Ditsy Wife: Mysterious Husband is Unfathomable

Chapter 36

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Did He Have Lingering Feelings for Gong Mo?

“Well…” Third Aunt frowned. “You make sense, but what if…”

“I’ll go make some inquiries and we can get our answers soon,” said the Gong Family. “If he’s really a young master of the Sheng Family, we could go to their wedding. Second Aunt probably wouldn’t be able to kick us out of the wedding then!”


“That’s right!” said Big Aunt. “We’ll wait for your news then. No matter what happens, we should prepare the red packets first.”

Third Aunt and Little Aunt asked hurriedly, “How much are you giving them?”

“Well…” said Big Aunt, “I wanted to give them 9,999 yuan, but I don’t think I can give that amount of money now.”

If not for Mama Gong saying that she would match the amount they gave them at Gong Mo’s wedding at their children’s weddings, not only would she not have given 9,999 yuan, she would not have even given her 999 yuan. 99 yuan would have been enough.

However, things would be different if Gong Mo was marrying a young master from the Sheng Family. They had to give more money so that the Sheng Family would remember them and give them more favors.

“Hold your horses!” said Gong Fei. “I’ll make inquiries now and tell you the news by tonight!”

Gong Fei headed to Sheng Industrial Park in search of Sheng Donglin.

She could not enter because she didn’t possess a pass and could only wait outside by the entrance. However, she didn’t even know if Sheng Donglin came to work and could only see how her luck played out. Under the blistering summer heat, she shielded herself with a small umbrella and continuously fanned herself with a tissue. After waiting for two hours, she saw Sheng Donglin’s car drive over slowly.

It was lucky that she had seen Sheng Donglin use the car to pick up Gong Mo before or she would not have recognized it as his car. She rushed up immediately. “Mr. Sheng!”

Security officers blocked her. “What are you doing?!”

“I’m looking for Mr. Sheng!” Gong Fei saw that Sheng Donglin was about to enter the building and screamed, “Mr. Sheng! I have something to ask you!”

Sheng Donglin was in the driver’s seat with Su Mo sitting shotgun. Noticing the disturbance outside, she pinched Sheng Donglin huffily. “How many love debts do you have?”

Sheng Donglin glanced outside and said helplessly, “I don’t know her.”

“Mr. Sheng!” Gong Fei screamed.

Su Mo chuckled. “She’s quite pretty. Are you sure you don’t remember her?”

“You’ll be my only woman in this life.”

Sheng Donglin reached to pinch Su Mo’s cheek. He was about to drive away when Su Mo said, “It’s not a good idea for her to stand there and make such a big commotion, either. Let’s see what she wants.”

Sheng Donglin frowned, pondered it, and thought it made sense. He stopped the car and said to the security officers, “Let her come over.”

The security officers released Gong Fei immediately and she ran over. “Mr. Sheng!” She froze a little when she saw Su Mo riding shotgun and gave her a cramped smile.

So it turned out that Sheng Donglin had only been toying with Gong Mo. This woman was clad in branded goods from head to toe and looked extraordinary at first glance. She looked like she was the appropriate match for the Young Master of the Sheng Family.

“Do I know you?” Sheng Donglin asked.

A nervous Gong Fei said, “I’m Gong Mo’s younger sister.”

A flash passed through Sheng Donglin and Su Mo’s gazes and they looked at her probingly.

“Gong Mo is about to get married,” she said.

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Sheng Donglin’s pupils contracted and he burst out, “With whom?!”

Su Mo whipped her head to look at him with narrowed eyes. Why was he so nervous? Did he have lingering feelings for Gong Mo?

Gong Fei said nervously, “The man said that he’s your younger brother…”

“My younger brother?”

“That’s right.” Gong Fei smiled obsequiously. “In all our years of living in Nanjiang, we’ve never heard of Mr. Sheng having a younger brother. We’re thinking he’s a fraud.”

“Probably not,” said Sheng Donglin. “I do have a younger brother, but my father announced in the paper two weeks ago that he has cut his ties with him. Whatever he does now has nothing to do with the Sheng Family anymore.”

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