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Chapter 1205 - 1205 Peak of the Variant Immortal

1205 Peak of the Variant Immortal

1.3 million soul threads were like a million long snakes that kept intertwining and gathering, forming a shocking body that was thousands of feet tall.

This body had the form of the Ghost Emperor, exuding a pressure that could shake the world. Above its head, a crown formed by D132 descended, crowning it like an emperor. Its aura permeated with imperial majesty, transforming into golden dragons roaring in all directions.

Even the morning glow was simulated by the soul threads, shining around it, giving it a halo of a god.

The roar of the mosasaur echoed within it, thundering like heavenly thunder, shaking the minds of all onlookers. The sense of heavenly Dao was particularly strong, burning fiercely within it like a furnace.

The flames of the furnace spread outward, forming a vast sea of fire that surged and rolled for 50 kilometers.

The towering body in the center of the sea of fire raised its right hand and grabbed at the air. Immediately, a Golden Crow spear appeared, firmly held in its grasp. With a wave of its hand, the spear tilted and pointed at the Divine Fusion School’s school head.

The shape of the Golden Crow could be seen on the spear tip. It was very clear and its eyes were sharp. It spat out flames that fused into the sea of fire. Under this enhancement, the towering body gave off the presence of a god.

This was Xu Qing’s first god form and it was the most complete form!

However, it was different from the past. This time, He didn’t fuse with Xu Qing but was behind Xu Qing, emanating monstrous divine might.

As for Xu Qing, he stood in front of the god form and stepped on the flames. Compared to the god form, the difference in size was clearly huge but he gave off the feeling of controlling a god.

It was as though the god had become a foil.

This scene caused everyone in the Imperial Academy and the various forces to be shaken, even the Human Emperor was observing closely.

The school head of the Variant Immortal School was extremely excited. Beside him, Chen Daoze took a deep breath. He had mixed feelings and emotions in his eyes.

As for the disciples from the Variant Immortal School, they no longer hid their identities. Their eyes are filled with excitement, unable to hide their admiration for Xu Qing’s actions, yearning to follow in his footsteps.

This Dao discussion between the two major schools had unknowingly become Xu Qing’s stage alone.

He killed a prince and showed himself as a Variant Immortal.

And now, his other identity was self-evident.

The Variant Immortal School’s… mysterious master!

One had to know that this mysterious master was discussed to be the strongest ancestor of the Variant Immortal School and the source of the rise of the Variant Immortals.

Hence, Xu Qing’s appearance now caused an incomparably intense commotion among the Variant Immortal School disciples.

Those core disciples of the Variant Immortal School were already shocked when Xu Qing revealed his identity as a region lord. Now that they realized that Xu Qing was actually the source of the Variant Immortal School, their hearts were in turmoil.

The core disciple who once glared angrily at Xu Qing was now pale-faced, while those who vied for the chief disciple position were also feeling uneasy.

As for the three core disciples who had joined earlier than Xu Qing, their eyes were wide open.

“Ancestor… was printing the newsletters with us?”

There was also a student in the crowd. This person was none other than the mysterious woman outside the Star Emperor’s branch sect back then. She looked at Xu Qing who was in the air. She looked extremely confident and her heart continued to fluctuate.

“So, it’s you!”

The woman gritted her teeth.

Under the gaze of everyone, Xu Qing, who was standing in front of the god form, stared at the Divine Fusion School’s school head and calmly spoke.

“Variant Immortal School refines soul threads and uses it to weave divinity, forming divine figures.”

“However, all of this is only the surface. The greatest use of the Variant Immortal School is to turn the divine source into the power to break through!”

“When you reach your limit, burn the divine figure and transform it into a huge driving force to forcefully break through the barrier and connect to the path ahead. You can then arrive into a new path, using the god to become an immortal, a Variant Immortal.”

“In outsider’s perspective, the reason why Variant Immortal School declined in the past was due to its slow cultivation progress. However, in reality, it was because there had never been a million soul threads.”

“A million soul threads can give birth to Dao seeds. By integrating Dao seeds, disciples can accelerate their cultivation.”

“Now, 300,000 Variant Immortal soul threads can weave the divine figure behind me, reaching the first stage of Nihility. Burning it can advance cultivation and break through the barrier!”

As Xu Qing spoke, he looked at Chen Daoze.

Chen Daoze naturally knew what Xu Qing meant. Hence, he took a deep breath and bowed respectfully to Xu Qing. After that, he lifted his head and stared at the divine figure behind Xu Qing. He was extremely meticulous, observing every inch of it.

He had been immersed in the Variant Immortal School art for more than 2,000 years and his observation skills had long been perfected. Even though Xu Qing’s divine figure was complicated, he still understood something a while later. He lifted his right hand and waved it.

Immediately, 600,000 soul threads spread out from his body and danced outside. They quickly weaved behind him, forming the outline of a prototype and undergoing subtle adjustments.

Finally… a god form body that was slightly smaller than Xu Qing’s was weaved.

It had the exact same appearance and even its aura was the same. The only difference was that Xu Qing’s divine figure was more realistic.

Their essences were originally different. However, with the help of the Dao seed, their essences became similar at this instant.

This scene shocked everyone.

After all, seeing and doing were completely different things.

The disciples of the Variant Immortal School were all excited because Ancestor Chen Daoze had formed Xu Qing’s divine figure. This meant that everyone who met the requirements in the future could do it. This was hope.

The most excited person was the school head of the Variant Immortal School. What he saw was even more profound than ordinary students, and knew that this scene was extremely significant.

This was an unprecedented development of the Variant Immortal School’s cultivation art. It raised the Variant Immortal School to a higher level.

Before this, 200,000 soul threads was the limit of the Variant Immortal School.

Now, they had reached a step higher.

Ordinary students didn’t realize this meaning but most of the various forces understood. While they had mixed feelings, they also foresaw that the Variant Immortal School… would belong to Xu Qing from now on.

Regardless of whether it was from Xu Qing’s identity as the source or his contribution to the rise of the Variant Immortal School, this school would completely belong to Xu Qing alone in the future.

This would be his school!

Everyone fell into deep thought. However, Xu Qing wasn’t finished yet.

“100,000 soul threads can be used to weave the earth child. 200,000 soul threads can be used to weave Heavenly Kui. As for this divine image that can be formed from 300,000 soul threads, it is called the Emperor God… Next, there’s the form of 500,000 soul threads!”

As he spoke, Xu Qing closed his eyes. The god form behind him dispersed and 1.3 million soul threads expanded, covering the sky again.

When the world darkened, these soul threads rapidly contracted and gathered again, weaving again, transforming into black poison mist that molded a demonic god-like body.

An armor covering its entire body, and the fog on its back transformed into a cloak that fluttered in the wind, covering the sky.

Decay and poison erupted from this body. Darkness and gloom spread in all directions.

Xu Qing opened his eyes. Nether flames appeared within the helmet of the divine image, coldly surveying the heavens and earth, like a demon.

“This is a Demonic God.”

Xu Qing’s voice was a little hoarse and his tone was cold.

When the cultivators saw the Demonic God and sensed its poison, their expressions instantly changed.

They felt that the first divine image was still alright, but they could sense a dense aura of death from the second one.

Before everyone could continue sensing, Xu Qing lifted his hands. The second god form behind him expanded, undergoing a bizarre transformation.

Purple appeared in the darkness and transformed into long hair that continued to extend until it landed on the ground. From afar, it looked like a purple waterfall.

The armor disappeared, revealing Xu Qing’s appearance, while its body took on an even more sinister appearance. Outside the crystal-like bones, there were numerous blood vessels intertwining, forming flesh, and countless blood vessels spread out like tentacles in all directions.

Enormous wings formed from purple feathers and flesh began to emerge on its back. With a slight movement, the heavens and earth lost their color, and the winds began to howl.

Finally, a purple moon slowly rose behind it!

The appearance of this form was like the eruption of anomalous substances. Everything turned hazy, but the invasive power of the anomalous substances was restrained, and only its aura spread.

The god’s aura.

“This god’s name is Purple Moon. It can be weaved with a million spirit threads.”

“And all of these are Variant Immortals.”

Xu Qing, who was in front of the third god form, slowly opened his eyes.

As for the cultivators from all directions, they were completely in an uproar. While they were shocked by Xu Qing’s Purple Moon body, Xu Qing’s voice was still echoing.

“This is the method of the Variant Immortal School. You don’t have to use heavenly materials to replace your body, nor do you have to take on an inhuman appearance. With a thought, the Variant Immortal can reverse the heavens and earth and form their own immortal body.”

“To weave a god and break through one’s shackles is a variant.”

“To control a god and fight for oneself, that is an immortal.”

“This is the ideology of the Variant Immortal School.”

“There’s a concept in the Divine Fusion School that I agree with. Gods are just tools, but we don’t have to become gods. With the path of immortals, it’s not impossible to use gods as tools.”

Xu Qing calmly spoke, his voice echoing in everyone’s minds.

Regardless of whether it was in everyone’s gaze or minds, Xu Qing’s status continued to increase.

He was the ruler of a region. He carried the Emperor Sword and was the source of Variant Immortals. He had killed the prince and displayed three terrifying gods. All of this combined with Xu Qing’s words at this moment caused his prestige to reach its peak.

This kind of peak was also the result Xu Qing wanted. This was because this could allow his words to have more weight and kill people against whom the Emperor Sword didn’t move.

The Emperor Sword couldn’t be controlled at will.

For example, Xu Qing had called out to the Emperor Sword to make a move against the Divine Fusion School’s academy head, but it didn’t move.

Xu Qing didn’t have much thoughts about this.

He believed in the Emperor Sword, but he also knew that when the Emperor Sword killed people, it depended on the harm they caused to the human race, and it wouldn’t move because of personal grudge.

However, Xu Qing wasn’t the Emperor Sword.

He didn’t have such noble sentiments. What he thought about were first his friends and Fenghai County. As for the Imperial Capital, he didn’t have a sense of belonging.

Therefore, since what the academy head of the Divine Fusion School did didn’t cause the Emperor Sword to move, he would do it himself.

Hence, his gaze first landed on the Human Emperor in the projection before he retracted it. He looked at the academy head of the Divine Fusion School who had a complicated expression on his face, and killing intent rose in his gaze as he spoke in a deep voice.

“Bai Xiaozhuo, the former Fenghai County Governor of the Purple Green Kingdom, what do you think about this?”

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