Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 4377 Red-Haired Monster

Chapter 4377 Red-Haired Monster

It was a red-haired lifeform with two horns on its head. Its limbs looked so emaciated, giving people the impression that even a gentle breeze could topple it.

However, its eyes glowed scarlet, and its fangs jutted out menacingly. Just looking at it made the onlookers feel like their souls would crumble.

This creature was no ordinary being.

While it also emitted Eternal Qi, its aura was countless times stronger than that of ordinary Eternal experts. They existed on disparate planes of strength and prowess.

As soon as it appeared, killing intent filled the sky and locked onto Long Chen.


The red-haired monster let out a furious roar upon seeing the charred skeletons. A withered hand extended toward Long Chen, and at that moment, he sensed the space around him collapsing.

Prepared for battle ever since this red-haired monster appeared, Long Chen swiftly swung the Seven Peak Sword down.


To his astonishment, the Seven Peak Sword simply exploded, succumbing to a mysterious force before it could even make contact with the monster’s palm.

After that, astral energy quickly flowed on top of Long Chen’s hand. Reacting on instinct, Long Chen thrust his fist toward the approaching palm.


A sharp pain coursed through Long Chen's arm, and blood sprayed in the air as the scales on his fist exploded. The impact resembled the force of a shooting star, sending Long Chen smashing into the mountain and destroying it.

“How can this be?” muttered the red-haired monster.

It had thought that this blow would reduce Long Chen to smithereens, yet he only suffered an injury to his hand.

“Devil Saint, he is not a pure human. He has true dragon essence blood inside his veins,” reported one of the Eternal experts of the humanless world.

“So that’s the case. No wonder he dares to kill my people. But who cares about the dragon race? All of you will die!” The red-haired monster roared, unleashing an ear-piercing soundwave that stabbed at people’s ears like a scorpion’s stinger.


Even the powerful Dragonblood warriors couldn’t resist screaming. Agonizing pain wracked their souls, as if something was exploding in their heads. Blood oozed out of their ears, and they succumbed to a sensory blackout, unaware of their surroundings.

Behind the Dragonblood warriors, the Starry River Sect’s disciples were even worse off. Over ninety percent of them trembled violently and directly fainted.

“It’s a spiritual attack!”

Bai Shishi’s expression changed. With a single roar, that devil expert almost shattered their souls.

Fortunately, the Starry River Sect’s disciples had strong enough wills; otherwise, this single roar would have wiped them all out. She had never seen such a terrifying expert before.

“Retreat!” Long Chen decisively shouted. However, he himself shot toward the red-haired monster.

“Little human, you dare to be this arrogant? Who gave you that courage?”

The red-haired monster looked at Long Chen like a bloodthirsty beast eyeing its prey, a blood-colored light flowing in its eyes. As a savage smile crept onto its face, its withered hands weaved strange hand seals. The next moment, devil qi burst out of it, and with that, the world changed color. Grand Dao runes danced in the air, condensing into a giant shield in front of it.


As Long Chen’s fist landed on the shield, the impact shook the world, causing a powerful gust to blow in every direction. That immense shield only cracked slightly.

Seeing this scene, Long Chen was flabbergasted. This was his strongest punch, but it was unable to break the defenses of the red-haired monster. This meant that the two of them were simply not on the same level.

He could easily slay other Eternal experts, but he was still a far cry from this red-haired monster. Just how strong was this fellow?

However, the moment Long Chen cracked that immense shield, the red-haired monster’s savage smile vanished and its pupils shrank. Long Chen’s power had clearly exceeded its expectations.

According to reason, no matter how strong Long Chen was, he was just a World King. He should have been like a fly smashing into this shield. However, it didn’t turn out that way.

Now, the red-haired monster knew that it couldn’t leave Long Chen alive. All of a sudden, it formed more hand seals, and the immense shield grew, forming a sphere that surrounded Long Chen.

This sudden change caught even Long Chen off-guard. It was a bizarre move beyond the scope of his understanding of magical arts.

“Soul Devouring Devil Sound!”

The red-haired monster abruptly stuck its head into that enormous sphere and opened its mouth. Following that, an ear-piercing scream rang out.

It sounded like a pig being slaughtered or scraping iron, perhaps the worst sound in existence. Even outside that barrier, people’s hair stood on end. It was as if ants were gnawing at their souls, inflicting a pain so unbearable it made them contemplate death.

One could only imagine its horrifying intensity inside the barrier. Long Chen had to be enduring a thousandfold of the excruciating torment.

Contrary to everyone’s thoughts, Long Chen’s expression didn’t change. He swiftly formed hand seals, and a divine gate materialized from his forehead, its divine light enveloping him.

This was the Divine Gate within Long Chen's mind-sea, where the Divine Gate Star resided. While Long Chen didn’t know how to use the Divine Gate to attack, he was capable of summoning it to protect himself.

As the soundwave stabbed into him like a sword, it was shattered by that divine light. The red-haired monster’s devil sound was unable to reach him.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaole and the Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox merged, swiftly transporting every unconscious disciple of the Starry River Sect away from the scene.

The Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox had appeared completely unstoppable before. However, its expression completely changed after seeing that devil. Hearing Long Chen’s order to retreat, it was the first to run.

It knew just how terrifying this monster was and didn’t dare to fight such an existence.

Afraid of being attacked, the Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox and Bai Xiaole didn’t dare to use a spatial transportation technique. After all, if they were attacked and sucked into the chaotic flow of space, they would be doomed.

While Bai Xiaole carried the Starry River Sect's disciples to safety, he urgently yelled at the newcomers trailing behind to flee. The swift pace of Long Chen and the others had left many of these newcomers struggling to keep up.

Ironically, their delayed arrival now worked in their favor. Had they reached this place in time, a single scream from the red-haired monster would have annihilated all the weaklings among them.

Inside the barrier, the red-haired monster’s devil voice echoed, like millions of swirling blades that threatened to slice Long Chen into pieces.

Outside the barrier, even the humanless world’s experts found it unbearable, and many fled in haste. Only their Eternal lifeforms could remain here.

Luckily, Long Chen had the Divine Gate to block this devil sound. In a swift motion, a flame lotus manifested in his left hand, and a lightning sphere materialized in his right. Long Chen was channeling his energy, waiting. After several breaths passed, the piercing scream of the red-haired monster ceased. No one could guess whether it had used up all the air in its lungs, or if it had given up.

“This is my chance!”

Just as the red-haired monster stopped screaming, Long Chen shoved his hands forward. The flame lotus and lightning sphere merged with wild intensity and smashed into the monster.

“Lightning Flame World Extermination!"

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