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Chapter 153 - Early Graduation (3)

Chapter 153: Early Graduation (3)

Lu Ping looked at the children in his class.

He was extremely puzzled. “Tell me, what did you do when you went home yesterday?”

“I ate and cultivated!”

“I ate, cultivated and watched mommy beat daddy!”

“I watched cartoons!”

“It doesn’t make sense! It doesn’t make sense!” Lu Ping muttered to himself.

The children laughed to themselves, “Mr. Lu really loves acting!”

“Then how did your Qi and blood become so strong?” Lu Ping asked this question again.

But the answer remained the same, “Mr. Lu taught us well!”

Lu Ping began to call out crazily in his heart, “System! System! Did you do this?”

The system was silent, not saying a word.

“Hey, hurry up and tell me the truth! Was it you?”

This strange feeling made Lu Ping uneasy.

But the system just didn’t say a word.

At Chen Mu’s office, Chen Mu was about to go crazy too. Just a moment ago, the news of Lu Ping’s students’ Qi and blood surging once again reached him.

He couldn’t understand it at all.

He could only hear the teachers in the office discussing it.

“Mr. Lu is really amazing. He must have a secret technique!”

“That’s right, he’s too ruthless. With their Qi and blood skyrocketing, I’m afraid that in another month or two, these children’s grades will directly reach the standards of the graduation examination.”

“F*ck! Just thinking about it makes me feel jealous. When the three classes submit their graduation applications at the same time, he’ll save so much time! With that, he’ll be able to earn more than 400,000 star dollars!”

“Exactly. I’m so envious. I haven’t had my students graduate early even once in all these years. Look at him go!”

Chen Mu was jealous.

He was furious.

But there was nothing he could do.

This time, he and Lu Ping had an equal number of students. He wanted to compete with Lu Ping with all his might.

But in the end, he was blown to smithereens.

When he heard about the 400,000 star dollars, Chen Mu was even more envious.

To a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, this was a sum of money that was enough to break through to the Golden Core stage.

Lu Ping became the most influential person in the school.

The entire primary school department was talking about him.

It was the same in He Tiantian’s office. A female teacher said with a face full of envy, “Lu Ping is really amazing. Tiantian, didn’t you also say that Lu Ping gave you pointers before? Look, our class’s swordsmanship performance has improved a lot faster than before. Tiantian, if you ask for advice again, you might be able to catch up to the previous few classes in the grade.”

He Tiantian’s class’s grades improved in this assessment, and they were finally not at the bottom…

Although they were still in the middle and lower grades, their improvement was very obvious.

He Tiantian was secretly depressed!

She still wanted to ask for advice!

Alas, she had already been deleted twice by Lu Ping.

How could she still have the gall to go ask Lu Ping again?

She just couldn’t say that out loud.

If she said that out loud, it would be too embarrassing!

She might even be ridiculed by others behind her back!

He Tiantian was too embarrassed to say what really happened.

She could only force a smile.

Lu Ping returned to the office. The others were also a little envious.

Liu Kenan couldn’t help but ask, “Lu, what’s your secret? Can you give us some pointers? Our class feels so pressured.”

In comparison, Liu Kenan and Chen Sheng’s classes were similar to a culture class. It was full of theory and had very little practical work.

As for Lu Ping’s swordsmanship class, it was more like a physical education class.

Although there was some theory involved, it was more focused on practical training.

Lu Ping smiled bitterly and said, “To be honest, the results of these classes have completely exceeded my expectations. I don’t even know why myself, much less explain it to you guys…”

“Are you serious?” Chen Sheng asked.

Lu Ping said very seriously, “What I said is true. For example, the children’s Qi and blood are so vigorous. I don’t know why at all.”

The few of them looked at each other suspiciously.

Chen Sheng suddenly laughed and said, “Lu, you must be joking. Don’t worry, we all know that secret techniques can’t be taught easily. We’re just asking if there are any tricks to normal teaching. If there aren’t, then forget it.”

Liu Kenan also said, “That’s right. Their blood and Qi are exuberant. It must be your secret trick, Lu. Don’t be too modest. It’s fake if you’re too modest.”

Lu Ping was silent.

He really didn’t know how this had happened.

The few of them were chatting enthusiastically while Huang Xiaoqi was watching TV intently, as if she was not interested in their conversation at all.

At this time, Bai Xiruo suddenly fell into deep thought.

She looked at Huang Xiaoqi.

Others might not know, but she still knew.

She could tell that Huang Xiaoqi liked Lu Ping.

If what Lu Ping said was true…

Then could it be this woman in front of her was the one responsible for the surge in the students’ Qi and blood?

But what was the reason for doing this? Was it just to give Lu Ping a good reputation?

Oh! Maybe it was so that Lu Ping could get the prize money of the grand competition!

Yes, it must be so. Although she would lose a lot of money, she probably did not care.

Huang Xiaoqi seemed to sense Bai Xiruo’s gaze.

She looked at her and smiled, but didn’t say anything.

Bai Xiruo hesitated. Should she tell Lu Ping her guess?

If Lu Ping knew, would he be furious? Or would he be bedazzled by the money?

For a moment, Bai Xiruo hesitated.

In the end, she chose not to say it.

The next month, Lu Ping was still busy teaching!

Then, in the third month of Lu Ping’s career, he managed to do something that no one had ever done before.

He had led three classes to meet their swordsmanship targets!

After this month, the swordsmanship strike values of the three classes that Lu Ping had led had exceeded 100!

Among them, Kong Jing had the best results!

His swordsmanship strike value reached 150 points.

His cultivation had also broken through to the third level of the Qi Cultivation stage, so he chose to graduate early and enter the middle school department!

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