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Chapter 2437 - Chapter 2437: The Ghost Realm’s Path of Heaven

Chapter 2437: The Ghost Realm’s Path of Heaven

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Two different consciousnesses were within the same body, and it was time to resolve it.

The black consciousness was produced when he first started cultivating the Netherworld Mind Technique. This divine sense was derived from the power of Qin Yu’s various dark emotions.

However, it might be due to the Netherworld Mind Technique that he unexpectedly had his own consciousness.

Therefore, Qin Yu was often unable to use his full strength. Even though the black Qin Yu was suppressed in his soul acupoints, Qin Yu had to suppress it using part of his strength.

If he did not resolve the problem of this derived consciousness, his future cultivation would encounter even greater restrictions as black Qin Yu grew stronger.

The dark emotion itself was a kind of power of the soul that belonged to Qin

How could a person without emotions of various colors become a complete person?

At this moment, Qin Yu naturally had confidence in doing so.

When he faced Nightmare, he endured the utmost pain of his soul and the power of divine sense crushed and condensed into Soul Spirit Bead. He believed that not many people among all living beings could endure such immense pain.

At that time, if he were to give up, he would probably straightaway choose to die.

However, his father’s strength tightly guarded his origin, and he had no choice but to face this immense agony.

When facing the scholar, Jun Yixian, he underwent reincarnations of a hundred lifetimes, which was the true death of a hundred lifetimes.

Now that the origin of his divine sense had reached an unimaginable level of resilience, black Qin Yu had never experienced this kind of tempering before. Therefore, in this kind of fusion, he was no match for Qin Yu’s power of divine sense.

“You’re courting death. Today, I’ll show you the source of my birth’s power!” The black Qin Yu revealed a weird smile.

The difference between him and Qin Yu was that when the black Qin Yu activated the Soul Torment Mind Technique, the sound of wailing ghosts and howling wolves filled the air nearby.

The voice seemed to have penetrated through space and seeped into reality. Moreover, it was far away and seemed to have come from the deepest depths of the Nine Netherworlds.

In the Sumeru World, the stars suddenly changed.

An inexplicable force was summoned, and the entire Sumeru World suddenly became gloomy.

Yan Ruoxue, Chang Mang, Jue Wu, and the others sent chills down their spines. It seemed to be the real internal qi of the netherworld.

It was different from the power of the human race’s Path of Heaven. The moment it appeared, they could feel its extreme resistance against them.

Its power was even trying to pierce into their souls, looking for loopholes to launch the fatal attacks.

Two enormous dark green doors of light slowly appeared on both sides of the horizon, and then the scene changed. They were a Ghost Gate of Hell, a Bridge of Helplessness, six underworld bureaus, ten Yama palaces, twelve bureaucratic offices, and eighteen levels of hell.

These images were vaguely visible as if the real netherworld descended.

Countless of information revolved in the sky above the Sumeru World. The

dead became ghosts, entered the reincarnation cycle, and joined the six worlds.

It was the end of life and also the beginning. Many people came in a daze with blood on their hands, and many people could only turn around and look

reluctantly. After crossing the Bridge of Helplessness and drinking the Soup of Forgetfulness, there was the first cry of injustice that came after the

reincarnation of six realms. On the Stone of Three Lives, a deep stroke was

carved to remember the debt and the favor that should be repaid.

It was the river of the ghost race’s Path of Heaven. At this moment, this scene contained tens of thousands of information about the ghost race. As the power of the netherworld’s Path of Heaven descended, the power on black Qin Yu’s body rose steadily, and his body was burning with dark flames.

The gloomy, icy-cold nether flames surrounded Qin Yu’s origin, emanating a monstrous power that wanted to refine it.

“You’re right. As long as I accommodate this part of your origin, I can go anywhere without obstacles. The heaven and earth will belong to me in the future! ”

The black Qin Yu revealed a look of greed. He did not hesitate to burn his soul the instant the power of the ghost realm descended. He wanted to fuse with the golden power directly with all his might.

The instant the power of the ghost race’s Path of Heaven was summoned, Qin Yu already knew things were not good.

This power was nearly added to the black Qin Yu’s soul. The power of the black soul was far greater than his, and this situation directly reversed the entire situation.

Even if the Heart of Thunder and the Five Great Emperors unleashed their full power, the golden Qin Yu’s soul was being pushed back steadily.

It was a qualitative change caused by a quantitative change. With the golden Qin Yu’s soul power, its quality was much higher than his.

However, with the power of the ghost realm, it was like a stream meeting a river at the same time.

No matter how much the torrent washed, it failed to create a waterway.

The endless nether fire surrounded the golden power like a giant millstone.

It slowly approached the golden energy and clashed with it.

The direct fusion of divine senses was a life-or-death struggle.

Traces of golden soul power shattered in the terrifying collision and were absorbed into the Black Qin Yu’s soul.

Immortal Emperor Yao stared at the two energies but did not attack.

To him, regardless of black Qin Yu or the golden Qin Yu…

As long as he could achieve his goal, it was all the same.

Moreover, the black Qin Yu seemed to have a deeper understanding of the Soul Torment Mind Technique than the golden Qin Yu.

“Let me tell you something. I can also use your energy!”

When the two powers confronted each other to the utmost, the black Qin Yu pushed his hands forward. The vast power of his soul suddenly split into nearly half and grabbed the Heart of Thunder and the Five Emperor Coins.

The Heart of Thunder and the Five Emperor Coins suddenly froze. This power

was different from the power of the soul that was usually used to refine them.

However, they belonged to the same person. The two magical artifacts stopped functioning.


The moment the magical artifact stopped supporting Qin Yu, half of Qin Yu’s soul was devoured.

The power of his soul was only one-third of what it was previously.

“Thank you for reminding me.”

Qin Yu’s expression was indifferent as the divine sense spirit bead suddenly lit up.

He burst out the last power of the spirit bead, and the Soul Spirit Bead lit up in his sea of consciousness like a morning star.

The extreme power of the soul rushed into the ghost race’s sea of the Path of Heaven. Qin Yu formed a hand seal, and the golden power together with the power of the ghost river gushed out. The target of this attack was Immortal Emperor Yao.

This power was indeed not tremendous, but it triggered Immortal Emperor Yao’s anger instantly.

He felt a familiar power from this Path of Heaven.

It seemed to be a part of the power source of the Coffin of Nine Lifetimes, and this coffin actually suppressed him to the extent he could not resist. Moreover, this power gave him a familiar feeling and was as if torturing him from afar.


Immediately, Immortal Emperor Yao let out a roar that did not sound like a human’s voice. For the first time, his face revealed anger.

His body moved and rushed into the ghost race’s sea of the Path of Heaven, allowing the ghost race’s power to surround him.


He punched at the sea of the Path of Heaven, and almost instantly, the ghost race’s sea of the Path of Heaven shattered like glass.

The black Qin Yu’s soul had stretched to its limit to be able to draw the ghost race’s river of the Path of Heaven..

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