MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 909 The End

Rudra found out about the seeds inside his own body about a year after Naomi's death. It was during a casual inspection of the cosmos using his galactic eyes that he noticed two bulging concentrations of mana inside his own kidneys.

A very interesting and heated conversation with Gaia followed, where Rudra questioned her loyalty towards him to have not informed him of this procedure performed by the unnamed god for all these months.

The seeds were peculiar because even with his galactic eyes Rudra could not figure out what exactly they were as inspection spells failed whenever he tried to use them.

Rudra thought about cutting them out, however Gaia vehemently opposed that idea and after a lot of back and forth with his A.I. Rudra accepted the idea of letting the seed stay in his body.

Rudra knew that the seeds were definitely a great treasure and for them to be planted in his body meant that there were grander schemes waiting for him, in which he was a participant not by will but by construction.

Earth had changed a lot in the past year, and Rudra was finally starting to smile again as the toddlers were finally learning to speak small words and learn how to walk.

A disturbing problem had presented itself when Max was labelled as ' manaless ' by the world when he got a F- rated class by the queen's assessment in a very public and humiliating ceremony.

The good thing was that he seemed to have broken things off with his witch off a girlfriend, however the bad thing was that following the humiliation Max decided to move out of the upside and start living on his own.

It pained Rudra to see his brother be so depressed and down in life, however he had faith in the teachings of his father and mother and knew that hardships would build character for Max and someday his brother would shine like the genius he was meant to be.

Secretly however Rudra kept looking for a cure to rid Max off his manaless status by somehow reviving his collapsed mana veins, as while the world did not know about the circumstances which led to Max becoming the way that he was, but Rudra did.


It was the cursed incident all those years ago when Max jumped into Rudra's cultivator pod that his mana veins collapsed, an incident for which Rudra blamed himself till this day.

Despite his best efforts, he had been unsuccessful in finding a cure till now, even after being willing to trade the earth's special destroyer class battleships , he found no-one with a cure to Max's problem.

This was the absolute best that Rudra could do, as any more would need him to be gone from the solar system for extended amounts of time, and undertake an adventure himself.

It was not a risk that Rudra was willing to take at the moment, as it was a huge security risk for the entire planet should he leave.

The True Elites guild was slowly taking shape inside Sigma, and Karna was leading them brilliantly having already formed a headquarters in a distant alien planet.

However despite the true elites guild having a tier 4 Karna to lead them, the overall strength of planet earth as a whole remained pitiful.

There were only 4 tier 4 warriors total, two belonging to the True Elites guild, Karna and Neatwit while the other two being ' Angel ' from dark faction and Master Of Chaos, an ex-elite turned mercenary in Sigma.

This meant that earth's defenses and overall strength without Rudra was absolutely pitiful and even a few pirate groups could ravage the planet without Rudra present to defend its borders.

Earth now operated a fleet of 13 destroyer ships and had reconstructed 2 of the fallen pirate frigates to have a total of 15 ships for defending the planet, which was quite the over-kill as it was technically enough to protect a dozen planets.

However, with the men and women handling the ships still being weak, there was always uncertainty about performance when facing an actual war.

Overall Earth and earthlings had a lot more respect and standing in the universe than they deserved due to the legend of shakuni the undefeated, and although relative peace covered the planet since the first awakening, humans from earth had been involved in a lot of fights across Sigma universe.

There was a strong beleif amongst earthlings that war was the best way to improve after studying the life of Shakuni the human God, and their passion for participating in wars earned the humans from planet #H2047 the nickname ' Warheads '.

It was said that #H2047 was a planet of mad war loving humans run by a mad war loving leader.


( A different iteration of Omega )

It was a casual day in office for Rudra, as he studied the political alliances of the universe when he got a feed message from Gaia telling him that he has watchable feed from a new iteration of Omega.

Rudra was immediately intrigued as he permitted Gaia to show him the feed as nostalgia flooded him with the first scenery of Purplehaze City.

It was the Purplehaze city of the old, one run by King Cervantez back in the day, with his impudent kid Aman still roaming around and the bas**** mage Rahim still in office.

Everything looked about the same except for the fact that the temple situated inside the inner district was not just of the goddess of light beniogre but beside her temple stood an equally magnificent temple of the god of humans.

Rudra chuckled as goosebumps arose on his skin when he looked at his own legacy.

The priest of his temple was actually a holy knight who was clad in full armour with what looked to be an imitation of the grim reaper around his waist.

There were many who came to pray in the temple of the human God, and when Rudra looked at the sculpture situated at the heart of the temple he got a shiver sent down his spine once more.

It was a statue that was a spitting image of himself in battle, the sculptor having captured his intensity and posture perfectly, as he was clad in full armour with both his swords in his hands and in a wierd slashing pose.

While those praying might not understand the secret behind this pose , Rudra himself knew exactly what it was.

It was the pose of the moment where he severed Lucifer's arm and freed the other god's from their prison.

,m Rudra was admiring his own beauty when he heard a prayer from one of the followers kneeling infront of his statue, the prayer going something like this

" O lord Shakuni, the undefeated, the god of humans, the dragon Slayer , the savior of thol village , the first cultivator, the breaker of limits, the legendary demon Slayer, the powerhouse, the history maker , the SUPREME OVERLORD , and the GOD OF WAR , please heed the prayer of this petty human kneeling before you today.

Just like yourself, I am a human trying to scale the heavens but unlike you I donot have allies to help me scale this journey.

Please accept me within your church and protect me as your own".

Rudra chuckled hearing the prayer as he watched closely to see if anything happened within Omega , and indeed it did as golden light shone over the praying mans body as a grey wolf crest was burnt over his forehead signalling the mark of the Human God.

The man seemed elated beyond words as he cried and profousely thanked Rudra, his actions causing Rudra to feel a bit odd as for the first time ever he realised just the kind of legacy he had left inside Omega for the future iterations to see.

Looking back now , it was indeed a wild-ride, however he and his elites had definitely left a legacy worthy of making the entire universe tremble for generations to come.

Feeling pumped by this recap, Rudra felt a passion to be re-lit inside his belly that had been extinguished over the past year.

The fire that had burnt raging hot during his Omega days and a fire he thought would never be lost.

It was the fire of self-improvement and the fire to stand at the top of the universe.

Having stayed in his office for so long Rudra had not entered Sigma even once for playing the game since the first awakening, his only entry being the war he fought with Raxa a year ago.

He had simply not felt like entering, and the burdens of protecting earth made him unable to act rowdily, as a result he had stagnated in growth over the past one year not even accumulating a single strand of EXP.

However, watching this scene Rudra refound his passion for gaming as he was reminded of his true identity..... That of a mad gamer!

He had laid dormant for too long, but the time to remain sulking in his office was over!

It was time to return to the gaming world and remind the universe of who exactly Shakuni Of The Elites was!

With a wide grin on his face Rudra mouthed the words " Log Into Sigma ! ".

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