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Chapter 5998 - Chapter 5998 Contribution From the Future

Chapter 5998, Contribution From the Future

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One after another, Yang Kai’s shadows stepped out from the Space-Time River only to perish at Mo’s hands. There were no exceptions. The first one had survived the battle for over four hours. The second one lasted for less than four hours. As for the third… the battle had ended even faster.

“This is bad!” Among those who were watching the battle from a distance, Mi Jing Lun’s expression turned solemn. He had noticed the issue at hand.

It was an extremely serious issue. Although Yang Kai’s Shadows were endless in supply, his strength seemed to be weakening over time. It was as though time was flowing backwards for him, causing his condition to return to an earlier period with each shadow.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s aura was only comparable to a newly advanced Ninth-Order Master; hence, he was effortlessly slaughtered by Mo as soon as he stepped out from the Space-Time River.

If the situation continued in this manner, he would not even be able to maintain his cultivation in the Ninth-Order. If that were to happen, Mo would be able to exterminate him without even breaking a sweat, no matter how many shadows were to appear.

Another one of Yang Kai’s shadows in the newly advanced Ninth Order stepped out from the Space-Time River. Raising a hand, Mo captured the shadow in its grasp and stared at Yang Kai faintly, “You’re a disgrace to Mu’s legacy!”

Yang Kai did not panic even though he was captured by Mo. After the repeated deaths of his shadows, he was now very familiar with the feeling of death. Raising an eyebrow at those words, he denied the statement, “That might not be true!”

Mo looked surprised, “Do you have another trick up your sleeve?”

Yang Kai grinned, “Indeed, a trick you’ve never seen before.”

“Very good!” Mo made a faint smile. While saying so, he exerted some strength into his grip and crushed the shadow in his grasp.

In the next moment, another Yang Kai leapt out from the Space-Time River; however, the aura lingering around him was different this time. Something had obviously changed as his aura was once again at the peak of his strength.

If the foundation of the Shadow Technique was said to be the Space-Time River, then the Core of the Secret Technique was the user of the selected Space-Time. In Yang Kai’s case, he was manipulating the 10,000 Dao Strengths with his Self from this Space-Time as the Core and his Space-Time River as the foundation. That was how he gained the ability to summon shadows from previous Space-Time periods.

All those who were slaughtered by Mo previously were his shadows; however, the one who walked out of the Space-Time River now was his main body. It was the him of the current Space-Time!

The foundation and core were extremely important to the Shadow Technique; therefore, it was necessary to destroy both aspects to overcome it.

Mo had initially wanted to refine the Space-Time River but was hindered by Yang Kai’s numerous shadows, which prevented it from taking action. However, he saw a ray of hope when Yang Kai’s main body emerged from the Space-Time River. The Shadow Technique would be destroyed as long as the Yang Kai standing before him was eliminated!

But, could it be that simple? For Yang Kai’s main body to emerge from the Space-Time River at this point… His actions certainly seemed like a desperate move; after all, the shadows that he summoned earlier had been cleanly eradicated. If he summoned any more shadows from earlier Space-Time periods, he would only have the cultivation of an Eighth-Order Master, which would not be able to cause any trouble for Mo at all.

Combining the situation with what Yang Kai mentioned just now, Mo had the vague feeling that Yang Kai was about to reveal his trump card. Oddly enough, he found himself looking forward to what was to come for some reason.

Yang Kai did not disappoint. When his main body stepped out of the Space-Time River, he lightly chanted, “I offer 1,000 years of my past in exchange for a contribution from the future! Come!”

As soon as those words left his mouth, the Space-Time River behind him began to rumble turbulently. The enormous river abruptly shrunk by a large margin, then another of Yang Kai’s shadow emerged from within the waters.

Seeing this, Mo’s eyes narrowed slightly. That was because the aura lingering around this shadow was slightly stronger than Yang Kai himself.

That should have been impossible. It had to be said that the Shadow Technique was performed with one’s self in the current Space-Time as the core. For that reason, the summoned shadow could only be formed from one’s self that existed in previous Space-Times. In other words, the summoned shadow should never be stronger than the main body, because the main body was ultimately the strongest. Be that as it may, an exception had appeared in Yang Kai’s case.

Mo instantly figured out the truth behind the situation and exclaimed in astonishment, “You summoned a shadow from the future!?”

Only Yang Kai from the future could be stronger than the main body of Yang Kai, who existed in the current Space-Time!

Mo did not remain idle when he raised this question. After realising that Yang Kai’s attainments in the Shadow Technique had surpassed Mu’s, he knew that Yang Kai could not be allowed to continue, so he charged forward even while asking this question.

In response, Yang Kai just stood calmly in place.

On the other hand, the summoned shadow stepped forward and immediately engaged in an intense battle with Mo. Although he came from 1,000 years in the future, his strength was still limited even though he was slightly stronger than the main body. He was no match for Mo either, but he would have no trouble buying some time for Yang Kai.

Furthermore, Yang Kai did not need much time!

He then shouted again, “Come!”

A second shadow stepped out from the Space-Time River. It was another Yang Kai who came from another 1,000 years into the future. When the second shadow appeared, the size of the Space-Time River shrunk again. On the other hand, the aura of Yang Kai and the two shadows instantly became closely interconnected. A Three Fortunes Formation was established!

The aura of the second shadow was again stronger than the first…

The first shadow had been steadily pushed back by Mo’s intense assault, but his situation improved as soon as the Three Fortunes Formation was established even though he remained at a disadvantage.

“Again!” Yang Kai shouted. The Dragon Blood in his body boiled and churned, while at the same time, his face began to flush red.

A third shadow stepped out from the Space-Time River. Glancing at the main body, he nodded lightly before he directly charged onto the battlefield. The Three Fortunes Formation also instantly transformed into the Four Symbols Formation!

“Again!” Golden Blood trickled out of Yang Kai’s nose as a fourth shadow emerged and the Four Symbols Formation evolved into a Five Elements Formation!

Shadow after shadow emerged from the Space-Time River without pause; only when the eighth shadow was summoned did Yang Kai finally stop. It was not that he no longer wanted to continue, but rather that the volume of his Space-Time River would shrink by a certain extent whenever he summoned a shadow from the future, and the Space-Time River had vanished completely after he summoned the eighth shadow.

He had reached the absolute limit of his Shadow Technique!

At this moment, Yang Kai’s main body was bleeding from all seven of his orifices. It was evident that he had endured tremendous pressure in order to pull this feat off.

The shadows that appeared towards the end possessed increasingly powerful auras. When the sixth shadow emerged, its aura had already reached the absolute peak of the Ninth Order. It was a stage that even Yang Kai’s main body had not achieved. The seventh and the eighth shadows also had auras at the peak of the Ninth Order, but their auras had become even more profound.

Looking at Mo who was being besieged and steadily repelled by the shadows on the battlefield, Yang Kai smiled even though he was covered in blood.

In truth, the shadows were already capable of fighting Mo on an equal footing when the Six Paths Formation was formed; therefore, Mo’s situation then became more and more critical when it later evolved to become the Seven Stars, Eight Trigrams, and ultimately Nine Palaces Formation!

The ones who established the Battle Formation were all ‘Yang Kais’. To be more precise, they were Yang Kais from future Space-Times! This was a feat that even Mu could not achieve. Her Shadow Technique could only summon shadows of her past because her Space-Time River was incomplete, but that was not the case for Yang Kai. His Space-Time River had been perfected, so the power of the Shadow Technique he wielded was even more terrifying!

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