The Full-Leveled Healer Transmigrates to a Real and Fake Rich Daughter Story

Chapter 519 - Chapter 519: Making the Call (1)

Chapter 519: Making the Call (1)

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Hua Zhao’s heart skipped a beat, and he became suspicious again. However, he thought that he was only one step away. As long as Second Master Lu signed the marriage contract, everything would be over and couldn’t be changed.

Hua Zhao calmed down again and nodded again. He smiled like the spring breeze and said, “It’s Hua Xi.”

His father had given his eldest brother this name because he hoped that he could live up to his name as a radiant sun. What a pity.

“I see.” Lu Shi sighed casually. He straightened up and took two steps back, as if he was just curious about how to write his brother-in-law’s name, so he asked casually.

A father knew his son best. Second Master Lu always felt that his son was a little strange, but now was clearly not a good time to question his son.

He composed himself and signed the marriage contract solemnly.

Seeing that the marriage contract had been signed, the Hua family and Madam Hua were overjoyed.

Madam Hua smiled and said some celebratory words. “In the future, when the Hua and Lu families are closer, the couple will definitely be able to live happily ever after!”

“Xi’er, you have to treat Qin’er well in the future. Otherwise, my aunt won’t forgive you.”

“Aunt, don’t worry.” Hua Zhao echoed repeatedly, indicating that he would treat Lu Qin well.

As everyone chatted happily, the atmosphere in the hall became even more lively.

Originally, after the betrothal, the Lu family should have set up a banquet to entertain the Hua family, but because Lu Qin was sick today, the Hua family thoughtfully suggested that they dispense with this unnecessary red tape.

Second Master Lu personally sent the Hua family out.

Lu Shi narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at Hua Zhao’s back without blinking. Only then did he heave a sigh of relief.

Second Madam Lu stood beside him and sized up this son suspiciously. She kept feeling that he was strange and inexplicable just now.

However, thinking that the betrothal had finally been successfully arranged today, Second Madam Lu warned, “Shi’er, at the banquet later, you mustn’t find trouble with your sister’s husband again.”

“Your sister’s husband is too lazy to argue with you because of your sister. He’s being polite and reasonable. You can’t go too far, right?!”

Second Madam Lu kept lecturing her son, while Lu Shi ignored his mother’s words.

He was worried about his sister.

“Madam.” Granny Yang ran over happily, her eyes bright. “Miss is awake. Third Miss is awake!”

“Really!” Second Madam Lu clapped her hands happily and said, “Amitabha, please bless Ah Qin. This joyous occasion must have washed away my bad luck.”

“That’s great. Shi’er, 1 think your brother-in-law’s fate will definitely make your sister happy.”

Lu Shi smiled. His heart, which had been suspended all night, was finally relieved at this moment.

He hurriedly ran towards Lu Qin’s courtyard and only said, “I’m going to see Qin’er!”

Second Madam Lu shook her head and sighed. Her son was already 17 or 18 years old, but he was still unpredictable.

Second Madam Lu also quickly chased after him and followed her son to see her daughter.

There were joyous events in the Duke’s Mansion today. The magpies were chattering non-stop.

The Hua family outside the Duke’s Mansion was also overjoyed. The group of carriages set off on their return journey. As for Madam Hua, she got into another carriage and parted ways with her family.

In the carriage, Master Hua and his wife heaved a sigh of relief, especially Madam Hua, who repeatedly looked at the marriage contract in her hand with tears in her eyes.

“Poor Xi’er.” Two lines of bright tears fell from the corners of Madam Hua’s eyes. “I should have chosen a good wife of equal social status and knowledge for him. Now, I can only wrong him…”

Although her eldest son was weak, he was talented and came from a noble background. The men of the Hua family had always only married women from aristocratic families. The Hua family’s genealogy showed that all their wives were illustrious. Which one of them didn’t come from a noble family with a long history? Furthermore, this Lu family wasn’t a merchant in the previous dynasty. If they hadn’t sponsored Emperor Taizu and obtained merit, they would probably still be city merchants and a lowly ninth-tier family.

Xi’er actually wanted to marry such a woman!

“Don’t be sad.” Old Master Hua put his arm around his wife’s shoulder and comforted her. “In a few days, we’ll adopt a child under Xi’er’s name and inherit his incense. Our Xi’er won’t be wronged.”

Madam Hua nodded and choked.

She knew that this was a good thing, but she still didn’t feel good. When she thought of her bitter eldest son, her heart felt like it was being pinched and she was extremely uncomfortable..

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