Re-Birth of a Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 35: Black Meteorite Sand

After Sam was done with the book in the library, he walked back to the accommodation, but he was blocked by someone at the entrance. He looked at the person who blocked him and he didn't recognise him at all. So, he just ignored him and went around him.

"Stop right there." The person who blocked him shouted, but Sam didn't even care at all.

"If you don't stop right now, you are going to regret it." He shouted again and again didn't get anything in response other than the door slamming sound. He just gritted his teeth and turned around cursing under his breath.

Sam entered the Divine dimension and was now in library. He walked through the racks and then finally halted in front of the rack. The rack consisted of several divine wills. This the ore encyclopaedia. The rack consisted of the divine wills which have information about the ores available in the world. This info includes the material properties, rank of the material and as well as the availability of the material etc. Sam absorbed the divine will and then sat cross legged to digest the information.

Meanwhile at the accommodations of the third-year students, the guy who blocked Sam earlier is standing in front of another third-year student obediently and said.

"He is too over-bearing boss. He didn't even bother to listen what I have to say and just treated me as if I was thin air. He is way too arrogant."

"So, what if he was adept in various professions, does he not know who my father is? My father is the rank 2 Pill master. Does he really think that the Artisan and Pill master are same? Pill master has contacts with all types of power houses, healers and anything that had to do with the medicine. I think he doesn't know what is good for him. Watch over him and tell me when he gets out of the house. I will teach him some manners myself." The guy snorted as he spoke in an irritating manner. The lackey who reported the news just stayed silent as he slowly made his way out. Then he spoke in under his breath. "This freshman is going to have a hard time. Last time this jerk Albert used his father's status and almost ruined a girl's life and now he is trying to push around a genius freshman."

At this moment the guy named Albert who bragged about his father being a Pill master is thinking about how to make use of Sam. He doesn't know what his father might actually think if he knew this.

Just like in Artisan tower, the Pharmaceutical tower also has multiple professions and they are Pill master, Healer and the Potion master. Since, these guys usually deal with the medicine and health of the cultivators they really have a certain high standing in the society than the other professions. But this time Albert might have foolishly estimated this value to be too high. As for why…..

Next day morning. Sam finally came out from the Dimension. He spent almost eight hours' worth of time of outside world in the tower and that means he spent more than three days inside the tower only digesting the information. He has a slight head ache as he walked out to the living room. Just then someone came to his house and that is none other than the Principal of the Academy. Sam looked at him a little surprised as he didn't expect him to come this early.

"Honourable Principal, do you not know what privacy is?"

"The door is not locked." The Principal replied expressionlessly and made himself comfortable as he sat on a chair. Sam walked over and sat on a chair opposite to him and said.

"Anyway, what do you want that you came early this morning?" Sam asked directly.

"Do you have any manners? Can't you be more respectful towards the academy principal?" The principal was displeased by Sam's behaviour. Sam raised an eyebrow and said in nonchalant tone.

"I am not here to study. I am here only as part of the business deal. You didn't even uphold your side of the deal even after a day is passed since I last visited the academy and you have gall to ask manners from me using your status. Where are my spirit stones? We can talk about manners after you made the payment." Sam didn't leave any face and directly asked for payment.

Principal felt his eyebrows twitching. "You know, any student will be honoured that I came to their place and you are talking like this. Are we going to have a proper conversation?"

"We can talk after you pay up." Sam didn't budge. He really didn't want to have a conversation with this man. Because, he knew that the Principal himself is the one who leaked the info of him joining the academy. Why was he so sure? Because, the Principal is the strongest of all people in the city and who dares to spy on him to eaves drop the conversation much less leak it to public.

Then Why did he do it? Simple. He just wanted to make whole city known as soon as Sam agreed to make sure that he didn't go back on his words. A second rank Artisan is going back on his words. How shameful would that be?

"I will pay you up afterwards. First, I want to talk to you about something. In two weeks, we are going to the Count city which is the 'Falcon Cliff City'. I want you to prepare everything and get ready to go. You may not come back for a while if you get selected."

"Okay. What else?"

"Well, I want to have a business deal with you"

"Oh, what do you want?" Sam became alert as soon as he heard the words business. Principal really wanted to bash up his head as soon as he saw Sam's change in attitude.

"I want a rank 2 weapon made by you." Sam raised his eyebrow as he looked at him.

"Are you sure?"

"what do you mean 'are you sure'? the principal is starting to get irritated.

"I am expensive."

"How much? I need a spear made of Fire steel. I will provide the material and you only have to make it."

"Spear with fire steel?" Sam started to think and he finally gave a reply. "10,000 spirit stones." Principal immediately became angry.

"Do you really think I am stupid. How can a spear cost that much which is at rank 2? And I am giving you the materials."

"That's my price. If you don't it you don't have to agree."

"Hmph. Ii would be a fool to agree." He then stood up and turned towards the door and started walking. Just before he was about to open the door, he turned back and said.

"In two weeks', time, the team will be moving to 'Falcon Cliff city'. There will be ten members in the team and you are already one of them. The rest of the team will be decided in a few days. Get ready before the time is up." He finished and opened the door, just before he was about to step outside.

"Wait." Sam called him from behind. Principal has a smug smile as he turned around. He really wanted to give Sam a hard time now that he has something to ask. But as soon as he heard the next words, he immediately wanted to hit himself.

"You haven't paid me yet." Sam said as he stretched his hand and demanded. Principal gritted his teeth and took out a spatial ring and tossed it towards Sam. Then he turned around and left. He really just wants to get out of this place right now.

Sam counted the spirit stones with a satisfied expression. Then he turned towards another room and shouted. You can come out now. Then Philip along with Marvin came out.

They both had embarrassed expressions. They both came early in the morning and saw that Sam is not in his bed room. So, they went into another room to look for him and then they heard someone coming in. When they saw it was principal, they thought something serious happened and were afraid, then they saw Sam suddenly come out of the room and felt shocked. They don't know how Sam came from the room. After some thinking they left the thought on the back of their minds and was waiting for principal to leave in order to play a prank on Sam. They really wanted to see this serious guy getting fl.u.s.tered once. But they didn't expect Sam to sense them. So, they just came outside and gave an awkward smile.

Then as though he remembered something Philip spoke. "Sam, so you came to school because, the Principal hired you to participate in the Count city." He was quite surprised when he heard this. After all, most people would die for the opportunity and here Sam is extorting money to take the opportunity. He really wants know how courageous Sam could be.

"Leave the matter alone. How long is there for the next monthly auction of your family?" Sam ignored Philip's question and directly asked him.

"Well, in one week. Why are you asking?" Philip replied.

"I have something to sell this time." Sam replied as he started thinking. Just then another person came inside the house. This time it is Jack and Shawn is not with him this time. Sam gestured him to sit down and turned towards Philip and Marvin.

"You better be careful. I heard that Albert has eyes on you. His father is a pill master and he is used to bully the juniors. He might try to get some benefits from you since you are an Artisan. So, you might want to stay away from him. He is after all the son of the Pharmaceutical tower head. Even though his father has to give face to you since you are of similar ranks, this Albert is stupid and is still in a delusion that his father has higher status than you. He is at novice stage. That is why I am warning you. We will take our leave then." Philip said as he stood up and started walking along with Marvin.

When Sam heard of the Albert guy, he really wasn't afraid. After all, even though the rank 2 Artisans have to give face to rank 2 Pill masters and Healers, Sam didn't have to do that. Because his age is of key factor. How old is Sam? 15. How old are the rank 2 Artisans? So, the respect is not for Sam's rank rather it was to his potential. Not only that. What is Sam's cultivation level? Level 3 Acolyte. At this stage normal cultivators will only have an apprentice level in any profession because, they don't dare to attempt the exam until they are at late stage. That is because at the late stage, the chances are high to pass as the energy level is high. Sam quickly came out of his thoughts and then looked at Jack who sat there and looking at him.

"So, what kind of sword do you want?"

"First take a look at the material." Jack said and then took out a large leather bag and placed in front of Sam. Then he opened the pouch and showed the material.

Sam was quite surprised to see the material as he saw the huge amount of Black metallic sand and touched it to inspect it. "Black meteorite sand" Sam said unconsciously. Jack nodded as he smiled.

"It is indeed the black meteorite sand." Sam was surprised after hearing the confirmation. The black meteorite sand is one of the best materials that are available to make a weapon and that is not the best part. The best part is that the sand doesn't have a specific rank. Not only this any meteorite sand doesn't have a specific rank. Because the rank of the material increases as the time passed. The meteorite sand starts at rank 1 and increases its rank as it absorbs the spiritual energy.

Even after it was forged into a weapon or articraft, it would improve along with the cultivator who formed a bond with it. If there is no cultivator particularly supplying the spiritual energy the process would be slow but that would not stop it from improving and even this is not the main part, the main advantage is that anything that is made of the meteorite sand will nurture a spirit after it was nurtured to a certain level. The weapons or articrafts with spirit are very powerful than any weapon of the same rank. That is the reason the meteorite sands are highly sought after particularly when they are in lowest stage. Because if they are at the lowest stage cultivators can refine them with their own spiritual energy until they attain spirit which will make the bond between weapon easier.

If anyone from knew that Jack is showing the Black meteorite sand to Sam, then there would be chaos in the whole Starwood city. His status as the pseudo rank 2 Artisan genius, as youngest inscription master will not be of any help at all. The warriors and Artisans would go to any means to get their hands on this material.

Now, this material is in hands of an Acolyte. He felt chills just thinking of the consequences. He looked at Jack and didn't speak anything. After a few moments of silence, Jack spoke up.

"I know it would be dangerous task but I think you are the only one suitable to do this. I can't trust anyone to keep the secret of the valuable material."

"You trust me?" Sam asked with a surprised expression. After all, they only knew each other for two days and only spent less than 12 hours together. It is hard to trust a human in this short time. At least, Sam believed he can't trust someone in that short time frame.

Jack shook his head and said. "I don't trust you, but I trust my intuition. My intuition is telling me that you are a guy who can be trusted to make a deal." Sam just nodded his head and didn't speak at all. Then after some silence he spoke. "what is the deal?"

"You make the best sword you can make with your current abilities and I will pay you."

"what is the payment then?"

"The rest of the Black meteorite sand is yours." As soon as he finished speak, the air around seemed to turn still. The words repeated themselves in Sam's head. The payment is not what he expected.

"Are you sure?" Sam asked to confirm he didn't hear it wrong. Jack nodded and said.

"I don't have any use for the sand right now. This will only be a burden for me. The price is not only for the processing but also for the secret you have to maintain in order to not implicate us."

Sam pondered for a while after Jack finished his words. He is not pondering whether to accept the deal or not. He is pondering on what to do with the remaining sand. He smiled and stood up. He looked at Jack and said.

"I will do it. But this is not the right place. We have to do it in the most secret place. Let's go." Sam said as he became energetic. He really can do a lot of things with the meteorite sand. So, he is quite enthusiastic to work on it as soon as possible.

Soon both of them came to the Artisan tower. Sam met with the tower head.

"Are my equipment ready?" Sam asked as soon as they met. Tower head's smile froze momentarily. He just wanted to make some small talk with Sam but the other party is not even giving a chance. He felt helpless and answered.

"They are ready a long time ago. Actually, I wanted to send them tomorrow itself, but when I heard that Principal came to your mansion, I thought it would be inappropriate."

"Okay then, send everything now. Install it by afternoon. I have something urgent." Sam said and without waiting for any reply left with Jack after he bought a log of high-quality Starwood.

Both Sam and Jack arrived at the mansion and after sometime later, the staff from the Artisan tower came and Sam showed an empty room in the ground floor to them and instructed how to install them in the room and went back to sit with Jack.

He took out the Starwood and took out a dagger. He started carving as Jack observed him with interest.

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