that it seemed he could swallow mountains and rivers. “Jingjing, don’t be afraid. Father will stand up for you no matter what happens.”

Chu Tianye started slightly. At this moment, the image of his grandfather in his mind suddenly became extremely tall.

But at the next instant, his grandfather reverted back to his ‘original’ form. He anxiously paced around and spoke in a terrified tone, “Do you think we should sell our house? It would be easier if we have to flee…”

Chu Tianye: “!!”

He knew it, all maternal grandfathers were unreliable!

Shen Ruojing then touched her chin.

Although Jing Zhen liked fooling around, he was truly very fond of acting. He might not be popular and highly regarded by the crew, but he enjoyed his job and tirelessly delved deep into every character, analyzing them…

Just when she wanted to explain, her phone suddenly rang. After that, a frivolous male voice could be heard the moment she picked up the call. “Boss, how did you offend the Chu family? Why did the Chu Family suddenly release news that they want to make your family vanish from Sea City?”

Shen Ruojing directly hung up.

When her phone rang again, she impatiently picked it up. “I don’t know if the Chu Family can make me vanish or not, but do you believe that I can make sure you vanish from Sea City?”


After a while, she realized that something was wrong, hence, she glanced at the phone number. It was an unfamiliar number.

After that, a low-sounding voice that she hadn’t heard for a long time rang out. “I am Chu Cichen.”

His voice was low but filled with power. It was familiar yet there was also a tinge of unfamiliarity within…and this caused her heart to clench. For a time, she actually had no idea what to say. So many words flashed in her mind, but eventually all the words condensed into a single sentence. “Where are you?”


“Okay, I’m heading over to look for you now.”

The journey was supposed to be an hour one, but Shen Ruojing arrived in merely forty minutes.

She swiftly entered the VIP resting room in the airport and saw the man who was as lofty as an emperor with a single glance.

Currently, he no longer had the immaturity of youth and gave off a mature and steady presence.

She was sure that this was none other than the person she had been searching for five years.

[1] Vase is a term to describe a beautiful woman who is good for nothing but her looks

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