Transmigrated into a Parvenu’s Ex-wife in the ‘90s

Chapter 475: Tianbao's girlfriend (2)

Chapter 475: Tianbao’s girlfriend (2)

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“That’s Wu Rui across from him. You still think he wouldn’t go back to someone who had once dumped him?”

Shu Yan frowned a little. “Let’s switch to a different restaurant and stay out of this.”

Tianbao was 23 years old now and was no longer a child. If he wasn’t asking for help, Shu Yan would let him handle it himself.

After the last few years, Tianbao had returned to his fair self. He looked a lot like Shu Yan and was the more delicate type. His sharp sword-like brows, however, made him more masculine than feminine.

“I didn’t think what happened then would have affected you so much that you had dropped out of school for two years. I’m sorry,” said Wu Rui.

Tianbao had thought that he would be angry and had a lot of questions that he wanted to ask when the person whom he hadn’t seen in years suddenly appeared in front of him.

Lo and behold, when she was truly sitting across from him, he felt relieved all of a sudden. There was nothing that he wanted to ask.

As he no longer loved her.

“I was affected a little. My dad couldn’t stand looking at me like that and tossed me into the military,” said Tianbao frankly.

Wu Rui raised her brows. The more open and honest he was, the less he cared about their past.

“I’m sorry anyway. But…… I don’t regret my choice.” Wu Rui stirred at the coffee.

“My family business ran into some issues back then and we needed a lot of capital. The Yuan family was willing to help us out, but the condition was to be engaged to their youngest son. So I agreed to it.”

People always say that girls mature earlier than boys. That was true. Wu Rui had always known that she could only be well if her family was well. As such, she would not dodge her responsibilities when her family needed her.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” His mother hadn’t transferred the shares to him yet, but he had plenty of real estate and cash under his name.

That might not be enough, but he could always talk to his parents. He trusted that they would help him out.

Wu Rui shook her head. “It was a large amount. Besides, your family relied on the Hu family. You are not the core group, but only had some shares with Hu Ruixue’s company. What can you help me with?”

“Who told you that?” Tianbao frowned. “My mom and Aunty Hu are equal partners of the company.”

Wu Rui smiled bitterly. “That was what everyone said at the time. I found out the truth later on.”

That was the reason she didn’t ask Tianbao for help when her family needed it. By the time she found out the truth, she was already engaged.

Tianbao pinched his lips shut. “It is all water under the bridge now. Now that you are back, are you going to leave the country again?”

“No, probably not.” Wu Rui brushed her hair back. “I plan to intern at my family’s company. What about you?”

“I am not interested in the clothing business. I now work at a cellphone company.”

Wu Rui frowned a little. “I heard that your sister had been running it. I… I think that it’s best if you join Yanxue.”

The subtext was that Tianbao should beware that the company did not fall into his sister’s hands.

“I don’t think it’s right for you to comment on that given our current relationship, no?”

Wu Rui didn’t look very happy either. She felt that her concern for him was wasted.

That night, when Tianbao saw his mom and sister at home, he smiled and said, “Why didn’t you say something when you two saw me at the restaurant earlier today?”

“You saw us?” Shu Yan studied Tianbao carefully. “That… That girl was……”

“Yes, my ex-girlfriend.” Tianbao found that comical. “That was years ago. I had gotten over it a long time ago.”

Tianbao found himself a new girlfriend shortly after that. She was a year below him at school and was a very outright Northern girl.

That was also not what Shu Yan had expected. Shu Yan had thought that Tianbao would prefer the cute or fragile type of girls.

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