Surprise! Tyrant’s Little Crybaby Went on a Killing Spree After Being Reborn

Chapter 328 - Chapter 328: Fourth Brother

Chapter 328: Fourth Brother

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The three of them had just entered the alley when a handsome figure followed. Just as they reached the turn, Shen Yaowei walked out with a dagger.

“You’ve followed me all the way. Who exactly are you?”

After asking coldly, Shen Yaowei looked up and met the man’s raised phoenix eyes. A familiar feeling hit her, and she muttered in disbelief, “You’re… Fourth Brother?”

“You recognized me so quickly. It seems like our Yaoyao has always had me in her heart.” Shen Yuqing took off the human skin mask on her face, revealing his sinister and charming face.

The man’s phoenix eyes were naturally charming. His eyebrows were like a painting, and his facial features were so exquisite that there was nothing wrong with them. If not for the Adam’s apple on his neck, he would have been even more beautiful than a woman.

He quickly walked to Shen Yaowei and reached out to touch her head. He smiled brightly and said, “Dad wrote a letter saying that you’re not stupid anymore. I couldn’t wait to come back and see you. 1 didn’t expect it to be true. Yaoyao, Fourth Brother is really happy for you!”

Shen Yaowei smiled sweetly. She hadn’t seen Shen Yuqing for many days, and the longing in her heart was written all over her face. “Fourth Brother is so bad. You even followed me secretly. I thought I had met a bad person.”

“I’m also very surprised that you can actually sense my existence. Are you not stupid anymore? Have you become more sensitive, or have I become slow? If I’m so easily discovered, 1 won’t dare to steal things casually in the future.” As the number one thief in the martial arts world, Shen Yuqing couldn’t help but doubt his strength.

Successfully amused, Shen Yaowei pulled Shen Yuqing’s arm. “Fourth Brother, my strength has also increased a lot compared to before. This isn’t a place to talk. Let’s go home and see Father, Big Brother, and Third Brother. I’ll tell you slowly.”

Shen Yuqing agreed immediately. Along the way, he showed Shen Yaowei many novel things he had stolen recently.

The siblings chatted and laughed as they led two maids back to the General’s Mansion.

Shen Liu’an, Shen Yifeng, and Shen Yuyan were also at home. The family came to the garden pavilion and sat around the stone table. They drank tea and chatted.

Shen Yaowei didn’t delay and quickly recounted what had happened last night.

After saying that, she felt her mouth go dry. She picked up the teacup and drank it in one gulp. “Dad, Big Brother, Third Brother, Fourth Brother, Imperial Preceptor praised me for my talent. 1 want to try going to the Imperial Preceptor’s residence to cultivate with him.”

“No, it’s too dangerous. I don’t agree.” Shen Yuyan frowned and said without thinking.

“Third Brother, I know you want to enter the Imperial Preceptor’s residence too. If I’m not wrong, you’re like me, you want to become stronger, right?” As Shen Yaowei spoke, she took out a very simple bamboo slip and handed it to Shen Yuyan. “In terms of danger, Third Brother, you don’t know how to cultivate spiritual power. If you join the Imperial Preceptor’s residence, you’ll encounter more danger than me. Therefore, unless you go to the Imperial Preceptor’s residence to take on a civilian role, I’ll never agree.”

The moment Shen Yuyan took the bamboo slip, he felt a wave of spirit energy attack. “Yaoyao, what’s this?”

“This is a scroll made up of a secret technique that has been lost for many years. As long as you use spiritual energy to activate it, the scroll will turn into that secret technique. Third Brother, after 1 happened to get rid of Ye Ying’er last night, 1 became more certain that you cannot become a disciple of the Imperial Preceptor’s residence without spiritual energy. With this scroll as a calling card, you can become a civilian official there. This is the most suitable path for you.” Seeing that Shen Yuyan deeply frowned and didn’t immediately answer, Shen Yaowei continued to persuade him, “I know why Third Brother wants to enter the Imperial Preceptor’s residence, but becoming a civilian official also has a chance to succeed..”

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