Ditsy Wife: Mysterious Husband is Unfathomable

Chapter 1415 - Chapter 1415: Yao Lei is in trouble again

Chapter 1415: Yao Lei is in trouble again

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“I know, Yingluo,” Xin Rong muttered as he thought quickly. Who did it? what was their purpose? If he were to be investigated, would his ‘reincarnation’ be discovered? If he contacted neo now, would he give himself away?

Seeing her dazed expression, Simon thought she was afraid. No matter how powerful she is, she’s just a girl, Yingluo.

His heart ached as he patted her hand. don’t be afraid. It’s just a formality. I’m still here. I’m a distinguished guest who has attended the state banquet, so I’ll be fine.

Xin Rong looked at him and suddenly smiled.

Her smile was very real, very calm, and she didn’t seem to be afraid at all.

Simon was stunned, “what the hell!” How could she not be afraid?

He suddenly remembered that her actions were too fearless, which showed that she had a strong mental capacity. Could there really be something wrong with Yingluo?

Xin Rong raised a hand to touch his face. He snapped back to his senses and looked at her.

“Are you suspecting me?” she smiled.

“Yingluo didn’t.”

“It’s normal to be suspicious. I’m so powerful, of course I’m not an ordinary person.”

“However, I’m very touched that you can think of protecting me at this time. If I’m really in danger, I’ll be even more touched if you save me Yingluo.” She was so touched that she would marry him and make him repay her with his body!

Xin Rong had received news of the plane in advance. She took out her phone and went online, but she did not see any news. After dinner, he told Simon that he was going home.

Simon was informed because Sheng nanxuan wanted to use the Gambino family’s channels to secretly investigate. Simon had to deal with related matters, so he didn’t force her.

When Xin Rong got home, he immediately turned on his computer.

At this time, martial law must be imposed everywhere, including the internet.

She wanted to hack into the Chinese system to see the specific information, but she didn’t dare to. What if there were experts defending at this time? wouldn’t they be walking right into a trap?

She sent a message to neo and asked about their situation in Hollywood.

They had money, so nothing was a problem. Angel successfully squeezed into Hollywood and began her acting career. With money, famous producers, famous directors, and famous actors would all become the green leaves for her!

When Xin Rong returned, he turned on the TV and was exchanging experiences with Angel when he heard the news on the TV. After a passenger airliner carrying more than 200 people took off from Xizha airport, it was quickly hijacked and flew West out of China. At present, the plane had been lost contact. It was unknown if it was still in the air or who was behind it.

The flight number was announced on the news, and neo quickly ” blackened the list of people on the plane.

Xin Rong looked and saw neo thoughtfully circle out a name for her.

“F * ck!” Xin Rong looked.

It was actually Yao Lei!

Xin Rong narrowed his eyes and began to think, “could it be the people of bewilderment Fog Island?” Why?

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