Farming in the Mountains: Max Level Jiaojiao Is Three Years Old

Chapter 806 - Chapter 806: Foolish Boy!

Chapter 806: Foolish Boy!

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This person quietly retreated and asked another hidden guard from the Eastern Palace to quickly report the situation to the Shao family. Shao Boqi was shocked and said, “How can he be so st*pid!”

Their nephew was still a child but was also the Crown Prince!

Shao Zhongxi’s expression was ugly, but he could only say to his brother, “I’ll enter the palace to ask around.”

Shao Boqi also knew that the current situation was not suitable for them to enter the palace together. It would make it seem like they were planning to storm the palace. If Prince Yi really died, the Ji family would definitely have something else planned. He had to keep an eye on them from the outside. Naturally, he nodded. “You should be careful.” After a pause, he added, “There’s really no room for redemption. At the very least, we need to keep our nephew alive,”

This was the last resort.

Although their nephew wouldn’t be killed, since the Emperor was kind and wouldn’t kill his own son, he would definitely be crippled.

Otherwise, the Ji family would definitely not let this matter rest. They would definitely make a big fuss about this matter.

“Of course.” The cold Shao Zhongxi responded and headed to the palace,

Emperor Hao, Wei Zizhan, Prince Qing, Consort Yi, and the others were still in Prince Yi’s bedroom. The doctor was still there, kneeling on the ground.

Prince Yi hadn’t woken up yet, and no one knew if he would wake up.

The doctors said that they had done their best.

Even though Consort Yi wasn’t holding on to Wei Zizhan anymore, she was still crying emotionally, constantly asking Emperor Hao to help Prince Yi.

Emperor Hao’s expression was ugly.

Wei Zizhan was still crying, but when he saw Shao Zhongxi, he immediately ran over to Shao Zhongxi and sobbed, “I didn’t deliberately stretch my leg out. I didn’t even know that he was going out. H-help me… Talk to my father… Please…

Shao Zhongxi’s expression was cold. He really couldn’t bring himself to like this nephew of his.

How did this look like a Crown Prince?

How did his sister give birth to such an id*ot!

It was fine if he did not study well, but he was deliberately trying to sabotage his own image as the Crow Prince!

He couldn’t ignore this behavior.

Otherwise, how would he explain it to his sister?

Although he didn’t say anything to Wei Zizhan, Shao Zhongxi stood in front of Wei Zizhan and bowed to Emperor Hao, but he still didn’t speak to Emperor Hao.

There were two reasons why Emperor Hao’s expression was still ugly. One was that his son shouldn’t be like this. Even if Prince Yi wasn’t his biological son, he was still innocent. If he hadn’t beaten him at his own game, this child wouldn’t have been born. All along, he had actually felt a little guilty towards Prince Yi.

Secondly, he didn’t know how to deal with the aftermath for his son. If Prince Yi died, his son would have a reputation of harming his brother. Even if he said Prince Yi wasn’t his child, it wouldn’t help. He might even be mistaken for making up such a lie to clear his son’s name.

He knew that he didn’t have any other sons.

It was difficult to shut up the mouths of the people if it was not crippled.

He could only hope that Prince Yi would wake up.

Everything would be fine after he woke up. He could just treat it as if the child was still young and insensible. Big matters would be reduced to small matters, and small matters would be reduced to smaller matters. Then, it would be over.

Emperor Hao put his hands behind his back and paced back and forth in frustration. They were clearly close to pulling the net, so how could such a thing happen at this time?

Consort Yi saw that Shao Zhongxi had come, but her father had not entered the palace. She felt that it was a little strange, so she cried even more tearfully to Emperor Hao. “Emperor, if Yi is gone, how can I live?”

Emperor Hao listened as if he didn’t hear anything and kept pacing anxiously. Prince Qing, who was watching from the side, felt his heartache, but he could not show it..

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