I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: It’s Impossible For Her To Know Medicine!

Translator: Lordbluefire 

Chu Tianye pulled Chu Xiaomeng along as he excitedly ran toward Shen Ruojing. However, a figure flashed past him and directly hugged Shen Ruojing,

Chu Yu’s little hand was tightly clutching the corner of Shen Ruojing’s shirt as though he was afraid that she might run away. “Beautiful aunty, are you here to see me?”

Shen Ruojing was somewhat shocked. “Why are you here?”


Chu Yu said, “This is my house!”

Shen Ruojing didn’t think too much. After all, there were so many young masters in the Chu Family, so she had no idea whose child this was.

Chu Tianye who was a step slower: “?”

So the beautiful aunty Chu Yu spoke about was his mommy!

He quickly brought Chu Xiaomeng with him and stood between Chu Yu and Shen Ruojing, separating them. “Mommy… sister and I miss you a lot!”

Shen Ruojing stroked Chu Tianye’s curly hair before glancing at Chu Xiaomeng. “Were you bored?”

Chu Xiaomeng nodded.

Shen Ruojing then passed the backpack she was carrying to her. “There, this is for you.”

Chu Xiaomeng’s eyes brightened, and she took over the backpack, hugging it tightly.

Chu Tianye couldn’t help but speak, “Mommy, I earned one million yesterday…”

Chu Yu, who was squeezed out of the way, looked at the interactions between the three of them. The proud young master then lifted his chin and snorted while turning his head away. He didn’t care at all! So childish!

At the next instant, Shen Ruojing’s clear voice asked, “You must have been frightened yesterday. Did you sleep well?”

Chu Yu’s eyes brightened and he also squeezed his way before Shen Ruojing before nodding his head seriously. “I slept very well. Beautiful aunty, is your wound still painful?”

Chu Tianye nervously asked, “Mommy, are you injured?”

Chu Yu explained, “Aunty had to have eight stitches on her leg because she saved me!”

Chu Tianye quickly hugged Shen Ruojing’s arm. “Mommy, you shouldn’t be standing. Let me help you inside so you can sit down!”

Chu Yu also took the chance to hug Shen Ruojing’s other arm. “Right. Beautiful aunty, remember to walk slower.”

However, Shen Ruojing didn’t move. She was looking at Matriarch Chu who was behind the three children.

An embarrassed look appeared on Matriarch Chu’s face. However, her attitude could still be considered friendly as she said, “Miss Shen, I didn’t expect that you were the one who saved Chu Yu. Please enter.”

Upon seeing Shen Ruojing being ushered in by the little b*stards, Lin Wanru was so anxious that she clenched her fists tightly to the extent that her fingernails dug into her palms.

After that, she turned and walked to an empty place before calling Madam Lin with trembling fingers. She then lowered her voice and spoke nervously, “Mother, Shen Ruojing has entered the Chu Manor! What should I do?”

Lin Wanru told everything to her mother, but her mother immediately reprimanded her.

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“Why are you panicking? Things have not reached that stage yet. You just have to ignore everything and keep insisting you were the one who slept with Chu Cichen that night, while she was sleeping with Chu Cimo.

“After all, the DNA test result yesterday is basically enough. She won’t know the medical technicalities unless she is a doctor!”

Hearing this, Lin Wanru heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s true.”

After hanging up, she turned and entered the Chu Manor again.

Chu Cichen walked out of the study, and just when he was preparing to head down, he heard some noise.

He then lowered his head and saw three children pulling Shen Ruojing inside the house.

This woman was clad in loose-fitting casual clothes, and her walking pose was lazy. She seemed to have sensed something and lifted her head for a look. After matching gazes with Chu Cichen, her lips curled slightly.

A light gleamed in her peach blossom eyes and her tall nose involuntarily gave off a sense of carefreeness that would cause one’s heart to flutter.

However, Chu Cichen’s face turned cold.

“Mommy, sit down!”

Chu Tianye supported Shen Ruojing to the sofa and took the chance to flip the flaps of her leggings open, all while Shen Ruojing and Chu Cichen were staring at each other. After seeing the wound, he took a deep breath of cold air. “Mommy, is it painful?”

Chu Xiaomeng also glanced at her with worry.

At this moment, Chu Cichen’s vision swept past her and subconsciously moved downward.

The woman’s fair and flawless leg actually had stitches on it, and this caused his brows to crease.

Shen Ruojing was still looking straight at him. “Just a small injury, it’s not painful.”

She seemed to be answering Chu Tianye’s question but was clearly telling Chu Cichen not to worry.

She was truly seducing him at every moment.

Chu Cichen turned his gaze away and went down.

Matriarch Chu looked at the wound and exclaimed, “It is so serious? Is it painful or not? Would there be a scar?”

Shen Ruojing covered her wound back. “It’s fine.”

If it was another person, they would probably say the wound was extremely serious to seek gratitude and sympathy.

However, her casual appearance made it seem as though the outside gossip about her being an ignorant slacker was all false.

Hence, Matriarch Chu’s attitude toward her became several times better. Her tone even had a hint of friendliness within. “Miss Shen, I heard Little Ye saying that it was very tough on you to raise him and his sister alone. This matter can only be blamed on my unreliable son.”


Shen Ruojing then cast a glance at Chu Tianye, and he could only smile guiltily in response.

Shen Ruojing couldn’t be bothered to expose him. At this moment, Matriarch Chu continued to speak, “Now that the DNA results are out, you don’t have to worry. The Chu Family will definitely give you a proper answer.”

Shen Ruojing’s voice was still as clear as ever. “Matriarch Chu, I don’t need any answer. After all, this matter was done out of free will from both parties. I only want Chu Cichen’s explanation.”

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Upon hearing this, Chu Cichen’s expression grew heavier and his voice also became colder. “I don’t have anything to say to you. Miss Shen, let me advise you not to pester me again. If not, don’t blame me for ignoring the children’s emotions!”

Shen Ruojing’s expression changed as she coldly spoke, “What do you mean?”

The DNA test was already done, but he still didn’t want to admit their relationship.

At this moment, Chu Cimo rushed down the stairs. He who had just woken up had a headful of disheveled hair. “Shen Ruojing, why are you so shameless? A withered flower like you even dare to covet my brother? Let me tell you, let alone my elder bro, even I look down on you. I won’t marry you!”

“Shut up!”

Matriarch Chu twisted his ears and angrily spoke, “Miss Shen was the one who saved Chu Yu. She is the benefactor of our family. Who permitted you to speak to her in such a manner?”

Chu Cimo cried out but didn’t dare to resist.

Matriarch Chu then spoke to Shen Ruojing, “Miss Shen, don’t worry. I will definitely make Cimo take responsibility!”

Chu Cimo: “Mother, even if you beat me to death, I’m not going to marry her!”

The entire living room was in chaos. At this moment, Lin Wanru also came back.

Amidst the commotion, Shen Ruojing sat up straight. Her gaze which was staring at Chu Cichen’s eyes slowly turned cold. After that, she mocked, “So, you are preparing to push me to your younger brother?”

Chu Cichen’s heart was filled with rage. He felt like he had been played when he thought of how many times he was close to agreeing to do the DNA test previously.

He threw the DNA report onto the table. “Miss Shen, please look at the report clearly!”

Shen Ruojing: “??”

She glanced at the report and the testees’ names appeared on the first row: Chu Tianye and Chu Cimo!

She then looked at the similarity, and it was 99%.

When Lin Wanru saw this, she took the chance and said, “Shen Ruojing, stop acting. The children belonged to Cimo. Stop pestering Cichen, I know Cichen’s identity is noble and you don’t want to lose to me. However, you can’t be so shameless and disregard a rock because you want to trade for a pearl!”

Chu Cimo also spoke, “That’s right, you can’t be so shameless! Wait a minute, are you saying that I’m a rock?”

Lin Wanru coughed and changed the topic. “If you don’t obediently marry Cimo and continue to pester Cichen, I’m afraid that this family would be in chaos. I believe Aunty Chu and Cichen wouldn’t permit such a situation to appear!”

With the DNA report present, Shen Ruojing wouldn’t be able to explain clearly even if she were to jump into the river.

Even if she said that the children belonged to Chu Cichen, no one would believe her.

This was a checkmate, and Shen Ruojing could only concede. The only way out was if she knew the medical arts and could see through the technicalities…but it was impossible.

However, Shen Ruojing wasn’t as anxious as Lin Wanru had imagined. Her gaze was filled with amusement as she coldly laughed before slowly speaking, “There’s a problem with this report.”

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