Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1013 - 1013 What's There to Fear?

1013 What’s There to Fear?

Yuan Zhenggang smiled and said, “Perfected Lord Lin, you’ve guessed it too? That’s right. I gathered the Perfected Lords this time because I have something to discuss with all of you.”

Yuan Zhenggang swept his gaze over them, then said with a solemn expression, “You may have already heard that I discovered a new Chaotic continent! That’s is true. I did discover a new Chaotic continent. In fact, I obtained these Chaotic Black Flames from that continent. I gathered the Perfected Lords this time, because I’d like to ask for the aid of all the Perfected Lords to completely occupy that Chaotic continent for ourselves!”


Everyone was stunned. Lin Feng more or less learned some information previously, and these those Perfected Lords had also obtained some information.

However, hearing Yuan Zhenggang personally admit that there was indeed a new Chaotic continent now, everyone was still incomparably shocked. Their minds went blank.

What did a new Chaotic continent signify?

It signified infinite resources, countless top-grade Chaotic prime crystals, and all kinds of rare treasures. In short, a Chaotic continent was an endless source of wealth.

However, some people were very clear-headed, so they asked cautiously, “If it’s really a new Chaotic continent, why didn’t Perfected Lord Yuan excavate it yourself? Why would you spread the news?”

That’s right. Everyone also sobered up. If they asked themselves honestly and put themselves in his shoes, what would they do if they were the ones who discovered a new Chaotic continent?

They would definitely monopolize it themselves.

An excavated Chaotic continent was completely different from an unexplored Chaotic continent. For example, the Incendium Continent and the Hallowed Beast Continent had actually been excavated. Lin Feng had gathered the resources of the entire Hallowed Beast Continent, but how many top-grade Chaotic prime crystals had he collected?

They were even less than those from a small Chaotic prime crystal mine in the Skywood Continent.

As long as there were Chaotic prime crystal mines in a new Chaotic continent, there would be thousands or even tens of thousands of top-grade Chaotic prime crystals. How great would the benefits be?

Forget about Perfected Lords, even Perfected Deities would fight for it at all costs. Why would they spread the news, and even ask other Perfected Lords to share it?

This did not make sense.

Hearing this, Yuan Zhenggang could only let out a long sigh and smile helplessly. “How can I not want to monopolize this great opportunity? In fact, in the past few thousand years, I’ve spent generously, and even cultivated a second divine ability. That’s a body tempering divine ability. Has no one noticed anything?”

“Could this be a cultivation resource you purchased with the top-grade Chaotic prime crystals from that Chaotic continent?”

Everyone was surprised. Divine abilities were divided into Rule tempering divine abilities and body tempering divine abilities. Rule tempering divine abilities were one thing. As long as one could comprehend the Chaotic Rules and study them to a profound level, they could successfully cultivate them.

As for the body tempering divine abilities, they would consume a large amount of cultivation resources. It was practically “burning money”. Look at Lin Feng, for instance. If he did not have a large amount of top-grade Chaotic prime crystals, how could he cultivate the Spirit Flame Hallowed Body to the adept level?

Hence, no one would believe that Yuan Zhengang did not consume a large amount of cultivation resources to successfully cultivate a body tempering divine ability from nothing.

Perfected Lord Yuan nodded and said, “That’s right. I’ve been secretly mining the top-grade Chaotic prime crystals in the Chaotic continent, and I’ve also benefited greatly. Originally, I wanted to keep mining, but there’s no such thing as an impenetrable wall. A few days ago, I found out that a caravan had actually discovered that Chaotic continent. Even though I paid a huge price to seal that Chaotic continent with a divine array, since it was discovered, the other party would definitely get the Perfected Deities behind it to come over. When the divine array is broken, wouldn’t the Perfected Deities know everything?”

Everyone understood. So this was the case.

Of course, there was another way, and that was for Yuan Zhenggang to use the exact location of the Chaotic continent as information. If he sold it to the Secret Tower, he could also obtain a considerable sum of top-grade Chaotic prime crystals.

However, Yuan Zhenggang was clearly unwilling to accept this. He had discovered the Chaotic continent first, and he had to give it away just like that?

All the Perfected Lords fell silent. They were overwhelmed with emotions and incomparably excited.

How could they not be excited about a new and unexplored Chaotic continent? Even if Yuan Zhenggang had mined it for thousands of years, Yuan Zhenggang was just one person. Forget about thousands of years, even if he mined it for tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years, he would not be able to mine much.

Many Perfected Deities had mined a Chaotic continent for tens of thousands of years after occupying it, and still had a lot of reserves left, never mind a mere Perfected Lord.

Hence, the resources and wealth represented by this new Chaotic continent were enough to tempt even a Perfected Deity.

However, there was a very realistic question. Which caravan had discovered that new Chaotic continent?

“Later, I investigated. It should be the Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce in Holy City Styx!”

A trace of solemnity appeared on Perfected Lord Yuan’s face. Clearly, this Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce was not simple.

“What? The Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce?”

“If it’s the Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce, things will be troublesome.”

Even Perfected Lord Long had a solemn expression.

“What’s so special about this Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce?”

Lin Feng had only been in the holy city of Chaos for a short period of time. He did not even have a comprehensive understanding of the factions in Holy City Primum Mobile, let alone other holy cities of Chaos.

Perfected Lord Long explained, “The Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce is a medium-sized chamber of commerce in Holy City Styx. There are a total of two Perfected Deities in that chamber of commerce, and they are Perfected Deity Thousand Star and Perfected Deity All Desire. They both have considerable influence in Holy City Styx, and have more than 50 top-notch Perfected Lords under their command. As for ordinary Perfected Lords, there are countless. If the Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce finds out about that new Chaotic continent, I’m afraid things will get difficult.”

“That’s right. The Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce controls more than ten Chaotic continents directly. Even ordinary Perfected Deities do not dare to compete with the Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce.”

At the thought of the power of the Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce, the other Chaotic Perfected Lords all became dejected, and basically gave up. Although the Chaotic continent had countless resources, one had to be alive to excavate them.

It was rumored that the Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce also possessed a secret technique to annihilate perfected spirits. It could kill every one of them with certainty. Under normal circumstances, after a Perfected Lord died, although they needed to reincarnate and cultivate again, they at least still had a chance.

If even their perfected spirit was destroyed, they would really be annihilated, and would never have another chance.

“Oh? How are these two Perfected Deities compared to Perfected Deity Fortune, Perfected Deity Absolutist, and Perfected Deity Mystic Spirit?” Lin Feng suddenly spoke, his tone sharp and revealing powerful confidence.

“Hahaha, everyone, this is why I invited Perfected Lord Lin. So what if it’s the Thousand Star Chamber of Commerce? So what if there are two Perfected Deities? Perfected Lord Lin is the top Perfected Lord, who retreated unscathed from the hands of three Perfected Deities, and even killed Perfected Deity Fortune who was above his level! What is there to be afraid of?”

Yuan Zhenggang threw his head back and laughed aloud, revealing a trace of madness in his eyes.

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