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Chapter 5554 - Chapter 5554 Luring the Enemy In

Chapter 5554, Luring the Enemy In

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Yang Kai did not agree with the strategy adopted by the higher-ups of the Human Race; after all, cultivating blindly behind closed doors did not necessarily lead to one’s advancement to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm.

The Cave Heavens and Paradises had several talented candidates who advanced directly to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm over countless years; however, there were not nearly as many Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Old Ancestors, just over 100 in total.

If it were that easy to reach the Ninth-Order, then they would not be Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters anymore. Besides, the real strength of those who simply cultivated in seclusion would be questionable even if they were lucky enough to advance to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Only those who had experienced life-or-death battles and comprehended the mystery of the Grand Dao amid multiple crises could truly be called strong.

Although Yang Kai disapproved of the arrangement, he knew that their actions stemmed from a sense of helplessness. The battlefield was extremely dangerous, and it would only take the slightest mistake for even an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master to fall in battle.

The Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had contributed so much for the sake of buying more time for the future generation, but if all those talented candidates were to die in the war before reaching the peak, then the Human Race would no longer have hope of survival. A Race without hope was bound to fall into the abyss of despair, sooner or later.

Dispelling the distracting thoughts in his head, Yang Kai looked towards Su Yan and the three others, “Take over the Universe Cave Heaven. I’ll be right back.”

Su Yan and the others nodded in unison, surging their Space Principles to stabilise the shaking in their surroundings.

Meanwhile, Yang Kai had already opened a portal and plunged into it.

Three Territory Lords had rushed into the Portal Corridor together. One had been kicked out by Yang Kai, one had been killed, and the last one had escaped into the depths of the Void.

Yang Kai had been too injured at the time to hunt down the Territory Lord who escaped, but now was the time to deal with that loose end. Naturally, he could also choose to simply ignore the existence of that Territory Lord as he might never find his way back after plunging into the depths of the Void. It was very difficult for somebody to escape from the Void Crack; however, it was not impossible. If that Territory Lord was lucky enough to escape from the Void Crack, then he would become another powerful enemy for the Human Race.

Therefore, Yang Kai could not give up the opportunity to kill this Territory Lord.

The Black Ink Clan was not alone in wanting to annihilate their enemies once and for all. The Human Race would not let the opportunity to kill a powerful enemy Master slip through their fingers either.

It didn’t take long for Yang Kai to return to the Portal Corridor where Void Turbulence overlapped. The Portal Corridor had become highly unstable because of the previous battle fought here and the four Territory Lords trying to break the Void from the outside.

Yang Kai had not forgotten the spot where the Territory Lord had escaped previously, so wandering through the Void Turbulence alone, he soon arrived at his destination and dove inside the large crack in space that appeared.

It was difficult to search for anybody in a place like this and even Yang Kai did not dare to guarantee that he could find his target. He could only hope that the Territory Lord had not run or drifted too far; otherwise, there was nothing he could do either.

The Territory Lord had indeed not gone far. The Portal Corridor had been torn open by the aftermath of their battle at the time, and he mistakenly assumed that this opening was a means of escape. How could he have known that he would find himself deeper inside the Void Crack after he entered the hole? He was so scared that he did not dare to move around carelessly. Only the fact that Yang Kai had not given chase gave him a slight sense of relief.

During this period, he had remained inside the Void Crack and treated his wounds while searching for an exit. It was a pity that this place was highly abnormal. As he had never cultivated Space Principles before, he found moving around to be extremely difficult. He was constantly caught up in the Void Turbulence, which made him lose his direction. After several attempts, he no longer knew where he was anymore.

Yang Kai spent half a day tracking various traces that were almost imperceptible before he finally found the Territory Lord.

The aura of the Territory Lord was very weak. It was obvious that his efforts to counter the impacts of the Void Turbulence had exhausted him greatly. In addition to the injuries he previously suffered, he could not replenish his strength in this place, so at this point, his strength was far from its peak.

Yang Kai had been prepared to use a Soul Rendering Thorn to end the battle as quickly as possible; however, given the other party’s condition, it seemed he did not have to trouble himself with that.

An hour later, Yang Kai slipped out of the Universe Cave Heaven’s Portal Corridor. There were bloodstains on his body, but he did not seem to be seriously injured.

Fighting to the death with a Territory Lord was never easy. Nevertheless, the already weakened Territory Lord was further suppressed by the countless Void Turbulence surging in the Void Crack, so Yang Kai’s long years of cultivation would have all been in vain if he failed to kill his opponent under these circumstances

Currently, only four Territory Lords remained from the original 10 Territory Lords!

Be that as it may, the enemies in Acacia Territory were not just the four Territory Lords, but also the massive Black Ink Clan Army. So much time had passed since the initial confrontation, so it was likely the Black Ink Clan had mobilised even more troops to surround the portal by now.

Fortunately, Yang Kai’s forces no longer consist of just the three Squads from before. The 1,000 or so Hunters were also an excellent combat force. As for the 10,000 Human refugees trapped inside the Universe Cave Heaven, there were not many among them who could fight the Black Ink Clan as most were too weak. If they fought the Black Ink Clan, they were bound to become corrupted by Black Ink Strength.

“Prepare for battle!” Yang Kai roared.

Everybody responded with great enthusiasm. The three Squads, 1,000 Hunters, Li Zi Yu’s Squad, and the others from the former Red Sun Army burned with passionate murderous intent.

Likewise, Yang Kai began to manipulate Space Principles and stabilize the surroundings. At the same time, he sent a Divine Sense transmission to Su Yan and the others to cooperate with him.

The Black Ink Clan Army of 100,000 that originally stood guard outside the Universe Cave Heaven was gone, decimated by the attack from Yang Kai’s original team or used as resources by Mo Na Ye and the other three Territory Lords to recover their strength. At this point, not many of them remained.

Although the original Black Ink Clan Army of 100,000 was gone, over a million troops had taken their place instead. Mo Na Ye had relocated these troops from the Territory Gates, having each of the five armies dispatch some 300,000 soldiers for a total of 1.5 million troops.

The Black Ink Clan Army spread across the void like a swarm of locusts and surrounded the portal tightly.

A full month had passed since the Human Race Masters fled into the Universe Cave Heaven. During this period, numerous Black Ink Clan Masters had worked diligently and continuously under Mo Na Ye’s lead to shatter the surrounding Void.

Mo Na Ye wanted to break open the portal to the Universe Cave Heaven and invade it. Unfortunately, things did not go as he had planned. Knowing that Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space, he believed that the latter must have done something to the portal; otherwise, there was no explanation for its unusual durability.

Mo Na Ye was not willing to give up, however. Having reached this point, all the Territory Lords who were sacrificed previously would have died in vain if he gave up now. His only option was to continue his assault.

Yang Kai had been heavily wounded. In addition to his injuries, he also had to stabilize the portal of the Universe Cave Heaven. He was bound to collapse from the burden one day, and that moment would be the moment of his death!

However, Mo Na Ye’s belief was beginning to waver at this point. Would Yang Kai really run out of strength?

Despite an entire month of continuous bombardment, there were no visible results to show for their efforts, causing Mo Na Ye to begin to doubt the decision he made back then.

Suddenly, the Void in front of him seemed to change slightly. Mo Na Ye immediately snapped to attention and looked in that direction. For some reason, the faintly perceptible portal seemed much more solid and tangible than before. Then, the portal abruptly shattered and exploded.

When the portal shattered, the Universe Cave Heaven hidden in the Void appeared before the eyes of the Black Ink Clan Masters and a figure soared into the sky while coughing up a mouthful of Golden Blood. At the same time, the Human Race Masters inside the Universe Cave Heaven screamed mournfully.

It was Yang Kai! Even though Mo Na Ye only caught a glimpse of Yang Kai back then, how could he forget the face of this Human Race Master?

[He’s at his limits!]

Reality proved that his previous speculations were correct. The reason why the Universe Cave Heaven held out for so long was due to Yang Kai’s tricks; however, in the end, Yang Kai was just one person. How could he resist the violent bombardment of so many Black Ink Clan Masters forever?

The portal shattered, revealing the Universe Cave Heaven. Meanwhile, the Human Race Masters hiding inside panicked as though the end was upon them.

Mo Na Ye even saw many of them retreating in terror, as though afraid that the Black Ink Clan would charge forward and slaughter them.

Chuckling, Mo Na Ye took a step forward, preparing to enter the Universe Cave Heaven. However, after giving it another thought, he stopped and whirled around sharply, “You Gong, go and finish him off!”

You Gong was furious and cursed vehemently in his heart, [Bastard! Why me? Why don’t you go yourself!? Mo Na Ye, you bastard!]

Mo Na Ye was clearly worried that the Human Race Masters were feigning weakness, which was why he decided to send You Gong to test the waters first.

Unfortunately, Mo Na Ye had the highest authority over the matters in Acacia Territory. Unable to protest, You Gong gloomily muttered, “They have one more Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.”

Although that female Eighth-Order Master was not very strong, she was still in the Eighth-Order. With so many Seventh-Order Masters around, a lone Territory Lord would not be able to guarantee their safety.

Mo Na Ye frowned but still glanced at another Territory Lord and ordered, “Go and help him.”

The Territory Lord nodded.

With no other choice, You Gong raised his arm above his head and roared, “Kill!”

He charged forward with the other Territory Lord whom Mo Na Ye selected while countless Feudal Lords followed behind them. It only took the blink of an eye for the Black Ink Clan Army to charge into the Universe Cave Heaven.

Feng Ying activated her Myriad Swords Dragon and met their charge head on. In response, You Gong yelled to the other Territory Lord, “I will stop her! You go after Yang Kai!”

Ignoring the opinion of the Territory Lord accompanying him, You Gong immediately began exchanging blows with Feng Ying, resulting in intense shockwaves rippling out.

The other Territory Lord coldly snorted, [You Gong, that fool! He has been scared witless by that Human! I can’t believe he doesn’t even dare to attack the enemy even though he is heavily wounded! What a useless good-for-nothing!]

In his opinion, Yang Kai’s battered and miserable appearance did not seem fake, and it was easy to understand why.

Yang Kai was seriously injured to begin with, but even so, he had to stabilize the Universe Cave Heaven and resist the Black Ink Clan outside for an entire month. Where would he find the time to rest? If he had any strength remaining, the portal would not have been destroyed. Not to mention, he probably suffered additional injuries on top of his previous ones when the portal shattered. How much strength could he have left?

Nevertheless, the Territory Lord was still cautious of Yang Kai’s strange methods. After considering everything, he shielded his Soul and charged towards Yang Kai. Along the way, many Seventh-Order Human Masters tried to block his path only to be blown away by him.

The Feudal Lords following behind the Territory Lord also began to launch their offensive. It didn’t take long before they were entangled in battle against the Human Race Masters in the Universe Cave Heaven.

The peace in the Universe Cave Heaven was destroyed in an instant. Everywhere in the Universe Cave Heaven, Humans and Black Ink Clansmen fought desperately.

Yang Kai awkwardly dodged the ferocious attacks of the Territory Lord, spitting blood from time to time. His complexion was as pale as a sheet, and he looked as though he would collapse at any time; however, he was cursing furiously on the inside, [Why are the two Territory Lords outside not coming in? Aren’t you being a little too cautious!? I’m already in such terrible condition! Shouldn’t you join forces to kill me as soon as possible!?]

The current situation was different from his expectations.

Stuck inside the Universe Cave Heaven, it was not easy for them to break free and escape. They could not force their way out with so many Black Ink Clan Masters standing guard outside. If they so much as revealed themselves, they will definitely be swarmed to death. Even Yang Kai was not confident that he could successfully charge out of the portal under the watch of so many Black Ink Clan Masters.

Since they could not leave, they could only lure their enemies into a trap.

The portal had been shattered and the Universe Cave Heaven was revealed; furthermore, Yang Kai appeared to be in an extremely weak condition.

Yang Kai did not believe that the Black Ink Clan could resist the urge to charge forward, and as expected, that was what they did. Unfortunately, the Black Ink Clan did not use their full strength. Out of the four Territory Lords, two had charged into the Universe Cave Heaven but two had remained outside.

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