The National Goddess Reborn

Chapter 314 - It's Not Certain Who's Playing Whom!

Chapter 314: It’s Not Certain Who’s Playing Whom!


At the mention of this, his eyes were filled with admiration. “It’s been a long time since we’ve recruited such an outstanding person.”


As if he had heard a joke, Zar laughed. “I say, are you seeing things? I remember that the special forces team is from Country Z. How outstanding can they be?”

Furthermore, since the establishment of the Federal University, there had not been a single person from Country Z. Didn’t this mean that there were no outstanding talents in the country?

Perhaps this so-called special forces team was also supported by the country.

“Zar, you’re too biased against the country…”

When Ya Di heard him, he smiled. “How bad can someone who can be personally accepted by the president be?”

Everyone knew that although the president looked aloof from worldly affairs, he could see things clearer than anyone else.

A student who could receive a personal email from him was definitely not bad!


Zar was clearly not convinced. “In that case, let’s make a bet. Let’s see who wins.”

“Alright, you said it!”

Zar made the final decision. “Whoever loses will agree to one condition!”


Ya Di agreed readily.

While the two of them were chatting, an assistant walked in from outside. “Teachers, almost all the students are here!”


Ya Di nodded, then took the remote control and turned on the big screen in the meeting room.

The screen showed the surveillance cameras at the entrance of Federal University.

At this moment, it could be seen on the surveillance camera that many people had already gathered at the entrance of the Federal University.

They were all new students who had come to register at the Federal University.

The most eye-catching thing was the few people sitting in the outermost circle. They were playing games on the ground.

The girl in the middle did not even raise her head from the start to the end. She had a lollipop in her mouth and was holding her phone with both hands, quickly swiping it around.

The other students were waiting nervously.

When some students saw these few people, they could not help but complain, “These few people are so casual. Could it be that they can’t find anyone in some country and came to find a few people to make up the numbers…”

“Not necessarily. Those who can come to the Federal University have all been investigated in advance by the teachers of the Federal University…” Another student shook his head and started analyzing.” It’s said that the Federal University has already started the assessment the moment we arrived at the entrance of the university. Could these students be teachers from the Federal University who are pretending to be sloppy…”

After he said that, the more the others looked at them, the more they felt that it was possible.

After all, all the surrounding students were very nervous. Which classmate would report to the Federal University as if it was their own home?

Just as they steadied themselves, they suddenly heard a strong voice in the air. “Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to the Federal University.”

The group of students looked up at the same time and saw a black drone circling in the air.

The sound just now was coming from the drone.

“As everyone knows, all new students have an alternative exam before entering the Federal University. Only when you pass the exam can you officially enter the Federal University!”

There was a pause in the drone’s voice. On the other side of the surveillance camera, Zar had been paying attention to the situation of the new students at the door.

Most of the new students stood upright and listened attentively to the words coming from the drone.

Only the few people sitting under the tree did not even raise their heads.

Through the surveillance camera, he could not even see the girl’s face clearly.

Zar was a little angry and even raised his voice. “And your goal this time is to find the human trafficking organization and destroy it! One week! I will grade you according to your performance! Students who perform too badly, I’m sorry, you don’t even have the qualifications to enter the Federal University!”

Almost as soon as he finished speaking, a black jeep had already stopped at the school gate.

The car door opened and more than ten men in military uniforms alighted.

“Each of you will have a brocade bag! Inside are the information of all the human trafficking organizations and walkie-talkies! During the operation, all your actions will be recorded!”

Almost as soon as he finished speaking, the soldiers in military uniforms had already taken out their brocade bags.

All the students rushed to get the brocade bag.

However, when they opened the brocade bag, they were stunned!

“What does this mean? There’s only one piece of paper!”

The person who opened the brocade pouch first was filled with disbelief when he saw the contents.

There was only a piece of paper and a small walkie-talkie inside.

The contents of the paper were very simple. It introduced the time and location of the human trafficking organization.

There was nothing else.

“How can anyone achieve anything with so little information?”

“That’s right. Is Federal University joking this time! Are they playing with us?”

“It looks like Federal University is not going to accept new students this time!”

The students’ discussions lingered.

Lin Nan, who had just taken the brocade bag, wanted to curse when he saw what was on it. “Sister Yue, I think Federal University is playing with us…”

If they did not accept students, they could have said so in advance.

Why did they have to give each of them a brocade bag?

“That’s right…”

When the group of people saw the piece of paper Lin Nan was holding, their expressions turned uglier.

Before they came, they had heard that there was a new student test at the Federal University. However, they never expected that the school would give such a hellish test before they even stepped into the Federal University.


Nian Yue chuckled and slowly stood up from the ground.

She still had that cynical attitude. Because it was July, the weather was a little hot. She took off her jacket and tied it around her waist.

She was only wearing a white vest, revealing her clear abs.

She was wearing loose work pants.

She looked beautiful and cool.

“It’s not certain who’s playing whom.” Nian Yue sneered and glanced at the drone slowly.

“Have you guys forgotten that you just interacted with a human trafficking organization half a month ago?” Nian Yue raised her eyebrows.

“It will only take a few minutes to find them now.” Nian Yue asked Wang Zhizhi, “Have you found the trajectory map of the human trafficking organization?”

“I found it!”

Wang Zhizhi walked over with her computer. “The last time, that man called Qu Lang came to the International Alliance after leaving the country. I checked his information in the database and found out that he’s from the Qu family in the capital. However, he left the Qu family at the age of five and is now the boss of a shooting club…”

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