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Chapter 760 - Chapter 760: Hu Yu Came to Rescue

Chapter 760: Hu Yu Came to Rescue

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The snow-white worm squirmed. Hu Yu snapped off the black worm’s head and pressed the worm into Liu Dalang’s wound.

Hu Yu frowned and muttered, “Who injured Brother Liu so badly? If I catch him, 1’11 definitely give him two slashes and let him know what it feels like to have his bones exposed to air.”

Hu Yu pressed a few worms into the wound one after another. Seeing that the wound was already slowly healing, she stopped and patted her chest. “Fortunately, I managed to save him. That was close.”

Hu Yu sat beside Liu Dalang with a lingering fear.

Zhang Qiang and Xu Dong were stunned.

Seeing that Liu Dalang was really getting better, Zhang Qiang mustered his courage and asked, “You, what are you…”

Hu Yu said angrily, “Didn’t you see it? I’m a fox.”

Zhang Qiang was speechless. He had indeed seen it. He was also very confused. Only a demon could turn into a human from a fox.

However, when they heard Hu Yu speak, they were not afraid at all. Instead, they felt that this little girl was kind of cute.

Zhang Qiang scratched his head. He wanted to say something, but he did not know what to say.

Seeing that Liu Dalang’s fever was gradually fading, Xu Dong was relieved. “Miss, do you know Liu Dalang?”

Hu Yu was scared out of her wits. She had a bad temper and was not polite to people who she didn’t know. Therefore, when she heard Xu Dong’s words, she immediately said bluntly, “Isn’t that obvious? If 1 didn’t know him, why would I try so hard to save him?”

Hu Yu searched Liu Dalang’s body. “Oh no, it’s broken. 1 have to make it again…”

The protective amulet she gave Liu Dalang was shattered. She had to make a new one.

At the thought that she had spent a lot of effort to save Liu Dalang, Zhang Qiang and Xu Dong couldn’t bear to see her so sad. They quickly comforted her. “What do you want to make? Can we help you?”

After Hu Yu had cried and vented her anger, she looked at Zhang Qiang and Xu Dong. She stretched out her hand and revealed her claws. “Why aren’t you afraid of me?”

Zhang Qiang and Xu Dong were stumped.

Zhang Qiang looked at Hu Yu, who was pretending to be scary. He also found it strange that he was not afraid of Hu Yu. Instead, he felt that she was very cute. He said, “You, although you’re a demon, demons who save people don’t kill. Demons who kill don’t save people.”

Hu Yu thought for a moment and nodded. “That’s true. No wonder you’re not afraid of me.”

Hu Yu looked at Liu Dalang and lay down to listen to his heartbeat. She clapped her hands. “He’s safe. Let the horses rest and eat. After that, send him back.”

Liu Dalang was finally safe.

Hu Yu still had to return to Yong County.

She was relieved that General Black was with Liu Erlang. With Liu Yuanyuan around, the Liu family in Yong County had someone to rely on.

Seeing that Hu Yu was about to leave, Zhang Qiang and Xu Dong smiled at her. “Miss Hu, thank you so much.”

Hu Yu looked at the two of them. Liu Dalang could make it thus far all thanks to the two of them. Hu Yu smiled. “Without you, he would have died long ago. You’re also a good person. Good people will be rewarded.”

Zhang Qiang and Xu Dong were a little embarrassed, but they still said seriously, “General Liu and 1 have been through life and death together. We naturally can’t abandon him.”

Hu Yu felt that this was good karma.

Hu Yu smiled. “Goodbye.”

After Hu Yu left, Zhang Qiang and Xu Dong came back to their senses. They squatted down and checked Liu Dalang’s body. The condition had already been stabilized, but he had lost too much blood and was too weak. The wound had not completely healed, but it had already scabbed over.

Zhang Qiang felt like he just had a dream. “Did we meet an immortal just now?”

Xu Dong corrected him, “She’s not an immortal. She’s a fox. Now that I think about it, there are some places protected by house spirits. That Miss Hu just now should be General Liu’s house spirit, right?”

Zhang Qiang nodded. “Definitely.”

Liu Dalang opened his eyes with difficulty. When the two of them saw that Liu Dalang had woken up, they knew that he was fine. They were overjoyed. “General Liu, it’s great that you’re awake.”

Liu Dalang opened his mouth but could only make a hoarse voice. He could not speak and his throat was in extreme pain.

However, compared to losing his life, this little pain was nothing.

The two of them were no longer in a hurry. They let the horses rest and graze before going to find water for Liu Dalang to drink. Then, they told Liu Dalang about Hu Yu saving his life.

Liu Dalang was not too surprised to hear that. He smiled faintly, admitting that he indeed had a house spirit.

Zhang Qiang and Xu Dong were a little envious. “That Miss Hu looks like she has a bad temper, but she’s also so cute.”

Liu Dalang smiled and nodded.

This time, after coming out of the death’s door, he would cherish his life even more.

When the horses were done resting, it was almost dark.

The two of them helped Liu Dalang onto the horse before returning to the camp. Zhang Qiang suddenly frowned and said, “That’s not right. We’ve been delayed here for so long. Why hasn’t Liu Cheng and the others returned?”

When he heard this, Xu Dong also frowned. Seeing that Liu Dalang was in good spirits, Xu Dong asked, “General Liu, do you know Liu Cheng?”

Hearing this name, Liu Dalang frowned slightly and nodded.

Not only did they know each other, but they also had grudges against each other.

His throat hurt so much that he could not speak. Zhang Qiang and Xu Dong could not get an answer from him even if they wanted to, but they were not fools. This matter was not as simple as it looked on the surface.

If Liu Dalang had not been saved by the house spirit, he would have died.

Zhang Qiang and Xu Dong did not say anything. When they returned to the army camp, they immediately got the military doctor to treat Liu Dalang.

The military doctor looked at the wound. It was no longer serious. It was just that his throat was hurt by a high fever. He would be fine after taking medicine.

Liu Cheng also returned to the camp. He only realized that Liu Dalang was still alive the next day because he did not see Liu Dalang’s name on the death list. After confirming that Liu Dalang was still alive, Liu Cheng felt terrible and returned to the tent with a dark expression.. “How can he not be dead? How can he still be alive?”

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