Re-Birth of a Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 32: Third round over

All the people who heard Sam's words were utterly dumbfounded as they looked at his cold and emotionless face and then looked at the person who is scorched black under his foot. Even though he is alive now, he wouldn't be able to take it for long. He will definitely die if he isn't treated in time. Now, they understood why Philip said so many times to be wary of him.

Mason looked at Sam with his mouth wide open. 'It is really our luck that he doesn't have patience to deal us one at a time. That is why he is using the traps. If he took it up on himself and started hunting the seniors one by one patiently, we would have been in even more trouble other than worrying about winning the competition.' He thought as gulped hard.

The most shocked is still the noble kids. They really didn't expect Sam's strength to be that great. They were now regretting stepping out. The other two middle stage acolytes are already trying to take their tokens and escape. Suddenly, Sam moved and the first person to take the token felt some explosion on back of his head. Under the surprising gazes of everyone present. The senior student fell motionless on the ground and he doesn't even have the faint breath that the first two victims have. 'He is dead.' This is the thought on everyone's mind. Mason soon came out of his daze and came forward and started making hand seals and soon, some vines started sprouting from the ground and coiled along Sam as they tried to tie him up.

Just as Mason was about to give commands to his teammates who were still in daze. He saw a big ball of golden fire burning in the place where Sam stood. After a few seconds all the vines started turning into ashes. Sam came out of the fire and walked towards Melisa and others who are standing out of the hiding place and are watching the fight with awe. He stood in front of them and said.

"Our cooperation ends here. Take the ones who are inside the cave and get out of here. I am not responsible if you got involved in between." He finished and didn't wait for any reply and turned around and started walking.

"Do you need our help?" Shawn asked from behind. Sam halted in his footsteps but didn't look at them and said. "No need." The he walked away again. They watched Sam's back as he walked majestically with a staff in his hand. Soon they came out of daze and started running towards the cave. The seniors just saw the scene and didn't do anything. They are just watching who is still walking towards them.

Sam walked towards a central point in between the group and said nonchalantly as looked around the seniors. "I don't care if you are seniors, I don't care if you are from the noble families or common families. But today I am going to take their heads no matter what." He said as he pointed at the remaining four noble family senior students. The four of them started sweating profusely. They didn't expect the insults they used to provoke Sam would have this much reaction from him. They also felt bit puzzled. They clearly saw Sam only has a cultivation of third stage acolyte. But he has that much power, that he could go toe to toe with a seventh stage acolyte and he might even win with a proper planning and weapons.

"If any of you got any objections you can also join the fight. But remember one thing. If you join the fight make sure I am dead today. Otherwise, even if you leave, I will make sure to pay you back later." Sam continued with same nonchalant expression. Just as all the seniors were hesitating Sam moved suddenly and appeared beside another guy who is in the middle stage acolyte and broke his arm.

*Crack* "AHHHHHHHHHHH" a blood curling scream came from the guy. He is one of the first seven who provoked Sam, when they saw him, they noticed that there is the token in his hand. Sam has broken his hand because he wanted to escape. Sam threw the guy away and stood there and looked at the seniors who aren't part of the conflict. All of them took a step back under his cold gaze. Even Mason felt hesitant about helping the others. His instinct told that even if they could kill Sam now by ganging up on him, they had to pay a terrible price, which might even cripple or even kill many of them.

Carl looked the scene as the other seniors are all backing down with fear apparent on his face. Just then he thought of an idea. "If you guys don't help me now, all of you will be enemies of all the noble family descendants. If we make it out of here alive, I will take revenge on all your families." Just as he finished his words all the seniors who were about leave stopped in their tracks. Meanwhile the people who fell unconscious due to Sam's trap also woke up.

Sam turned towards the cave and saw that no one is there. So, he heaved a sigh and looked at all the seniors who are around him. Including the people who just woke up there are around twenty-three people around him and eight of them are at late stage acolytes out of which six of them are at seventh stage and two of them are at the eighth stage. The two are precisely Mason and Dorman. Sam noticed Dorman's clothes and looked at him with a questioning look.

Dorman understood and said. "I am from the Evergreen family. We don't want to have a conflict with you. So, I will just stay at side." As he spoke, he and three middle stage acolytes moved to the side. The rest of the crowd except Mason all surrounded Sam with dejected expressions. Sam then looked at Mason.

Mason shook his head and spoke as he matched Sam's gaze. "Can we drop this? It is not good for any of us if the conflict blows out proportions." He tried to mediate. He knew that he can't convince these noble kids. So, he tried his luck with Sam. But he was disappointed looking at Sam's expression. Then he just looked at the seniors who came from the common families and said. "You guys can step back. You have nothing to with this." As soon as he said this the rest of the seniors who were threatened by Carl earlier, took a step back and heaved a sigh in relief. Even Carl was gritting his teeth and didn't have anything to say. Technically, Mason is not a noble. But his father is responsible for the security of the city and he reports directly to the superior of the City lord. So, he didn't dare directly antagonize him.

As soon as Mason took his stand, Sam moved. He was like a phantom as he moved around the seniors and touched them. The four seniors were caught off guard. There are 4 of them, but none of them was able to catch Sam or block him, he was like a ghost and his presence seemed to disappear. They noticed that his speed also improved so much then previous time.

Right now, Sam is gritting his teeth and completely focused on his and left all the defence off guard. If they could land a hit on him now, they might even win in a single strike. With in few seconds Sam came back to his original place and stood there while sweating profusely. Now, all the seniors already are in attack position. The mages all started making hand seals while the warriors drew their weapons but when they saw what is in Sam's other hand, they felt like their heart dropping. There are a lot of leather pouches in his hand. These are the pouches in which the seniors kept their tokens. Now, they finally understood what Sam was trying to do. He didn't have any intention to attack at all. He is stealing their tokens.

Sam didn't care at all and took out a big leather bag and kept all the pouches in it. Then he took his token from his coat pocket and put them in the leather bag and closed it. Then he threw the bag towards the place he and his teammates hid.

He turned towards the seniors and said. "If anyone want to go out, the other party has to die." Just as he finished, he held his staff and started his attack.

This time the whole staff is glowing in a golden l.u.s.tre and is covered with golden flames. He swung the staff as he hit a senior at Middle stage Acolyte stage. As soon as he landed the hit. The flames covered the certain area as if an explosion occurred. The senior who took the hit only fainted, but his injuries aren't light either. Sam is using the atmospheric spiritual energy for these attacks instead of how he used his own energy to attack earlier when he killed the previous guy. This is to make sure his spiritual energy lasts long. But this method will make him mentally exhausted. When Mason saw Sam's attacks, which became less ruthless he relaxed a little but he still felt a little tension.

He really didn't want Sam or his team mates die in this battle. Because they all are going to be in same academy. That is why, he is standing out of this. If Sam got defeated, he would step and save his life making him owe him. Then he can use his authority over seniors and mediate the dispute. As for Sam winning, he felt that it would be possible and if that happens, he has to stop this by making the seniors step back before things got serious.

But looking at the fight he felt that it was in a deadlock. The seniors weren't able to land a clean hit on Sam, since the beginning due to his extreme speed. But Sam also was having a bit hard time, because of facing three superior cultivators at the late stage acolyte. Even then he is not at disadvantage. The scene looked majestic as Golden flame was flying in all directions with Sam as centre.

*BOOM* Suddenly a fire blast came and hit Sam and he took a few steps back as he tried to defend the attack. He is currently facing two warriors and a mage all at the seventh level Acolyte. Carl is the mage with fire attribute. Out of seven who came at him, he already killed and one and the rest of three fainted, Now, all he has to do is to deal with the three people in front of him and everything will be settled. Sam took a deep breath and looked at the three seniors. He is having a little hard time. Just as he was thinking how to deal with it, Carl spoke.

"You little Bastard. Where is all the arrogance from earlier?" Carl spoke as he blasted another fire ball at Sam. When the flames cleared, they saw Sam standing there with his head down. When he lifted his head up and looked at Carl, his gaze became sinister. He is like a mad man as stored his staff. He then took a weird golden coloured object from the storage and held it in his hand. This is none other than the weapon he made at the Artisan exam. The crescent blades shined with golden l.u.s.tre as it reflected under the sunlight. All the people are looking at it with awe. Even at the viewing platforms all the people are looking at the weapon with puzzlement. Only the people from the Artisan tower are watching it with anticipation. Under the surprised and confused gazes of all, Sam suddenly made his move.

He disappeared from place and he started moving towards Carl with a dangerous aura surrounding him. He is emitting an ice cold killing intent which is complete contrast with the Golden flames he is emitting from the weapon in his hands. Just as he was about to reach Carl, he was attacked from behind. The warrior hit him on his back with his axe. But just as he was about to land the hit. Sam turned around and blocked the attack with the blunt part of his weapon, then he waved his hand and one of the crescent blades was pierced directly in to the warrior's body as he directly pierced it from a spot near the collar bone. When Seniors saw this they all took a step back. The warrior who was pierced can't even let out a scream. When all of them looked at the blade, they noticed that the not a single part of the crescent blade is out. It directly entered the other's body slashing all the internal organs on its way. Blood splashed on Sam's face as he pushed the blade deeper and deeper. When he can't push it anymore. He directly landed a knee kick on the ribs of the warrior.

*Crack* *Crack* *Crack*

Cracking sounds could be heard as Sam kicked continuously with his knees on the ribs of the senior. By now, all the ribs on the one side are broken, when there is no more cracking sound, Sam looked at the senior's face which is filled with pain and hanging on his last breath. He held the weapon tightly and pulled it down completely.

*SLASH* The upper body of the person was slashed in to two as blood and the internal organs which are now in pieces came out along with the broken bone shards. Some of the seniors even puked out at the scene. But Sam didn't even bat an eyelid and then moved towards Carl again. This time, he is not even running, he is just walking step by step. But the other warrior didn't even make a move. Sam stood in front of Carl and immediately slashed at him. Carl finally came out of his daze and tried to dodge his attack. But he failed to and had a deep slash on his chest as blood gushed out.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Carl released a blood curdling scream as he fell to the ground. He looked at Sam with resentment and fear at the same time. He hurriedly aimed at the sky and shot a fire ball. Sam didn't bother by his actions. He just slashed again and this time he aimed at Carl's arm. Just as the blade made contact with the arm. Sam sensed the danger from behind. He abruptly stopped his actions and swung the crescent blade as he hit something. When the object which came towards him made contact with his blade it made a clanking sound and the surrounding wind turned chaotic for a second. Sam looked at the object and saw it was an arrow. He then coldly looked at the direction which it came and saw a guy in white, standing there with a bow in his hand and an arrow nocked on it. He is the wind element mage warrior who was a part of the scout team of the seniors.

He released another arrow at Sam. But this time something unexpected happened. Sam swung his weapon as the arrow appeared and the blade this time slashed the arrow into two. Carl is slowly crawling backwards. He felt lucky that he made a deal with the archer earlier. He then looked for the bag in which Sam kept his token. When he saw where it was, he kept his looks on Sam who is fending off the arrows. He was very careful to not gather his attention. Then suddenly Sam turned towards him and gave him a smirk. He felt a bad premonition.

Sam jumped behind rock to take cover. He then held the weapon as he made the double S symbol face him and looked at it. Right now, the symbol is not straight as it is tilted a little. Wedges on both sides are against the symbol as if they are blocking it from getting straight.

Sam held the weapon by its handle horizontally and made the symbol face upwards. Then he held the symbol with his other hand and straightened it forcefully as it pushed the wedges into the blocks. The crowd around him including Mason is looking at his weird actions in daze. Even the spectators at the viewing platforms are all looking at him.

When he straightened the symbol, the weapon suddenly elongated as two blocks protruded out. The tendon stretched to its limits. Sam then turned the weapon vertically and pulled the tendon which a little. The weapon now like a bow. The spectators all dumbfounded. They didn't expect the melee weapon which suited Sam's ruthless fighting style when he killed the warrior earlier, but when they saw the weapon turning into a bow, they were clearly surprised. Sam took out a ranked arrow and nocked on the bow, then he came out from the hiding and aimed at the archer far away. The spiritual energy turned into a huge sphere at the tip of the arrow, then it suddenly started condensing as if it was being compressed forcefully. Then the small sphere suddenly turned golden colour and brightened. Sam gave a cold smile and released the arrow. The archer on the other side immediately smelled the threat and was about to leave. But the arrow is too fast and when it landed on him leaving a trail of fire on its way. There was a huge explosion and the surroundings all burned to ashes, even some rocks started melting. By the time the explosion was cleared, all they can see is a huge crater in midst of which a burning corpse lay down.

Sam didn't even look twice at the explosion and walked towards Carl who was staring the scene with a dumfounded expression.

He slowly reached to the double S symbol and turned it so, it can change back into its original form. When he finally came in front of Carl and looked deep into his fearful eyes and emitted immense killing intent. He then spoke in a low voice.

"What did you call me earlier? Can you repeat that? I didn't hear it clearly." Everyone finally came out of their stupor and realized what had Sam done. Particularly, Mason is wiping his sweat. He fell in to daze from the point when Sam changed his weapon. The rest of the events happened in a blink of an eye. He looked at Sam, who is emitting an immense killing intent. It is so intense that he could almost smell blood in the air.

Carl peed his pants as he felt the full brunt of Sam's killing intent. He then stuttered. "Cri- Crimson Flame F-family would ne—ever forgive you, I-if you k—kill me." This almost took out all the energy Carl has left. Sam didn't reply and just jabbed the blade directly into the shoulder of Carl which cut half of the joint. Then he grabbed the hand at the wrist and tore the whole arm off from the shoulder.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Carl screamed in agony. The rest of the seniors took a step back and just wanted to stay away. They almost couldn't bear to see the scene. At the spectators viewing platform, the head of the Crimson flame family stood up from his chair as he released a terrifying aura. But Sam didn't know any of it. His full focus was on Carl who is shivering like a leaf as his handsome face was filled with tears and snot. The arrogance from earlier was completely gone.

Sam then jabbed the blade into other shoulder and said. "Come again. I didn't hear you clearly." His cold voice and the sinister smile on his handsome face made him look like a devil in a human form. Carl didn't know what to say. In fact, he didn't dare to say anything.

Sam looked at the pitiful Carl and said coldly. "Do you know what I hate the most?" Carl shook his head. "Someone calling me a bastard." He then tore the other arm off and jabbed the blade in one of the legs at the thigh and pinned it into the ground and proceeded to tear off.


"No oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, noooooooooooo"



Carls screams finally stopped. Not because the pain has stopped, but because he didn't have any energy left to scream. Sam stopped after he tore off all the four limbs. He then stored the weapon and held Carl's leg in his hand. He tore off the flesh and took the bone in his hands, then he broke the bone into half and looked at Carl, who is now lying in a pool of his own blood. Everyone's blood turned cold as they looked at Sam's ruthless actions. They thought that Sam was like a demon from hell. They even forgot that he was a human for once. Then under everyone's gaze, Sam directly pierced the bone's sharp edge into Carl's throat. Carl could only groan in pain as he waited for death to come. He just wanted to die in peace. But his wish didn't come true. He heard Sam's cold voice.

"I hope you will be born dumb in your next life. Otherwise, you will die a dog's death just like now." As finished speaking he slowly spread a golden fire on Carl's body, burning him alive. For the last moment until he lost his life. Carl didn't have a moment of relief as he felt an extreme pain until the final moment. He died with pain and regret filled his eyes as he looked at Sam's eyes which are completely cold and emotionless. Under everyone's gaze Carl turned into ashes.

Sam then turned towards the remaining Warrior from the seven before. He immediately took a knife and slit his throat himself. He felt that suicide is better than suffering Sam's torture. Then Sam's gaze turned towards the four people who fainted previously. They are now dead because of lack of treatment. Then only he relaxed a bit and sat down in meditation. The rest of senior team exchanged glances and then turned towards Mason.

Mason took out his token and broke it without saying a word. The rest of the seniors all followed suit. All the seniors disappeared. Then only Sam left in the ground and an announcement came.

"Third round assessment is completed. Winners are the Freshmen team."

At the same time at viewing platform another loud scream can be heard.


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