Back In Time: I Choose To Love You

Chapter 193 - Had Misunderstood

Chapter 193: Had Misunderstood


Lin Nan nodded his head at Auntie Sun with food in his mouth to show his agreement!

Fu Zhen looked at the absent-minded Si Mi beside him and picked some food for her. He asked, “What’s wrong? Is today’s food not to your liking?”

Si Mi shook her head and stared at Fu Zhen. After a few breaths, she said dejectedly, “No! Auntie Sun’s cooking is very delicious!”

“Then what’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?” Shang Yu asked from the side.

Si Mi shook her head and silently ate her rice! She couldn’t possibly say that she was suspicious of Fu Zhen’s true intention for this ‘surprise’ and suspected that her husband Fu Zhen had some first love or childhood sweetheart that she didn’t know about!

Moreover, Fu Zhen seemed to have a lot on his mind these few hours! Hmph! If Fu Zhen really had some other white moonlight that she didn’t know about, then she would... she would bite Fu Zhen to death! With this thought in mind, Si Mi mistook the chicken wing in her mouth for Fu Zhen and bit down hard!

Fu Zhen only felt a chill on his back. He slightly adjusted his posture. There was a gust of wind behind him, so he blocked it for Si Mi!

Lin Nan did not know that his hard-earned poetic charm had made Si Mi start to doubt Fu Zhen’s intentions! Other people would do anything for their brothers. He did not do anything for his brother, but it was almost the same!

After dinner, the sun had reached its most vicious point. Shang Yu suggested that they take a break and go out to enjoy the scenery later! Everyone agreed unanimously, especially Lin Nan. He had driven for several hours and was complaining about how tired he was!

Fu Zhen held Si Mi’s hand and wanted to go back to the room, but Si Mi still wanted to sit under the porch to enjoy the breeze and let Fu Zhen go up first! Fu Zhen really went up alone. Si Mi looked at his back and silently bit her teeth!

The air was pretty good. After sitting alone for about ten minutes, Si Mi sighed helplessly and sighed at herself. She was getting into a dead-end again. She could tell Fu Zhen if she had any small emotions... What was the use of sulking here alone? Fu Zhen did not know and he was probably lying on the bed and sleeping soundly!

Si Mi stood up and turned to go upstairs. She was going to sleep as well. Although it was spacious and comfortable when she slept in the car just now, how could it be as comfortable as a bed?

She went upstairs, she was afraid that Fu Zhen was already asleep, so she walked very lightly. When she passed by Lin Nan’s room, she suddenly heard Fu Zhen’s voice through the half-closed door. She stopped and was about to knock on the door... but she heard Lin Nan’s words!

“Are you still thinking about the past?” Lin Nan said.

Fu Zhen leaned against the chair and sighed softly. “No.”

Lin Nan obviously didn’t believe him. “Then why are you so sad for so long? I thought you were still thinking about that little girl?”

Fu Zhen looked up at him and didn’t say anything.

“You can’t be! Sister-in-law is still here! Isn’t it a bit too much for you to be thinking about someone else?”

“If you don’t know, then don’t talk nonsense with your mouth open!” Fu Zhen glared at him and spoke helplessly.

Lin Nan knew some things about his past. He had once spent his nightmarish childhood in a village not far from the parking maple platform! He had also heard Fu Zhen talk about the little angel who had saved him from danger. It was one of the few things that Fu Zhen had talked about in front of them after drinking!

“Although! That little angel is a cute and kind person, and she also saved you once!” Lin Nan looked at Fu Zhen with his eyes wide open. “But you don’t have to think about her for so many years, do you? Oh my god! Don’t tell me you, Fu Zhen, still love her!”

Fu Zhen looked at him helplessly and exhaled heavily. Only then did he hold back the thought of beating him up. “I want to remember her for the rest of my life! What’s wrong? What do you care? You’re a bachelor for ten thousand years!”

Lin Nan’s gaze was fierce. He went up and started to fight with Fu Zhen jokingly! The two of them didn’t seem to be more than three years old. They completely didn’t notice Si Mi’s arrival. Naturally, they also didn’t notice Si Mi’s departure!

Si Mi slowly walked into the room as if she had lost her soul! Fu Zhen’s words kept flashing through her mind. He said that he wanted to remember that girl for the rest of his life! In his heart, he wanted to remember her for the rest of his life!

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