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Chapter 530 - Hold Back a Trick

Chapter 530: Hold Back a Trick  

“Grandma, I’m alright. You have to be careful, Mo Shengli is here to take revenge.”

Mo Jinrong wasn’t afraid of anything, but he was afraid that his grandma would be hurt.

He held Old Mrs. Mo’s hand tightly.


The Tan Family.

In order to control Old Master Tan, Mo Shengli stayed beside his room.

“Old Master, I’m watching you,” Mo Shengli said to him.

“Let me call my son. I want to see how my grandson is doing.”

Old Master Tan hadn’t received any news about his grandson and so he was anxious.

Mo Shengli used his phone to call Tan Shilin.

Tan Shilin was in the company, thinking about how to deal with Mo Jinrong and Lan Anran.

When he saw it was Mo Shengli’s call, he didn’t want to pick up, but he was still worried about his father.

“Shilin, it’s me, your father. What happened to my grandson? It’s been so long and there hasn’t been any news. I’m worried to death.”

When Tan Shilin heard his father’s words, he couldn’t tell him that his grandson was gone, so he could only reply vaguely.

“Dad, don’t worry, the baby is safe. Give the phone to Mo Shengli, I want to talk to him.”

Old Master Tan was relieved.

“Boss Tan, how is it going?” Mo Shengli sat beside Old Master Mo and asked.

Tan Shilin gritted his teeth in hatred towards his companion. This had something to do with him and he needed him desperately now. He wouldn’t let him go.

He smiled into the phone.

“Boss Mo, what’s the hurry? Didn’t we agree to cooperate? Why did you change your mind so quickly?”

“I’ve been thinking about it the past two days. It’s not safe in the country, so I can help you when I’m abroad. You should help me find a way out of the country.”

Mo Shengli smiled and looked at Old Master Tan.

“Abroad is far away and difficult to control, after all. Boss Mo, let’s wait. Once Mo Jinrong and Lan Anran are dead, I will send you abroad immediately. We will only have a chance of winning if we cooperate!” Tan Shilin said to him.

“Are you trying to use me?”

Mo Shengli wasn’t stupid. Although he wanted revenge, he didn’t have to take such a big risk. Tan Shilin wanted to use him to kill people.

“Don’t you want revenge? I can protect you. The Tan Family is big and can always give you a place to shelter from the rain. If you’re unwilling to cooperate, I can only put righteousness before family. At most, we’ll perish together.”

Tan Shilin had reached a point of madness and was willing to fight to the death.

“How do you want me to help you?”

There was a seed of revenge hidden in Mo Shengli’s heart.

“Mo Jinrong is about to start patrolling all the stores. As long as you shoot him wherever he’s at, I will ensure your safety when you leave the country.”

Tan Shilin promised him.

At this point, Mo Shengli was willing to be used by others.

“I hope you will keep your promise.”

After Mo Shengli hung up, he picked up his gun and wiped it symbolically.

Suddenly, his phone rang again.

He glanced at the screen and picked it up hesitantly.

“Mo Shengli, are you going to keep your promise?”

Xie Li’s tone sounded hostile, Mo Shengli said to him.

“Boss Xie, I agreed to help you previously, but I can’t even protect myself now. Aren’t you going to let me off?”

He had promised Xie Li that as long as Mo Jinrong accepted the entertainment field project, he would give Xie Li half of the shares. That was why Xie Li had tried so hard to recruit Mo Jinrong.

He didn’t expect something to happen to him before he could do anything.

“Let you go? Then who will let me go? Do you know that I made a promise with those old foxes because of this? They want to take my rights now that this matter has failed. What do you think we should do?”

This time, Xie Li had run into trouble.

He originally wanted to take advantage of him, but didn’t expect it to backfire.

“Boss Xie, I’m in trouble and can’t even protect myself, how can I care about you? You should just protect yourself.”

Mo Shengli hung up after speaking.

Xie Li couldn’t get through again. He wasn’t willing to accept this failure. If no one harmed him, no one could take advantage of him.

There was no way he would let Mo Shengli push the blame solely to him.


Lan Tingyun felt that his daughter had experienced too much, so he gave her a break and didn’t let her interfere with the Mo Family’s matters.

Lan Anran didn’t think Mo Jinrong needed her help for the time being, so she agreed. After packing, she went to the herb garden in the countryside to pick herbs.

The herb garden in the countryside had grass taller than her.

She wore a straw hat and walked in her backyard.

Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared in the field.

“Anran, is that you?” Xu Shan stood in front of her house and asked anxiously.


Lan Anran put down the hoe in her hand and smiled with relief.

She wiped the sweat off her forehead and ran towards her master.

Xu Shan felt like he was in a dream. He hit himself and realized that it hurt. This wasn’t a dream.

“Master!” she hugged her master tightly and shouted.

Xu Shan’s heart ached.

He hugged his disciple tightly.

“You heartless thing! Why are you dead one second and alive the other? You didn’t tell me you were coming back. I thought you were dead for more than two months. You heartless thing, I raised you for nothing.”

Xu Shan’s eyes were misty as he hugged his disciple tightly, afraid that she would run away in the next second.

“Master! I didn’t bring you any alcohol this time, nor did I bring any roast goose. You won’t blame me, right? I was going to come look for you after the critical period was over.”

Lan Anran explained to him.

“You heartless thing, it seems like I raised you for nothing. You’re really tough. Master went to your funeral in secret and didn’t dare to let anyone find out. I really thought you were dead.”

“Master! I’m sorry for making you worried.”

Lan Anran wiped Xu Shan’s tears.

“You made me worried. When you weren’t around, I almost raised Sun Hui to become you. I see her around me everyday and I can always imagine her as you. I’ve been bewitched for the past few months,” Xu Shan said.

“Master, are you helping me look after the herbs in the herb garden?”

Lan Anran saw that the grass was taller than a person, but there wasn’t much medicine inside.

“You should know that I’m not good at pulling weeds, so I plucked some herbs for you in exchange for money to buy offerings. I even erected a monument for you, you heartless thing.”

Xu Shan started to cry again.

“Master, don’t cry. Aren’t I alive and well?”

Lan Anran wiped her tears and released her master.

“I don’t care, I’ve put in a lot of effort for the past two days. You have to compensate me with alcohol and roast goose. I’ve missed you so much that I’ve lost weight. Can’t you tell?”

Xu Shan looked at his disciple seriously.

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