The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated

Chapter 330: Just a Mere Viscount?

Chapter 330: Just a Mere Viscount?

In the well decorated parlor, the mood fell rapidly due to Tyler’s intrusion.

As Shien raised an eyebrow, Terrance’s own heart also sank.

Terrance already had a bad feeling about it when he saw his son intrude in.

Now, after seeing that useless son of him actually challenge his guest to a duel right in front of him, Terrance was on the verge of exploding.

“What do you think you’re doing? Get out!”

Terrance stood up and rebuked Tyler.

The one before him was someone that not even he dared to offend. Where did a useless aristocratic boy like him get the guts to challenge Shien?

Truth be told, Shien himself rather wanted to ask the same thing.

Although he didn’t know just what was going on yet, this guy who was about a year or two younger than him looked like he obviously didn’t have much actual strength. Although he’s not so weak to be considered worthless, he is only level 20.

Being able to reach level 20 at his age might not be considered all that bad for a normal person, but among the nobility, there’s no way that he can be considered any kind of genius.

For someone like that to run over and challenge a noble with a dragon to a duel, Shien had to admit that he’s got guts at least.

Yet, the other party was obviously just a reckless idiot. He not only ignored his own father’s rebuke, but even talked back forcefully.

“Father, don’t interfere. This is between me and him.”

Tyler pointed at Shien like he had some irreconcilable conflict with Shien. Although the look he was giving Shien can’t be considered a grudge on the level of a blood feud, he did still bear a lot of anger and unwillingness to admit defeat. It was as if he was greatly provoked by something.


Terrance wanted to continue speaking, but he was interrupted by Shien.

“You’re Captain Terrance’s son, right?” Shien looked the other person over and spoke playfully, “I don’t remember seeing you before, nor have I done anything to offend you, so why are you demanding a duel with me?”

Terrance spoke up first before Tyler even had a chance to answer that question.

“Lord Bayztrot, don’t go taking him seriously now.” Terrance hurriedly spoke to Shien, “He’s just messing about. I’ll kick him out right away.”

Unfortunately, right as Terrance said that, Tyler immediately contradicted him.

“I won’t leave!” Tyler spoke firmly, “Today, I absolutely have to fight him and see just where he’s any better than me!”

In response to that, Terrance really did want to slap that idiot over the head.

Where he’s any better than you, you ask?

I rather want to ask just where he isn’t better than you?

Putting aside his youth, the fact that he could claw his own way up to the rank of viscount while only a year or two older than you is one point. Add in the fact that he even tamed a dragon, and that peerless princess even favored him. On the other hand, you’re just a useless noble who only knows to daydream without being able to properly see reality. What qualification do you even have to try to compare to him?

“Get out!”

Terrance stopped caring to talk to Tyler anymore. He just roared out in anger.

“I refuse!”

But Tyler really was brave. He actually dared to contradict his own father’s words right in front of an outsider without showing his father any respect. He was even putting up an attitude like he was willing to fight to the end against some great evil. In any other book, he’s probably be a proper protagonist.

Terrance on the other hand was blind with rage. He wanted to go up to his son and properly teach that idiotic piece of shit a lesson.

Yet, Shien stopped him.

“You want to show yourself better than me?”

Shien had a strange look on his face.

“That’s right!” Tyler spoke out in a powerful voice, “I’ll prove myself stronger than you!”

“Why?” Shien blinked as he asked, “I have to repeat myself. I’ve never met you before, nor have I offered offense, right?”

“That’s true.” Tyler did admit to that point, but he was still staring at Shien with hostility as he spoke in a low tone, “But I still have to prove that you can’t possibly have any private relationship with her highness the princess, that all those rumors were all lies that you nobles of the Capital randomly came up with for whatever goals you might have.”

Tyler’s words finally made Shien understand just why Tyler so recklessly ran before Shien to request a duel.

So it was all because of that princess, huh?

(That girl really does have fans all over the world.)

He has even ran off to another territory here, yet there’s still such mindlessly brave noblemen trying to make trouble for him just because of a rumor. He really has underestimated the sheer charm of that Treasure of the Kingdom.

That said…

“How do you know that I can’t possible have any private relationship with Lucy?” Shien spoke playfully, “Maybe we actually have quite a good relationship?”

“Liar! You’re just a mere viscount! There’s no was that you can have any relationship with that most noble princess!” Terrance exploded like a cat that got its tail stepped on and started shouting, “Besides, don’t you dare address her highness so casually. That’s lese majeste!”

Alright, now Shien’s certain. That guy is a definitely one of those signature brainless and arrogant aristocratic brats.

Even putting aside everything else, when you said the words “just a mere viscount”, did you even consider your own family’s rank and your father’s feelings?

Shien already saw that Terrance, who was also a viscount, turn dark.

This made Shien’s expression turn even more playful.

Thus, Shien also stood up.

Putting aside Tyler for the moment, this action seriously gave Terrance fright.

“Lord Bayztrot…!”

Thus, Terrance attempted to say something.

Shien shook his head to convey that Terrance can relax.

A duel?

Shien for one wasn’t so bored that he’d go along with that.

Even if it is that kind of tired old cliché, it still needs to at least bring out a worthy opponent for him, right?

It has to be said, but Shien’s level has already reached 55 now. He had already beaten who knows how many opponents that far outleveled him back when he was level 28, never mind now. At this point, only someone on the level of Lucy, Jacinta, or Aldia would be worth him actually personally fighting.

Yet now, some random level 20 noble brat wants to duel him?

What a joke.

This isn’t even getting into the fact that although Shien is a viscount, Tyler is only the son of a viscount, a noble child who hasn’t even inherited the noble rank yet. His status is far below that of Shien, and he had no right to demand a duel from Shien at all.



With a clear ring, a sword was tossed in front of Tyler, stabbing straight up from the floor.


Tyler got quite a fright from that, making him let out a gasp and take two steps back.

“Lord Bayztrot!”

Terrance was unable to remain calm anymore.

That sword is indeed Shien’s Holy Sword.

Shien had drawn it and tossed it before Tyler.

“You want a duel with me, right?” Shien looked right at Tyler and smiled, “Alright. Pull that sword out and I’ll agree.”

“You’ll agree if I pull it out?” Tyler’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly confirmed, “Really?”

“Of course.” Shien readily agreed, “So long as you can draw that sword, I’ll immediately agree to a duel with you. Your father can act as witness to this.”

“Alright!” Tyler hurriedly nodded as if afraid that Shien might go back on that or that his father might object, “You’re the one who said it!”

With that said, Tyler went up to the Holy Sword, rubbed his hands, and grabbed the handle.

Seeing all of this take place before him, Terrance started and stopped before, in the end, giving up on mediating.

Shien just sat back down and sipped at the tea.

Tyler thus started the challenge in this state.

Perhaps, in his eyes, there’s nothing difficult about pulling out a sword, right?

His level is 20 after all, so he’d confident in his ability to pull it out no matter how heavy it is.

Besides, Tyler personally doesn’t consider himself any worse than Shien.

From his point of view, Shien can’t be much older than himself, and he was running about casually with that sword on his waist, so there’s no way that the sword can possibly be all that heavy.

In that case then…

(I’ll definitely easily draw that sword, in a way that’s obviously much more casual and easy than him. That way, I’ll show myself to be far better than him!)

A sweet confidence was born in Tyler.

In the end, all of this was born of his envy and jealousy.

After learning that man had a good relationship with that princess, a lot of young noblemen were quite unhappy with it, as if something important had been stolen from them.

This wasn’t just thoughts that the nobles of the Capital would have. The young nobles of other territories are the same.

Anyone who has seen that princess, the princess who even goddesses would admit defeat before, would end up this way. They’d completely fall for her and be utterly drowned.

The number one beauty of humanity isn’t just an empty title here. How could the citizenry of the Capital end up this fanatic, to the point where they’d go mad without seeing the princess at least once a day, without at least that level of charm and charisma?

All those young noblemen who have gone to the Capital and seen Lucy show herself all, without exception, fell to her. After they returned home, they’d end up thinking about returning to the Capital every single day. Their dreams are also filled with that unforgettable figure like they’re possessed.

Tyler is merely one of those many, many young noblemen.

Shien hasn’t even fully realized just how amazing a thing it was for him to have taken that princess for himself.

It can be said that, after Shien and Lucy formed a relationship, the rest of Shien’s life was practically guaranteed to be filled with the envy of all kinds of men. This isn’t even getting into the fact that this beast had even completely eaten up said princess. If that gets known, he’d definitely end up becoming public enemy number one.

What had happened today will definitely reoccur a lot in the future.

Shien was under the impression that now that he’s arrived at the Stalim dukedom, his issues regarding Lucy were over, but he had no idea that this was just the start of the troubles that he’s going to be encountering due to his relationship with Lucy.


“Ugh…! Haa…! Gah…!”

In the parlor, a number of enraged grunts of effort rang out.

Tyler started challenging the sword. He grasped the handle, used all the strength he had, with his face going red with exertion in trying to pull the sword out.

However, no matter how much he strained, the completely ordinary looking sword before him remained unshaken, showing not the slightest hint of budging.



Tyler wasn’t even able to shift it the slightest bit.


Tyler couldn’t believe it. He just roared out in anger and continued pulling with all his might.

Terrance was also somewhat surprised at this, and his own gaze toward the Holy Sword changed.

Shien just acted completely unconcerned and casually sipped away at his tea.

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