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Chapter 1335 - Chapter 1335: Reforging the Ten Imperial Cauldrons Gou Mang Heavenly Kingdom (1)

Chapter 1335: Reforging the Ten Imperial Cauldrons, Gou Mang Heavenly Kingdom (1)

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Heavy breathing like a broken bellow sounded.

Ji Lutian swayed with a relieved smile on his face.

Then he fell backward on his back.

After killing the Golden Dragon Guards, Ji Lutian had already reached his limit.

If he was on the ground, even if he fainted from exhaustion, he would at most fall to the ground.

But now, he was more than a hundred thousand feet in the sky. If he fell like this, not to mention him, even Zhou Shu’s body wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

“Lutian!” A green shadow shot over and caught Ji Lutian in his arms. It was the Qingqiu King.

She looked deeply at Zhou Shu. “We were incompetent and couldn’t stop the beast tide, but we should be able to make up for it this time.”

Without waiting for Zhou Shu to speak, she carried Ji Lutian and flew toward the ground.

Along the way, the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom soldiers became her target for venting. One by one, the soldiers exploded into balls of blood, like blood fireworks blooming in the air.

The Qingqiu King was a Grotto-Heaven Master and considered one of the best among Grotto-Heaven Masters. How could these ordinary soldiers be her match?

She killed as she walked. By the time she returned to the ground, she had already killed all the enemies from the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom. This greatly reduced the pressure on the other human soldiers.

Zhou Shu smiled bitterly.

The Qingqiu King was a little resentful that he had started a massacre in the

Demon Realm.

But even so, Zhou Shu wouldn’t change his mind.

In the past, he would have had the patience and time to subdue the demonic beasts slowly. But now, the army of the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom was already at the entrance. He had no time to calm the beast tide slowly.

Zhou Shu ignored the Qingqiu King and turned to look at the spatial passageway.

Through the spatial passageway, he seemed to see the boundless heavy water of the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom and Zhan Jingtao standing in the heavy water.

“Zhan Jingtao!” Zhou Shu said coldly. “The ancestral land is not a place where you can come and go as you please!

“Although I can’t mend the heavens again, I can tell you that it’s better to die than to live in dishonor. If you want to invade the ancestral land, it’s wishful thinking. You’ll never succeed!”

“You’re the ones who are delusional.” Zhan Jingtao’s voice came from the other side. “I just don’t want to be injured. Do you think I’m afraid of you?

“Do you think I can’t tell that he only used a forbidden technique to increase his cultivation in a short period of time? His state won’t last long!

“He’ll die sooner or later! I, Zhan Jingtao, swear that I will definitely kill everyone in the ancestral land!”

His eyes were full of anger and killing intent.

“You won’t have that chance,” Zhou Shu said coldly.

“Deputy Master Shi!” Zhou Shu suddenly shouted.

Zhan Jingtao frowned slightly. Deputy Pavilion Master Shi? Who is that? There’s an expert surnamed Shi in the Gou Mang Heavenly Kingdom?

Just as he was feeling puzzled, he heard a voice shouting from the ancestral land opposite. “Here! Your Highness, it’s ready!”

At the back of the crowd, a man with insignificant strength was shouting at the top of his lungs.

Zhan Jingtao was a little puzzled. Why did Zhou Shu call this person out of nowhere? This person didn’t look like someone who could control the situation.

At this moment, pillars of light soared into the sky from various parts of the ancestral land.

These pillars of light connected the sky to the ground, and each of them was more than a thousand feet in diameter.

The moment the pillars of light rose, light sprinkled down from the top. The light instantly connected, forming a semicircular shield in the air.

“Zhan Jingtao, if you have the ability, break my Ten Imperial Cauldrons first!” Zhou Shu said coldly. He held the Celestial Thearch Sword in his hand, the tip pointing diagonally downward, his body brimming with killing intent.

“Ten Imperial Cauldrons?” Zhan Jingtao frowned.

Although he didn’t know what these Ten Imperial Cauldrons were, he guessed that they were similar to dharma treasures.

“You think you can stop the army of my Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom with dharma treasures? You’re simply overestimating yourself!” Zhan Jingtao snorted.

He took a step forward and crossed the passageway between the two worlds again, arriving at the light screen formed by the Ten Imperial Cauldrons.


Zhan Jingtao punched the light screen.

The light screen caved in deeply, looking like it was about to be broken. But even though it had undergone a shocking transformation, it was still not damaged.


With a soft sound, the light screen returned to its original state.

Zhan Jingtao was actually forced back a step.

He was bewildered. These remnants of the Heavenly Court had really surprised him time and time again.

These Ten Imperial Cauldrons could actually block his full-strength attack!

Zhan Jingtao subconsciously wanted to call Wu Suchen. Naturally, Wu Suchen, the number one refiner in the Xuan Ming Heavenly Kingdom, was more proficient in dharma treasures.

But he suddenly remembered that Wu Suchen wasn’t here. He had already gone to the Gou Mang Heavenly Kingdom to negotiate and hadn’t returned yet! Zhan Jingtao’s expression turned ugly. He attacked the light screen once again.

A moment later, he stopped with a dark expression.

He realized that no matter how much strength he used, the light screen would direct his strength to various places in the ancestral land.

In other words, unless he could shatter the ancestral land with a punch, there was no way he could break through this light screen!

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