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Chapter 2094 - 2094 The Identity of the Mysterious Person!

2094 The Identity of the Mysterious Person!

Even though he was facing the anger and killing intent of the aristocratic families’ elders, he seemed indifferent, as if he was unafraid of anything.

Qin Yu pondered. What was this mysterious person’s purpose for coming here? Did he really want to take this opportunity to kill the heirs of the nine aristocratic families and provoke a fierce battle? In that case, how powerful was he?

In this world, probably no one could deal with the nine great aristocratic families! No one could do it!

The mysterious person still did not say a word. No one knew what expression he had under the mask.

Si Qianjing and the others were eager to attack, but they could only suppress their anger due to the rules of the Teng family.

Not only Si Qianjing but also all the members of the nine great aristocratic families wished they could kill this mysterious person!

“Sir Teng, this person has killed several heirs of our aristocratic families. A Holy Son almost died at his hands, but we couldn’t catch him. Since he appears today, please show leniency and let us kill this person!”

“That’s right. This person’s sins are heinous. Using his extraordinary speed, he has caused threats to us many times. We can’t let him escape today!”

“Since he dares to come, it’s a provocation. We must make him pay the price!”

The crowd was commenting one after another, but no one made a move. It seemed that they were all waiting for Teng Tian’s agreement.

At this moment, the mysterious person spoke.

He stood in the void and said calmly, “I heard that the Teng family has an exceptional genius who has stepped into the True Saint cultivation realm. The Teng family has even held a banquet for this and invited everyone. Thus I came here to deliver a congratulatory gift.”

“A congratulatory gift? Are you even worthy of participating in this event?” Si Qianjing could not hold it in any longer. With a loud shout, a terrifying internal qi exploded!

This internal qi was incredibly terrifying and contained powerful Holy Power. Some weaker ones were even pushed back by the impact!

The mysterious person was not afraid at all. He looked at Si Qianjing and said, “You’re just a guest in this grand event, and you can’t decide. Moreover, Sir Teng has already announced the rules of this grand event. Now, in front of everyone, I don’t think the head of the Teng family will go back to his word.”

Teng Tian remained silent.

Although the Teng family had stayed behind closed doors, that did not mean they knew nothing about what had happened in the world.

He had naturally heard about this mysterious person. It was not a good sign that he was going to attack the nine great aristocratic families.

Even though he did not harm the Teng family, if this continued, the Teng family would not be spared.

But now that he had made the announcement, if they were to act rashly, would the Teng family’s words not become a joke?

“Since you’re here, you’re also a guest. Please take a seat,” Teng Tian waved his hand and said calmly after a while.

“Sir Teng, you!” Si Qianjing wanted to say something, but Teng Tian waved his hand to stop him.

The mysterious person did not say anything. He waved his hand and, a huge coffin floated in the air.

The coffin looked ancient and unadorned as if it had existed for some time.

“Coffin? He brought a coffin?”

“Sending a coffin at such a grand event, what are your intentions?”

At this moment, even Teng Tian’s expression was slightly displeased.

He placed his hands behind his back and said coldly, “What do you mean?”

The mysterious person did not speak. He waved his hand again, and the coffin slowly opened.

There was a corpse inside. The corpse had dried up and had no internal qi at all. However, it was well preserved.

When Teng Tian saw the face of this corpse clearly, his expression changed drastically!

“This… This is the corpse of the Teng family’s ancestor!” The others present also saw through the corpse’s origins!

“It’s Teng Yun’s corpse thousands of years ago! Rumor has it that he entered the depths of Azure Rock Forest thousands of years ago. Since then, there had been no news of him. Today, he had appeared in the hands of this mysterious person!”

“Is he… really someone walked out from the depths of Azure Rock Forest?”

At this moment, everyone was shocked!

There had been many guesses about the mysterious person. Although many had guessed that he came from the depths of Azure Rock Forest, it was still tremendously shocking to see it confirmed!

The depths of Azure Rock Forest were the most mysterious place in the Holy Region! Numerous people went in, and there was no more news!

“Did you really come out from the depths of Azure Rock Forest?” Si Qianjing frowned slightly, feeling uneasy.

If this person really came from the depths of Azure Rock Forest, he would have to reconsider.

The mysterious person ignored Si Qianjing and said to Teng Tian, “I wonder if Sir Teng is satisfied with this gift.”

Teng Tian waved his hand and kept away the coffin.

“I’ve finally seen the demon race in the depths of Azure Rock Forest today,” Teng Tian said indifferently.

The mysterious person did not refute and said nothing.

“No matter where he comes from, he has killed so many of our heirs. Thus he has to pay the price. Even if the emperor comes, he has to die!” an elder from an aristocratic family said coldly.

“That’s right. The nine great aristocratic families are not afraid of anyone in the world. So what if he’s from the depths of Azure Rock Forest!”

“Do they want to declare war? If they do, go ahead!”

Everyone discussed animatedly except Si Qianjing.

A moment later, Si Qianjing stepped forward and said to the mysterious person, “Since you’re here to congratulate, why are you wearing a mask? What? You don’t dare to see the people? Or are you an organization, not a person at all?”

Everyone echoed and agreed with what Si Qianjing had said.

“That’s right. What are you trying to hide by wearing a mask? Are you having a secretive motive in your heart?”

“Are you afraid that we know your true identity? That’s why you dare to provoke the nine great aristocratic families?”

“If you have the ability, take off your mask and let us see!”

“Maybe they are an organization that wants to start a war here!”

The discussions among the crowd became increasingly intense, but the mysterious person remained silent. The expression under the mask was unfathomable.

With his hands behind his back, Teng Tian’s lips curled into a smile. He looked at the mysterious person and said, “Since you dare to show yourself and present such a congratulatory gift, I believe you are not a coward. Please take off your mask and let us see who you are.”

Facing Teng Tian’s words, the mysterious person finally made a move. He slowly reached out his hand and took off his mask.

When he revealed his face, everyone was so shocked that they were speechless. The originally intense discussion instantly fell silent.

The mysterious person was a young man with an extremely handsome face and a heroic spirit between his brows. However, the most shocking was the deep and starry light in his eyes, like a demon’s eyes that could see through people’s hearts.

When Qin Yu saw the person’s face clearly, he was stunned on the spot.

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