Shocking The World After Bringing My Family Back In Time!

Chapter 185 - Chapter 185: Taking Action Right Away

Chapter 185: Taking Action Right Away

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Jiang Xia and Zhou Lan shared the same thought.

Sooner or later, they would have to have a face-off with the old madam from the Jiang family, so why not use some money to buy some peace of mind early?

She had also begun early preparations to welcome her eldest sister back home. Strawberries and watermelons from the garden, leftover fabric from home, and some meat were all set aside for her elder sister to enjoy upon her return.

Despite lengthy discussions, they still couldn’t find the best solution to their problem.

Life had to continue even though the problem remained unsolved. Jiang Chuan and Zhou Lan decided to work on the farm again. They wanted to plant the seeds that Jiang Xia had given them a few days ago.

Jiang Gu wanted to help her parents on the farm. But Jiang Xia pulled her aside, persuading her, “Xiao Gu, can you stay home with your sister? I’m worried that Aunt might come again.”

Hearing this, Jiang Gu nodded without hesitation, “Okay, then I won’t go to the farm with mom and dad.”

Jiang Chuan and Zhou Lan were relieved to leave things in Jiang Xia’s hands, trusting that their daughter would be able to handle it, even if the old madam Jiang decided to show up again.

As soon as their parents left, Jiang Xia quickly brought Jiang Gu inside and asked her, “Xiao Gu, do you remember where Grandpa and Grandma usually hide their cloth bag? Can you tell me?”

Jiang Gu, with no suspicion about his sister’s intention, explained it in detail. She even analyzed with her sister where the Old Madam Jiang would most likely hide the bag, given her character.

During their conversation, Jiang Gu got a feeling of being a great outlaw, and she was even thinking about taking action right away.

“Xiao Gu, don’t be impulsive. Let’s wait a few days until the current issues is over. The village is busy with the autumn harvest. We’ll go when Grandma and Grandpa’s house is the busiest. Jiang Hong will surely have to go to town for school. You just keep an eye out for me. If someone comes, throw a rock at the rooftop.”

“Sis, I’m short, I might not be able to hit it. How about I mimic a bird’s call? It’s the season when many birds are around. We see lots of birds in the village every day.”

As soon as Jiang Gu said that, Jiang Xia couldn’t help but pat his sister’s head. As expected, the daughters of the Jiang family were not to be trifled with.

Planning to search Old Madam Jiang’s room, Jiang Xia kept the plan to herself, of course not intending to involve Jiang Gu.

While Jiang Gu’s heart was in the right place, Jiang Xia feared that in a moment of panic, she might leave her behind, and who knows what chaos the Old Madam Jiang might stir up then.

If only her interspace ability could function as it did when they encountered the pack of wolves on the mountain, she could take Jiang Gu into the interspace with her.

Jiang Xia decided not to tell Zhou Lan or Jiang Chuan about her plan, to avoid causing them worry.

After much thought, Jiang Xia still felt that he should act alone.

At night, Jiang Xia quietly got up and went out after everyone at home had fallen asleep.

Without a moment’s hesitation, she headed straight for her grandparents’ house.

There were no dogs in the village now, mainly because people couldn’t even afford to eat, let alone keep a pet.

Thus, Jiang Xia reached the Jiang family’s house without any obstruction.

Under the pressure of time, she paid no heed to the condition of the courtyard and directly went to the room where Old Madam Jiang slept.

It was almost the autumn harvest, but the weather was still a little hot. Old Madam Jiang had left her window open, which was convenient for Jiang Xia, who had been wondering how to get into the house quietly.

She deftly climbed into the room.

Perhaps it was because she didn’t win the arguement in the afternoon, Old Madam Jiang was still cursing and swearing as she fell asleep.

Jiang Xia was shocked and quickly hid in her interspace.

After waiting for a while, Jiang Xia came out of the interspace when she heard Old Madam Jiang’s snoring.

The room wasn’t large, and there were only a few places to hide things.

After inspecting the room, her attention finally fell on the bed where Old Madam Jiang was sleeping.

She leaned down to knock under the bed and indeed found something unusual.

There was an empty space by the side of the bed. If it weren’t for Old Madam Jiang still sleeping on it, Jiang Xia would surely have been able to find it.

In a moment of desperation, Jiang Xia muttered to herself a few times in her heart, and to her surprise, she heard a few unusual sounds from her interspace.

Now, Jiang Xia was completely certain that Old Madam Jiang’s had hidden something was under the bed.

“Who’s there?”

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