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Chapter 2002 - Chapter 2002: Endless darkness (4)

Chapter 2002: Endless darkness (4)

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Mo Xinyan was stunned for a moment. She raised her head and looked at Liu chenshuang. She was silent for a while before she asked.

“So what?” Liu chenshuang laughed lightly, being in that place is equivalent to being isolated for eternity. Even if Bai Yan is still by his side, it’s impossible for him to be entangled with her lovingly!

Mo Xinyan’s body trembled. Her master was even cruder than she had imagined.

“Master, I don’t want to know about this.”

She pursed her lips tightly and lowered her head.

no, you should know,” Liu chenshuang turned back to look at mo Xinyan, her eyes cold and indifferent again,” because, if you betray me again in the future, that place will be where you go! I’ll let you drift in the darkness forever, never to leave for the rest of your life!”

Mo Xinyan raised her beautiful eyes in fear. Her delicate body trembled even more.

Forever floating in the darkness?

This feeling was even more painful than killing her!

of course! Liu chenshuang chuckled softly. She raised her hand and caressed mo Xinyan’s face,” if you are obedient, I can let go of all the things that happened in the past.

Mo Xinyan swallowed her saliva. Her face was pale, but she still asked the question in her heart.

“Master, don’t you like di Cang very much? then you’re willing to let him stay there?”

Liu chenshuang squinted her eyes and sized mo Xinyan up.

When she saw the purity in her eyes, she suddenly laughed.

“Have you forgotten what I said to di Cang and Bai Yan? “I’ve said before that I’ll make them separate and never see each other again. Therefore, that place is only the Azure Emperor’s temporary stop. 1 have to recuperate and increase my strength. When my strength is enough to crush the Azure Emperor, I’ll bring him out of the darkness and leave Bai Yan and that stinky brat at that place so that they will never see each other again in their lives.”

She could not give up on di Cang.

since gong jie had fallen in love with a man like that, she would never be able to erase him from her soul.


She had left di Cang in the darkness as well, but it was just an expedient measure. In any case, it was impossible for di Cang to increase his strength in the darkness. When her strength was strong enough, that man would be her bi an.

master,” mo Xinyan pursed her lips,” I won’t disobey you again, Zhenzhen.

she did not want to step into such a dark place for the rest of her life.

It was only at this moment that mo Xinyan finally understood how terrifying her master, who had indulged her for so many years, was.

Not far away, Liu yexin kept her head down. Her eyes were fixed on mo Xinyan and Liu chenshuang. She bit her lips hard.

Mo Xinyan’s previous words were like thorns that stabbed into her heart. She could not calm down and could not forget Xuanji.

At this moment, Liu chenshuang was only thinking about how to take revenge on di Cang and Bai Yan. Once again, she ignored Liu yexin. It was also because of this disregard that Liu yexin’s innocent and ignorant eyes were filled with sadness and unwillingness.

She had already behaved very well. She was more obedient than mo Xinyan. However, because she was not smart enough, she could not even speak properly. That was why her mother would never notice her.

She’s just a dispensable existence.

“Ye Xin, come here.”

Liu chenshuang’s gaze swept across the area and saw Liu yexin squatting by the tree. Her brows furrowed slightly, but she quickly relaxed and spoke calmly.

Liu yexin’s body stiffened when she heard this. She slowly stood up from the tree and strode towards Liu chenshuang..

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