Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chapter 238 - Black Girl

Chapter 238: Black Girl

When he walked out of the Los Angeles Bay Airport, it was already completely dark outside.

A gust of night wind blew and Chu Nan suddenly could not help but shiver.

This made Chu Nan feel a little strange.

Even if he enjoyed the comfortable temperature given by the four-hour air regulator on the flight, he had just come from the extremely cold Siberian Plains. How could he feel that this Los Angeles was much colder than Marshal Chemekov’s place?

Chu Nan shook his head and circulated a trace of Internal Breath. It quickly flowed through his meridians and activated the aura in his blood vessels, causing his entire body to warm up.

Looking up at the night sky, he discovered that because of the dark clouds, not to mention the moonlight, not even a star could be seen. The night was extremely dense.

Looking down at his personal terminal, it was already 11:37 PM in Los Angeles. It was indeed late at night.

When he recalled that it should be around 3 AM at Trina’s place, Chu Nan gave up on the thought of sending her a message to tell her that he had arrived in North America. He looked around and planned to find a random place to stay before rushing to the Earth Federation Headquarters of the Noctem Chamber of Commerce tomorrow morning.

Just as this thought appeared in his mind, the personal terminal on his wrist suddenly lit up, indicating that someone had sent a communication request.

Chu Nan took a look and was slightly stunned.

The person who sent the communication request was a stranger, but behind his name was the suffix “Noctem Chamber of Commerce Earth Federation Branch”.

Chu Nan thought for a moment and chose to answer the call.

A black-skinned girl with half a head of obviously dyed green shoulder-length hair and a huge earring hanging from her ear appeared on the virtual screen. She was only wearing a half-short vest and tight pants.

When she saw Chu Nan, she exaggeratedly threw a kiss at him.

“Hey boy, are you Chu Nan?”

Chu Nan frowned slightly.

“I’m Chu Nan. You are…”

“It’s fine as long as you’re Chu Nan. I already know where you are. Wait there, I’ll be right there.” The black girl threw another kiss at Chu Nan and closed her personal terminal.

Looking at the virtual screen that had returned to darkness, Chu Nan was stunned.

Who was this black girl?

Why did she hang a sign behind the communication request saying “Noctem Chamber of Commerce Earth Federation Branch”?

Before Chu Nan could think for long, about two minutes later, the black girl he had seen on the virtual screen appeared out of nowhere and appeared in front of him.

“Hey boy, my name is Susan. Come with me.”

The black girl who called herself Susan patted Chu Nan’s shoulder familiarly and reached out to take his backpack.

Chu Nan moved his body slightly and dodged her hand. He frowned and asked, “I’m sorry, who are you? Why do you know my name?”

“You don’t know?” Susan was clearly stunned for a moment before she rolled her eyes and smiled, “Oh, maybe they forgot to tell you. Alright, I’m here to fetch you to the headquarters of the Earth Federation branch of the Noctem Chamber of Commerce. Didn’t you come to Los Angeles this time to go there?”

“You’re responsible for picking me up?” Chu Nan glanced at Susan suspiciously.

This Susan looked to be only two or three years older than him. At most, she was in her early twenties.

Looking at her age and outfit, she did not look like a staff member of the Noctem Chamber of Commerce.

“What? You suspect me?” Susan was not stupid and could tell what Chu Nan was thinking. She stretched out an index finger and shook it at him, “You Chinese are always full of suspicion. Come, I’ll let you see the proof so that you can leave with me without worry.”

Susan opened her personal terminal and pulled out the virtual screen to face Chu Nan.

When Chu Nan saw the personal certification symbol of the Noctem Chamber of Commerce on the virtual screen, although he was a little surprised, he was relieved.

The personal certification symbol on the personal terminal of the Noctem Chamber of Commerce could not be faked. This proved that this Susan was indeed a subordinate of the Noctem Chamber of Commerce and was not an impostor.

Although Chu Nan had also noticed that behind her symbol, it showed that she was not an official employee of the Noctem Chamber of Commerce but an outsider, this was not important.

After all, the Noctem Chamber of Commerce was famous for being difficult to enter. If one wanted to become an official employee, they had to be a top-notch elite.

The Susan in front of him clearly did not have the qualifications. In fact, she had probably relied on some connections to become an extra member.

However, since she had proven her identity, Chu Nan no longer doubted her.

“Then… are we going to the branch headquarters now?” Chu Nan asked.

“Yes, they said that you’re going to participate in some research tomorrow morning, right?” At this point, Susan even sized up Chu Nan suspiciously. Clearly, she was puzzled that he was actually qualified to participate in the research of the Noctem Chamber of Commerce, “Then why don’t you go directly tonight and arrange a place for you to rest? You don’t have to rush over tomorrow morning.”

“Oh, that’s good.” Chu Nan nodded in understanding.

Before he came, he had checked the information about the headquarters of the Earth Federation. He knew that although the headquarters was located in Los Angeles, it was in the suburbs and a distance from the city center.

If he found a place to stay in the city at night, he would probably have to wake up early in the morning tomorrow to make it.

“Alright, let’s go. My car is parked outside and can’t enter.” Susan waved at Chu Nan and gestured for him to follow.

Under her lead, Chu Nan squeezed out of the crowd and saw a floating shuttle parked in the corner.

The moment he saw the shuttle, the corners of Chu Nan’s mouth could not help but twitch.

The outside of this car was painted in various colors and looked extremely fancy. There was even a huge naked woman drawing on the door. It did not hide the two mounds on her chest, causing Chu Nan to be forced to look away.

Noticing Chu Nan’s reaction, Susan laughed.

“Hey, are all boys of Chinese descent like this? Oh, I suddenly remembered that your name sounds like virgin in Chinese. Don’t tell me you’re really a virgin? If it’s true, that’s too tragic.”

Chu Nan looked at her speechlessly and did not know how to answer. He could only shake his head and open the door to sit down.

Seeing Chu Nan’s actions, Susan laughed even more wantonly and whistled proudly. Then, she sat in the driver’s seat and stepped on it. The shuttle emitted a roar that should not have appeared on the modern shuttle and flew out at high speed like a wild horse.

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