My Ex-husband Regrets After Signing The Divorce

Chapter 553 - Unable to Explain

Chapter 553: Unable to Explain

“This is impossible. How did you know?” Chen Chen was even more speechless.

Dean Fang had given him the test report. This matter could not be fake, and Dean Fang would not joke with him about this.

“I know. You’re surprised, right? You thought I was stupid and could hide it from me, right?” Bai Ran’s mouth twitched as she smiled, but her expression was uglier than if she was crying.

She finally could not hold it in anymore and cried. “Chen Chen, I really did not expect you to be such a person. You’re suddenly cold to me. I can understand. In order to avoid the responsibility, you were with Hu Wan. I can also understand, but you fabricated a lie and abandoned and slandered a person who fell seriously ill because of your mistake. You even took care of her for more than ten years. Really, I really didn’t expect you to be so bad. Are you still the Chen Chen I know?”

Despair and sadness surged out of her eyes. All the trust from before dissipated like smoke. She really could not accept this sudden change.

Chen Chen knew her very well and instantly understood the sadness in her eyes.

If everything was true, he would definitely die of guilt when he saw this gaze.

But! None of this existed!

Chen Chen was flustered.

God, what had happened between them in just a few days to cause such a huge misunderstanding?

Chen Chen felt that he really did not know where to start explaining. However, at this point, if he did not explain, things would only become worse.

Chen Chen tried hard to control his emotions and make his thoughts clear.

He stood up and hugged the agitated Bai Ran. “I don’t know why you said that, but can you sit down first? Be patient and let me explain. What if you misunderstand me?”

As Chen Chen had expected, Bai Ran did not plan to listen to an explanation at all. She pushed him away and shouted, “Don’t think about fooling me again. I won’t believe you anymore!”

In his opinion, everything Chen Chen said now was sophistry. He was confusing her. She only believed everything she saw and heard.

Chen Chen had expected this reaction of hers and did not want to force it. He gave in and said, “Okay, okay, I won’t speak anymore, okay? I only have one request now. Please tell me, how did you know that Hu Wan’s illness was real?”

Since Bai Ran was unwilling to cooperate, this was the only breakthrough he could think of.

As long as he found a flaw, he believed that he could persuade Bai Ran. It was much more useful than his powerless “excuses.”

Indeed, Bai Ran was no longer so agitated.

It seemed like Chen Chen was still unconvinced if he did not show the most important outcome.

She pursed her lips and snorted softly. “You don’t have to bother quibbling anymore. Since it’s for verification, I must have obtained complete evidence and am 100% confident. My mother’s old friend is an expert in the Cardiology Department. I asked him to go to Hu Wan’s hospital to test her personally!”


Chen Chen was stunned again when he heard this.

This statement was indeed very convincing. Bai Ran had already gotten someone she trusted to test it personally. There shouldn’t be a problem. Was there a problem with the results he had obtained?

Chen Chen was flustered. If that was the case, then he really could not explain.

So what was wrong with Dean Fang?

Seeing that Chen Chen was silent, Bai Ran was even more convinced. She continued, “You’re really persistent. Do you want to know about Gu Qian too? Then let me tell you, I went to the Lost Bar with Yu Xuan to look for him. He personally told me that he had been doing business in Sun City for more than ten years, and his mother even came to the bar to look for him! Don’t say that Gu Qian is an actor. The familiarity and dependence between the two of them are simply mother and son. They can’t act! I saw this with my own eyes. What else do you have to say?”

It was Chen Chen’s turn to be speechless. Logically speaking, Bai Ran would definitely not lie. Could it be that what she said was true, and the information he had was fake?

When he thought about it this way, it was not impossible.

Chen Chen looked up at her. Bai Ran’s eyes were filled with mockery. It seemed like she was very sure of her thoughts.

Someone must have done something in between. Otherwise, why would all these things be aimed at him? Why was this misunderstanding so coincidental?

Chen Chen’s mind raced as he thought of a countermeasure, but the more he thought about it, the more confused he became. It was as if he was so powerless to say anything now and wanted to argue.

Could it be that he could only admit defeat like this?

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