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Chapter 448 - Chapter 448: 448 The Two of You Are a Perfect Match

Chapter 448: 448 The Two of You Are a Perfect Match

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“Wow, is this Tan Ron’s fiance?”

Liang Lu looked at Zhuang Liu through the door. “This is too beautiful! Just by looking at their faces, the two of you are a perfect match!”

Zhuang Liu’s legs attracted Xu Yan’s attention. The last time he saw Zhuang Liu, he was still sitting in a wheelchair. It was said that he was seriously injured. He did not expect him to recover so quickly.

Lu Qing had seen Zhuang Liu in a wheelchair before, and he also knew that Zhuang Liu had been in a wheelchair for a long time. But now, Zhuang Liu stood straight before Tan Ron’s house. He did not look like he had been in a wheelchair for years.

Initially, he thought there would be a winner and a loser in the competition between him and Zhuang Liu. Although Zhuang Liu was handsome and rich, he had a physical defect then. As long as Zhuang Liu was in a wheelchair, he would have a chance to win Tan Ron’s favor.

But now that Zhuang Liu had got back on his feet, Lu Qing also thoroughly and clearly realized that the difference between him and Zhuang Liu was too great.

Tan Rou went over to open the door for Zhuang Liu. Liang Lu followed behind Tan Rou. When she saw Zhuang Liu, she first said, “Rourou, your fiance looks even more handsome up close.”

“Liang Lu, what are you talking about?” Tan Rou suddenly felt a little embarrassed. They could have said whatever they wanted, but she did not want Zhuang Liu to know about this. It was obvious that she and Zhuang Liu were no longer engaged.

A satisfied smile immediately appeared on Zhuang Liu’s face. He greeted Liang Lu warmly, “Hello, you’re Rourou’s classmate, right? Nice to meet you.”

Liang Lu smiled. “Nice to meet you too, Brother-in-law!”

Tan Rou facepalmed. “Liang Lu, Brother Zhuang has his own name. Don’t give him nicknames.”

Zhuang Liu liked this nickname very much. He said generously, “It doesn’t matter. You can call me whatever you want. I don’t mind.”

If it were the usual Zhuang Liu, if someone dared to give him a nickname, that person would surely be dead. However, Zhuang Liu was pleased to hear this nickname today. He wished to make these nicknames into nameplates and stick them on his body.

“Third brother, why are you like this too?” Tan Rou pretended to be angry. “I can’t talk to you guys anymore. My mother is calling us over for lunch.”

It was the first time Lu Qing had seen Tan Rou like this. She was not as sharp as she was in school nor as skilled as she was when she treated his grandfather at his house. At this moment, Tan Rou was like a shy girl who was blushing in front of the man she liked.

So, was it possible for Tan Rou to show such an expression? Lu Qing closed his eyes, feeling very upset. Even though he said he wanted to give up on liking Tan Rou, feelings could not be solved with words. Deep inside his heart, he still liked Tan Rou.

Tan Rou pulled Li Li and Liang Lu away while Zhuang Liu and the other two men walked behind.

Lu Qing had been observing his legs. Although he was a little lame, she could tell he could walk.

“Did Tan Rou treat your leg too?” Lu Qing asked.

Zhuang Liu didn’t have to answer Lu Qing, but he was here to make Lu Qing back out. So he replied, “Rourou indeed treated my leg. She was treating me before your grandfather. I was her first patient.”

Zhuang Liu didn’t know if he was Tan Ron’s first patient, but he had to show superiority when facing his love rival.

Sure enough, Lu Qing’s expression turned ugly when he heard that. He clenched his fists and said against his conscience, “Don’t worry. 1 won’t fight with you for the identity of the first patient, and 1 won’t pester her anymore. We’re here today as guest at Tan Ron’s house as her classmate, and I’m not the only one who came today.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Zhuang. We’re really here as friends today. The two of us don’t have any ill intentions toward Tan Rou. We wouldn’t use Tan Ron’s new identity to help our families.”

Zhuang Liu crossed his arms and put on a superior posture. He said, “Rourou also treats you as friends. Don’t disappoint her.”

After saying that, he quickly left.

Xu Yan heaved a sigh of relief. He patted Lu Qing’s shoulder and said earnestly again, “They are a perfect match. Don’t think about it anymore.”

Lu Qing nodded slightly. “1 know..”

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