Loved By An Older Man

Chapter 513 - Angry

Chapter 513: Angry

“Who is the murderer?” The first scene was where the male lead and the female lead were opposite each other.

“This is my first time working with you,” Xu Ye said to Jiang Yu with a smile.

“This is my first time working with you, too,” Jiang Yu said expressionlessly. “I hope that movie king Xu can give me some pointers.”

“Look at you. When you said that, you didn’t have any expression on your face. How am I supposed to believe your words?” Xu Ye said.

However, when he said that, his face was still smiling, and there was no sign of anger at all.

However, he was indeed not angry.

Tang Xue was a little far away, and Xu Ye and Jiang Yu were speaking in low voices. She really couldn’t hear them clearly.

Hence, she went to find Sister Xia and asked, “Are you Xiao… ahem, are you Jiang Yu’s manager?”

Sister Xia was packing up Jiang Yu’s things. When she heard Tang Xue’s words, she turned around and said, “Yes, I’m Jiang Yu’s manager. Just call me sister Xia.”

“Sister Xia, what is the relationship between Xu Ye and Jiang Yu?” Tang Xue asked.

Sister Xia knew that Tang Xue liked Xu Ye, so she weighed it and said, “It’s nothing. They’re not even friends.”

“Is that so…” Tang Xue seemed to be very satisfied with this answer and said, “I thought Xu Ye and Jiang Yu were very familiar with each other.”

“Of course not,” Sister Xia said. “We participated in a dance competition together before, so we got to know each other briefly.”

“Okay, okay, I got it,” Tang Xue said with a smile.

After saying that, she left.

Sister Xia was worried for Jiang Yu.

Tang Xue happily went to watch Xu Ye’s acting again, but she was too late. Xu Ye and Jiang Yu’s first act had already finished.

“Aiya! I didn’t see it!” Tang Xue slapped the table beside her in annoyance and said, “If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have gone to look for Jiang Yu’s manager!”

Tang Xue’s manager, Yan Wei, walked over and said, “You really care about Xu Ye’s matter.”

Tang Xue said, “I don’t. I was just curious when I saw Xu Ye and Jiang Yu getting so close.”

Yan Wei said, “You’re calling her Jiang Yu Now? Didn’t you call her sister-in-law before?”

Tang Xue said, “How can I call her that at this time? If others hear it, they’ll use it to make a fuss.”

Yan Wei smiled and said, “Oh, you. After so long, your IQ has finally improved a little.”

“Hey! Why are you talking about me like that!” Tang Xue protested unhappily.

As they were talking, Jiang Yu walked over and handed Tang Xue a glass of water. She asked, “The scene in a while is yours. Are you nervous?”

Tang Xue happily took the water and said, “I’m not nervous! I’m a thick-skinned person. I’m not afraid of anything.”

Jiang Yu also looked at Tang Xue happily and said, “That’s good. I was worried that if you were afraid, we wouldn’t be able to film.”

“How is that possible!” Tang Xue drank a mouthful of water and said, “Sister-in-law, how are you and brother Mo Long doing recently?”

“You… Why are you asking this?” Jiang Yu blushed and whispered, “He and I… are doing quite well recently.”

“Really?” Tang Xue looked at Jiang Yu with a smile and said, “I also think the two of you are quite good. Unfortunately, Xu Ye and I…”

At the mention of Xu Ye, Tang Xue’s eyes dimmed again and she said, “He doesn’t seem to like me at all.”

“It’s okay.” Jiang Yu comforted her and said, “Don’t think too much. I believe that Xu Ye will see your true heart one day.”

“Is it true?” Tang Xue smiled bitterly.

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