Re-Birth of a Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 9: First Contract

Sam slowly started trekking the volcano slowly. The surface is so hot that the sweat itself is vaporizing into thin air as soon as it came out of the pores. But Sam kept on going. Because the higher he got the more crows he saw near the volcano, this only made him believe that there is something really wrong. Because no normal crow can survive near a volcano much less flying towards the mouth of the volcano. Then if these crows are not ordinary, then should be magical beasts. And if a whole flock of these crows are there together and nobody in the village has never paid any attention to it. That is something unnatural. That is the reason Sam is trying to find out.

Sam finally entered the smog that covered the mouth of the volcano. When he entered the smog his didn't blur on the contrary what he saw made him almost lose his grip. The volcano mouth is not as near as he expected. It is still far away and what made him even more shocked is the mountain from now on doesn't have any slope. It is almost like a straight wall. Sam took a deep breath and continued his hike. But after sometime he can't bear the temperature. His body is tempered by cultivating the 'Myriad beast bloodline' technique in order to bear the pressure from the bloodline from the beasts but he still can't continue. So, he finally gritted his teeth and sub-consciously started the cultivation technique. Suddenly he felt that the temperature around him has elevated a lot. Realizing this Sam saw hope and again continued his journey. But after another hundred meters of climbing he started feeling immense pressure bearing down up on him and again his journey slowed down. But Sam didn't stop he cultivated furiously and carried on. Finally, almost when it is noon Sam reached top. On the top there were hundreds of crows. All the crows are as Sam expected Level-1 beasts. Their eyes are fiery red and their feathers are just like normal crow feathers but their colour is a bit different as they had a reddish hue for them on their black colour. Sam finally realized what these are. They are fire crows. But according to the knowledge he learnt from the 'Beastuary' they shouldn't be here. That is the reason Sam didn't even think in that direction. But reality proved him wrong. These beasts which are higher grade species that are not supposed to exist in this mortal realm are here. Sam finally understood one thing; he took the right path. He felt a bit excited and a rare smile appeared on his face as he slowly moved towards the edge of the mouth. But scene in front of him is not as he expected. There is an orb which is glowing with vigour like a brilliant sun is present in centre of the lava pool. But another thing that surprised him is that the depth of the volcano. The depth inside the volcano is very small compare to outside. Sam almost climbed 4000 metres but inside the volcano the depth is only 500 metres. This contrast made him stupefied. 'If it isn't for the heat waves from the lava pool, I would have suspected it is an illusion. Sam thought as he leapt inside the mouth of the volcano and landed on the bank which is very small that it could barely sufficient for a single person to stand. He took a deep breath that almost made his lungs get fried. He then observed the orb which is in the size of an elephant. With that brilliance there seemed to be something that is sleeping.

While Sam is observing the orb, on his house the uninvited guests are discussing about him.

"Brother, do we really need to stay here and take him with us. He doesn't seem to like us that much." Paul asked Philip. He is a bit afraid to be with Sam.

"What do you think Haley?" Philip asked Haley with a smile as if he didn't hear Paul at all.

Right now, Haley is looking through all the papers in work room where Sam usually makes the clothes. She stopped up on interruption and looked towards Philip. "I need to make a deal with him. Even if you guys leave, I am staying here." She replied with her indifferent tone. Both Marvin and Paul were puzzled. "What deal do you want to make?" Paul asked curiously. But all he got was a glare in reply.

"Okay Haley cool down alright. I know you want to ask him to make dresses for you. You don't have to make Paul nervous if you don't want to say it." Philip interrupted as he laughed.

"Humph." All he got in reply is a snort as turned her gaze away towards the papers.

"I don't think Sam is that much of an irritating person. I think he is just irritated about something that is why he is behaving like that." Marvin said from the side.

"I think so too. Let's wait we don't have anything to do anyway." Philip said as he sat down and started cultivating.

Meanwhile Sam is still observing the orb. After observing for so long he realized that there is a bird which seemed to be in a state of sleep. Sam just understood that his thinking is absolutely correct. So, he went through the 'Myriad Beast Bloodline' technique and revised how to make a contract. Then he started making various hand symbols while circulating his spiritual energy according to technique then a complex looking rune emerged from his glabella. Suddenly the bird in the orb started giving off a reaction. Then the orb brightened and the very next second it dimmed then a majestic looking bird appeared. And same complex rune appeared from the bird. And suddenly the blood came from bird and Sam at same time which spread along the Rune. Then the runes exchanged and merged into each other's body and disappeared. And a loud sound came from the bird. "CAWWW". All the fire crows prostrated as a sign of respect. Then the bird looked at Sam and it cawed again.

"Caw Caw Caw " but Sam heard another thing.

"Greetings young master." This sound came in his mind. Which made Sam dumbstruck.

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