Godly Stay-Home Dad

Chapter 1114 - Thunder Yang Treasure Land

Chapter 1114 Thunder Yang Treasure Land

“Is this the Main World?” asked Nina.

She leaned toward the window and looked left and right.

“Yes,” Mengmeng said with a grin. “Queen of Elves, welcome to Earth. You are our first elf visitor.”

“Thank you. I’m honored,” Nina said with a smile.

“Our destination is Mount New Moon in Xiangjiang. That’s where we live. It will take us more than two hours to fly there,” Mengmeng said seriously.

Hearing this, Zhang Han chortled and said, “The aircraft flies faster than us. We can get there in 20 minutes.”

“That’s fast!” Mengmeng was stunned.

“Of course, aircraft can also fly in the universe, only that it can merely cross a short distance. When we went back to the main vessel from that planet, we all rode aircraft, didn’t we? So… do you still remember the pact we made?” Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng with a tender smile on his face.

“Huh? What pact?”

Mengmeng’s big eyes stopped blinking as she pondered what her father was talking about.

“Have you forgotten?” Zhang Han stretched out his right hand and pointed to the sky.

“What is the pact?” Mengmeng’s eyes flickered with pensiveness.

She looked up at the sky. One second passed. Two seconds passed…

“Right! I remember! The snowman and the moon!” Mengmeng’s smile was very sweet. All her happiness was displayed on her face and in her eyes. She then said with a beam, “Daddy, you are so sweet. You remember every promise you made to me. I would forget it if you didn’t remind me. You said you would write my name on the moon and find me a snowman to play with. You made that promise when I sang to you years ago. Hee-hee, let me give you kisses.”

Mengmeng asked Zhang Han to bend down, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him on the cheek a few times.

Seeing this, Zi Yan rolled her eyes and said, “Oh, enough. How old are you now? Don’t be so clingy. Move. I wanna my husband back.”


Mengmeng said grumpily, “You’re just jealous of me. You’re jealous because Daddy likes me most.”

“Who cares?” Zi Yan snorted.

As the little girl grew older, Zi Yan began to tease her from time to time.

If she didn’t tease her now, soon she wouldn’t have the chance.

But Mengmeng wasn’t bothered. She made a face at Zi Yan instead of answering back.

Anyway, she knew she couldn’t beat her mother in arguing.

The others would drop their jaws if they knew what Mengmeng was thinking.

On the entire Mount New Moon, except for Zhang Han and Zi Yan, even a senior like Zhang Mu and a kid like Chen Chuan knew that Mengmeng never flinched from rebuking others.

Watching this, Nina felt envious.

She felt that Mengmeng was living in a happy family.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

The aircraft flew rapidly in the wind.

Generally speaking, a man like Shi Fenghou, who could fly extremely fast, would make muffled noises when he surpassed the speed of sound.

However, the high-tech aircraft could lower the noise by constantly weakening the airflow.

Thus, even the people guarding the exit didn’t notice the aircraft at all.

“Mount New Moon is up ahead!

“My father specially made this Xanadu for me when I was a child.”

Mengmeng was a little excited as she was about to go home.

The No-fly Zone did not affect the aircraft at all.

Everyone looked at Mount New Moon from the air.

There seemed to be a faint fog around the mountain, which was rather weird. It was as if there was a mysterious veil covering the mountain.

But after entering the area of Mount New Moon…

The scenery changed abruptly.

They saw the magic paradise, the small boat for sightseeing floating in the air…

There were many things that could not be seen outside the area. One could even see many people walking by and many children playing in the magic paradise.

What a lovely scene!

Nina blinked, reckoning that the layout here was very brilliant.

She then started to check the environment. In truth, Nina had seen many beautiful places. Mount New Moon was not very large, so the environment that could be altered was limited. But the distribution of all the things here was very pleasant to the eye.

“We’re back!” Mengmeng called.

But no one outside heard her. She was taken aback.

Then, she told the system, “Woodenhead, I’m going to say something. Get the horn ready.”

“There is no horn. There is no horn,” said the intelligent system.

“But I want to talk to the outside,” Mengmeng said.

“The loudspeaker is ready.”

“Well, we’re back!” Mengmeng shouted.


The people on Mount New Moon instantly tensed up.

“Who is speaking?”

“It’s Mengmeng!”

“Boss and the others are back!”


“Pfft… They are all in the sky. What the heck are those in the air?”

A lot of them had soul sense. After a quick probe, they noticed the invisible aircraft.

The invisible mode was switched off.

One after another, the exquisite aircraft appeared in front of the people below.


“Boohoo, aliens are coming!”

Several little kids were so scared that they burst into tears.

“Look, it’s us. We’re back.”

Mengmeng said again, “Don’t you think our aircraft are beautiful?”

Then the little girl turned to look at Zhang Han and said, “Daddy, shall we jump out directly? I can fly now.”

“Let’s park the aircraft over there.”

Zhang Han pointed to the side of the golf course. There was an open space that could accommodate dozens of aircraft.

Under the control of the system, the aircraft landed in that area in batches.

The leading one was Mengmeng’s Blue Butterfly. The other three aircraft following it were Zhang Han and Zi Yan’s. They were also very pretty. But most people’s eyes were still on the Blue Butterfly.


The cabin door opened.

Zhang Han and the others got off and stepped on the flying disks. When they arrived at the lawn on the ground, the blue flying disks automatically returned to the Blue Butterfly. The cabin door closed, and the aircraft stayed there quietly.

The dozens of aircraft amazed all the people on Mount New Moon.

The members of the security group, the Wang family, and the Zi family all gathered around the aircraft.

The whole Mount New Moon was bustling.

“Boss is back!”

“What on earth are these things?”

More and more people rushed over when they heard the racket. Moments later, more than 100 people gathered here.

“These are technological products of the Sea Dragon Star Area. It’s called aircraft.”

Facing all those questions, Ah Hu, Zhao Feng, and others voluntarily provided answers.

“The Sea Dragon Star Area is really big. It’s a large area in the universe with countless spaceships.”

“There are cultivators, cultivation families, and alliances. That place is amazing. You’d want to hear this. Our boss showed off his power in the Sea Dragon Star Area. He overpowered a lot of great figures!”

“Don’t touch it. That’s my aircraft. It’s expensive. It’s worth more than 300,000 crystal stones. Do you want one? Hehe, let’s talk about it if you can go there with us next time.”

“We saw a lot of forces and all kinds of people. Some even have green skin. It looks quite peculiar. By the way, we also saw the King of Dwarves and the Elf Clan.”

Now they had reunited with their family and friends, they would definitely chat for minutes.

Gradually, everyone shifted their focus from the aircraft to Nina.

“Who is she?”

“She’s beautiful. Her ears are really long.”

“She is so pretty even without makeup.”

“Is she our boss’s mistress?”


Zhang Han almost choked on his saliva. “Who the hell said that? How could Nina be my mistress?”


Mengmeng grabbed Nina’s hand and took two steps forward. She then said in a loud voice, “Everyone, please be quiet. I have someone to introduce to you. The girl next to me is Queen of Elves, Princess Nina!”

After that, Mengmeng was suddenly dazed.

She felt that there was something wrong with her words, so she added, “At present, she is Princess Nina. Soon, she will become the next ruler of elves.”

“The Elf Clan! The Elf Clan really exists!”

“She’s an elf princess.”

“Queen of Elves…”

Everyone began to talk about Nina. They were all amazed.

“Mengmeng is really awesome. She went out for sightseeing and managed to bring the Queen of Elves back!

“Did she trick her to come here?

“Besides, that elf girl seems quite young.”

“Hello everyone, I am Nina. I am very happy to have come here as a guest,” Nina said with a smile.

For some reason, Nina was a little nervous under the watchful eyes of so many people.

But she wasn’t this anxious even when facing tens of thousands of people before.

“Is it because of their intent gazes?”

“She is really an elf!”

“Her ears are so long.”

A fit of incomparably lively discussions sounded here.

Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu were overjoyed when they heard that Zi Yan had come back. They hurried back from the company in just 10 minutes.

“You’re finally back.”

The two quickly walked over to the group and checked them out.

“Hi, Mom, Dad.”

“Hello, Grandpa, Grandma.”

After greeting the others, Zhao Feng directly said, “It’s almost 11 o’clock. I’ll tell the restaurant to prepare lunch. Mengmeng, Ma’am, Master, what do you want to eat?”

Yes, he had to ask for Mengmeng’s opinion first. That showed how high Mengmeng’s status was here.

“What shall we eat?”

“Hot pot?” Zi Yan suggested.

“Okay, Nina, we’ll have a hot pot in a moment. It’s very delicious. There’s no hot pot in the Sea Dragon Star Area. You can have a try here.” Hand in hand, Mengmeng led Nina to the castle. “My home is up ahead. I’ll give you a tour.”

“I’ll go too, Sister Mengmeng. Wait for me. Sister Nina, why didn’t you wait for me either?”

Chen Chuan ran over, forcefully stood between the two girls, and grabbed Nina’s hand with his left hand.

Nina slightly yanked her hand away. But she did not use much strength, so her hand was still in Chen Chuan’s. The corners of her mouth twitched a few times. Then, she let him hold her hand.

Chen Chuan’s right hand also reached out for Mengmeng’s hand.


Mengmeng mercilessly whacked his hand off and said disgruntledly, “Why did you force your way here?”

“Where else should I stand?” Chen Chuan said with chagrin.

Initially, Nina was going to withdraw her hand. But when she saw the wronged look on Chen Chuan’s face, she couldn’t help but snigger. Thus, she repressed the uneasiness welling up inside her.

Mengmeng, on the other hand, couldn’t stand it anymore.

She drew Chen Chuan to her right side and said, “You’re not a kid anymore, don’t you know that? Why are you holding hands with me? Go away.”

“Humph, Sister Nina let me hold her hand. Why did you refuse?” Chen Chuan said with a pout.

“Eh? Do you have a problem with me?” Mengmeng squinted at him.

At the sight of Mengmeng’s expression, Chen Chuan immediately said, “Sister Mengmeng, you’re right.”

He had no choice. After all, he couldn’t afford to offend Mengmeng.

He had been disciplined well by Mengmeng since he was little.


Mengmeng snorted and waved at Yue Xiaonao, “Hurry up. Come with us.”


Yue Xiaonao yawned as she ran toward them.

She had spent the last few days doing homework only, so she was worn out from inside.

Seeing this, the adults behind looked at one another and smiled.

Chen Chuan was also quite naughty. Sometimes, even Chen Changqing couldn’t keep him in check. He would restrain himself in front of Zhou Fei. But when Mengmeng was around, he dared not to misbehave at all.

If he threw a temper, Mengmeng would discipline him. Everyone was already used to it.

Zhao Feng and the others went to get the ingredients ready.

Mengmeng and the others went to the castle.

The others were sitting in the several pavilions under the Thunder Yang Tree, chatting.

About 10 minutes later, Lei Tiannan couldn’t help asking, “Well, when will we start to build the Thunder Yang Treasure Land? I can’t wait to see it.”

“It’s really amazing that you’ve gathered all the Thunder Yang Treasures,” Yue Wuwei praised. “I wonder where you got this Thunder Yang Tree.”

There were the Thunder Yang Crystal, the Thunder Yang Flower, and the Thunder Yang Grass on the Saint Warrior Planet from the outset. But this Thunder Yang Tree, which even had Source Energy, was truly precious.

“Then, let’s do it now.”

Zhang Han smiled, looked at the castle, and called out, “Mengmeng.”

“What?” Three seconds later, Mengmeng ran to her bedroom balcony on the third floor.

Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Chen Chuan were all standing by her side, looking Zhang Han’s way.

Without explaining anything, Zhang Han waved his right hand.


The Thunder Yang Sand appeared in front of him. It turned into a wisp of crystal clear light and drifted toward the Thunder Yang Tree.

The sand weighed 40.5 kilograms, which consisted of 810,000 tiny grains of sand in total.

The Thunder Yang Sand approached the Thunder Yang Tree and displayed its unique characteristics.

The leaves of the Thunder Yang Tree fluttered even though there was no wind.

It gradually glowed with a crystal-clear brilliance.

It was as if the whole Thunder Yang Tree had become jade-made. Waves of mysterious Qi spread out.

The Thunder Yang Flower and Thunder Yang Grass in the herb field also began to shine.

Under the petals of Thunder Yang Flower, there were exactly 81 thorns that looked like the thorns of roses.

There also happened to be 81 blades of Thunder Yang Grass.

Everything followed the natural law of the Thunder Yang Treasures.

For a moment, heaven and earth changed color.

Faint clouds floated toward the originally clear skies at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The clouds blotted out the sun. Such an abnormal phenomenon rendered everyone dumbfounded.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

Ten seconds later, the faint clouds seemed to have formed a vortex. More and more clouds were still converging into the vortex.

In the end, a huge cluster of clouds was formed in the sky above Mount New Moon. The dark cluster of clouds seemed to be flashing with lightning.

“This is a bizarre phenomenon between heaven and earth.

“The treasures have triggered such an unusual phenomenon. This Thunder Yang Treasure Land…”

Yue Wuwei’s pupils shrank slightly.

Thunder Yang Treasure Lands could also be graded. Just like medicinal pellets, there were low-grade, medium-grade, top-grade, as well as supreme-grade Thunder Yang Treasure Lands.

According to the legend, only a supreme-grade Thunder Yang Treasure Land could attract the Heavenly Tribulation.

It was because if one wanted to turn a patch of land into a treasure land, one had to ask the heavens for permission!

“Swish, swish, swish!”

The bright dark blue light flickered all over Mount New Moon.

The people who were washing and chopping ingredients in the restaurant instantly stopped what they were doing.

Some children who were playing in the magic paradise also stopped in their tracks and looked at the weird scene in front of them in a daze.

The people who were resting in their villa went to the balcony one after another, looking confused.

“What’s going on?”

Only the people near Zhang Han knew that the Thunder Yang Treasure Land was about to take shape.


What surprised everyone was that all the Thunder Yang Sand was absorbed by the Thunder Yang Tree.


Zhang Mu let out a soft cry of surprise.

The Thunder Yang Flower and Thunder Yang Grass both grew in the field, while the Thunder Yang Crystal was buried in the mountain. But how could the Thunder Yang Sand be absorbed only by the Thunder Yang Tree?

“This Thunder Yang Tree has 810,000 roots?” Yue Wuwei’s expression changed slightly as he said, “This is the best kind of Thunder Yang Tree in the world. It’s as valuable as a ninth-tier spirit treasure. Zhang Hanyang, where did you get it?”

Such a perfect Thunder Yang Tree was too valuable.

Even though it would only be a spirit treasure near the seventh tier after upgrading, in terms of value, it would be equivalent to a ninth-tier spirit treasure!

That was the highest-grade spirit treasure in the Cultivation World!

Why could it be so?

Yue Wuwei knew the answer very well. It was because this Thunder Yang Treasure Land was dominated by this Thunder Yang Tree.

It represented an endless amount of wealth!

The Thunder Yang Fruit, the Thunder Yang Branch, the supreme-grade Thunder Yang Crystal, the Thunder Yang Flower, and the Thunder Yang Grass could all be converted into consumable spirit treasures. As long as they were not used up at once, they could gradually grow back as long as they were bathed in the brilliance of the Thunder Yang Tree.

This was too terrifying.

The Thunder Yang Flower, Thunder Yang Grass, and the leaves and branches of the Thunder Yang Tree could be collected to refine medicinal pellets, which could be sold to make a lot of money, not to mention that the Thunder Yang Crystal was constantly producing supreme-grade crystal stones.

Thus, it was no exaggeration to say that Zhang Han had a supreme-grade crystal stone mine.

“It’s unfair. Life is truly unfair.

“Who is this Zhang Hanyang anyway?

“He is not as mysterious and influential as Zi Yan.

“Nor is he like Mengmeng, who is the Heavenly Lord now.

“Nor is he like me, the butler of the Saint Warrior Planet.

“But why does he have it all as if he were always living in the bull market?

“Oh, I see.”

Yue Wuwei patted his forehead and looked at the herd of cattle in the livestock area in the back mountain.

“It must be that Zhang Han keeps bulls.

“He keeps not only bulls but pigs, dogs, and sheep…”

The more his mind dwelled on it, the more far-fetched his thoughts became.

Yue Wuwei seldom behaved like this. Thus, one could imagine how shocked he was.

As the saying goes, the connoisseur recognizes the artistry while the layman simply enjoys the show.

At this moment, Yue Wuwei was the only one in shock. The others were… well, smiling.

“It’s so beautiful!”

“The colors are gorgeous!”

“Hahaha, the Thunder Yang Treasure Land has been formed. The ingredients have been further improved. We’ll have better food.”

“What are they talking about?”

Yue Wuwei stroked his beard and thought, ” You’re all beside the point. Don’t you know this is a supreme-grade Thunder Yang Treasure Land?”

Of course, he wouldn’t understand how could Zhang Han, a man with high status, keep a fifth-tier Thunder Yang Tree for no reason back then.

“Thump! Thump! Thump…”

The change was still going on.

After the Thunder Yang Tree absorbed the Thunder Yang Sand, it put every grain of sand on its own roots. Each of the 810,000 roots had a tiny grain of Thunder Yang Sand on its tip.

The landed changed again.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

The area expanded imperceptibly.

But it didn’t affect the surrounding roads. When it expanded, the roads quietly moved away and curved a bit to make way for the new land.

Anyway, it didn’t matter.

Now, who cared about such things?

The entire Saint Warrior Planet was Mengmeng’s after all.

Yue Wuwei had even said that if Mengmeng wanted to, he could revive the spiritual Qi or summon the doomsday.

But these people present still liked the current general environment.

As the area of Mount New Moon expanded, the layout of the whole territory became more orderly.

Even the parking space of the aircraft was larger. Moments ago, it seemed crowded when dozens of aircraft were parked there. But now, judging from the size of the parking lot, it was not a problem to accommodate even 100 aircraft.

In addition to these changes, there were also changes in the surrounding woods.

The trees had become more luxuriant. The pleasant smell grass had quietly upgraded to the second tier.

Even the meat and grass that the livestock fed on had been upgraded to the second tier, so had the pool, the fish pool, the pond… It seemed that the entire place had been refurbished.

Improvement was occurring to both the inside and the outside.

The air was fresher, and the environment became more beautiful.

But these were merely the most basic changes.

“Everyone, start to absorb the Source Spiritual Qi!” Zhang Han said abruptly.

As soon as he said that—


The light emitted from the Thunder Yang Tree became brighter and brighter. With the Thunder Yang Sand, the Thunder Yang Grass, the Thunder Yang Crystal, and the Thunder Yang Flower around it, the five supreme Thunder Yang Treasures finally merged into one. The Thunder Yang Treasure Land had been formed!

The Star Formation of the Five Elements also changed. Each of the five formation eyes faced one of the Five Thunder Yang Treasures.

They responded to each other from a distance.

The instant the treasure land was created, the leaves of the Thunder Yang Tree shook at an extremely high frequency, like the flapping wings of bees.

Wisps of light blue brilliance were shed from the Thunder Yang Tree.

The Source Spiritual Qi was the kind of spiritual Qi that carried the Elemental Source. Even if a cultivator absorbed it for just one second, the effect would be equivalent to having several days of hard cultivation.

This way, one’s cultivation efficiency would be improved significantly.

At this time, everyone, including Dahei, Little Hei, Mengmeng, and Nina, had all sensed the pure energy. They closed their eyes and began to absorb and refine it.

Of course, Mengmeng was a little awkward in doing this. After all, she had just reached the Innateness Realm and hadn’t fully mastered flying yet.

Dahei and Little Hei were working very hard to absorb the energy.

That was because they felt the energy was very compatible with their bodies.

After all, both of them had absorbed the Elemental Source of the Thunder Yang Tree. As for Tiny Tot, it was sleeping at the back. As an Ancient Cursed Roc, it didn’t care about these things at all. It could cultivate by eating and sleeping alone, so it didn’t bother to absorb such energy. It would be arduous but fruitless anyway.

Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei did not absorb the energy either, for neither of them needed it.

Of course, Zi Yan who could not absorb any energy and those ordinary people who did not cultivate didn’t absorb it either.

“Well, you’ve basically worked a miracle. I’m getting more and more suspicious of your identity.” Yue Wuwei stared at Zhang Han.

“It’s not bad. I believe it won’t be long before you get the answer. But the premise is…” Zhang Han said, deliberately slowing down at the last part.

The premise was that Yue Wuwei would run into those who knew Zhang Han in the Cultivation World.

“What is the premise?” Yue Wuwei’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“It’s a secret,” Zhang Han said calmly.


Yue Wuwei glowered at him furiously, but he couldn’t do anything about it.


Zi Yan laughed happily.

She liked to see Yue Wuwei’s frustrated expression. It was so funny.

While they were talking, time ticked by.

One second, two seconds… and 20 seconds passed.

All of a sudden, the Source Spiritual Qi dissipated.

But they were still absorbing the large amount of energy with their eyes closed.

It was no exaggeration to say that the progress they’d gained in the past short 20 seconds was even better than that of three months of strenuous cultivation.

Since they didn’t open their eyes, they missed something.

Like the sun, the Thunder Yang Tree suddenly shone with the most dazzling light.


The airy sound resounded through the entire Mount New Moon.

The Thunder Yang Tree had upgraded!

It was at the sixth tier!

At first, it merely crossed the threshold of the sixth tier. Then, it went from there to the Early Stage, to the Middle Stage, to the Last Stage, and to the Peak Stage!

When it was very close to become a seventh-tier spirit treasure, the upgrading stopped short.

At this precise moment, an astonishing energy fluctuation suddenly burst out from the clouds above.

An enormous bolt of lightning tore through the sky and descended with force.


Seeing this, Yue Wuwei waved his sleeve to conceal the lightning and the clouds.

However, the lightning was still very large.

However, the target of the lightning was Zhang Han, who had the Taiyi Wood Thunder and the Thunderbolt Mark in his soul sense sea.

Zhang Han looked over.


The lightning dissolved immediately.

The dense, dark clouds also dispersed.

A grand and majestic thunderbolt party that had been brewing for a long time didn’t even get to start before it came to an end.

It was truly a little… strange.

“Why don’t you absorb it?” Yue Wuwei said in a baffled tone. “You cultivate thunder methods, so you should be able to absorb the power of thunder, right? It’s an incredulous ability.”

“What difference can it make even if I absorbed this kind of thunderbolt?” Zhang Han shook his head and laughed.

“Oh, fair point. That thunderbolt was too ordinary and weak. But on the Thunder Star in the Chaotic Region, there is certainly some Elemental Energy Thunder. For ordinary people, it’s a dangerous place, but for you, it’s a paradise,” Yue Wuwei said with emotion.

“You can say that. The real paradise is not here.” Zhang Han gave a mysterious smile.

What did he mean?

In fact, Zhang Han had already hatched a plan to absorb the Elemental Energy Thunder.

In the Central Star River, when one started to go through tribulations, one was bound to take Thunder Tribulations.

Thunder Tribulations included the Yang Hill Thunder Tribulation, the Yin Turf Thunder Tribulation, the Five Elements Heaven Extermination Thunder, and even the Divine Thunder over the Sky.

There were many types of Elemental Energy Thunder that could appear in Thunder Tribulations.

“It seems that…

“Thunder Tribulations are quite tasty, aren’t they?

“The Divine Thunder over the Sky, you killed me last time. This time, I’ll eat you to see how you taste.”

This was perhaps the pledge Zhang Han made to himself.

That was wicked.

He thought of that scene when he was eating away the Thunder Tribulation secretly while others were undergoing their Thunder Tribulation in fear.

“This is what it means to be chivalrous. I can help others by eating Thunder Tribulations!”

As they chatted, the glow of the Thunder Yang Tree dissipated. It looked much taller than before. Now, it appeared to be the huge King of Trees. It was massive and steady, guarding its territory.

The Thunder Yang Flower, the Thunder Yang Grass, the Thunder Yang Crystal, and the Thunder Yang Sand also quietly advanced to a higher grade.

However, they hadn’t reached the sixth tier yet, for the only treasure that could break through to the sixth tier was the dominating one among the five treasures.

Even so, the other four Thunder Yang Treasures were now in the top grade of the fifth tier.

The Thunder Yang Treasure Land had been formed!

Streaks of soul sense felt that the spiritual Qi kept coming out from the Thunder Yang Tree, the Thunder Yang Flower, and the other plants. The spiritual Qi soon formed a mist. It had become shockingly rich.

When the spiritual Qi was so rich as to be about to liquefy, it would be absorbed by the Thunder Yang Tree, and then the cycle would be repeated.

The entire Mount New Moon had become a whole.

In fact… if Zhang Han wanted to, he could move Mount New Moon and everything on it to other places.

It had become a Thunder Yang Treasure Land.

With it, Zhang Han could begin to hold the Cultivation World in awe.

Three minutes later, the cultivators opened their eyes one after another.


Mengmeng was in a daze.

In truth, her knowledge of cultivation was only scanty.

“What was that feeling I had just now?

“It was so strange.”

Mengmeng thought about it and felt that her cultivation seemed to have improved a lot. Thus, her spirits lifted at once.

Nina pursed her lips and looked at Zhang Han, who was standing below the Thunder Yang Tree.

“Uncle Zhang is really amazing.

“I’m completely awestruck.”

It was the first time she had seen such a change.

“Turns out that the Thunder Yang Treasure Land is so powerful!”

Mu Xue sensed that there was still a lot of energy in her body that had not been absorbed, so she said in surprise, “Isn’t the most special function of a treasure land supposed to be upgrading the ingredients growing in it?”

“That’s the case of the low-grade treasure land.” Yue Wuwei glanced at her and said, “You’ve all underestimated this place.”

“Really?” Jiang Yanlan said with joy and amazement. “Is there any other benefit?”

“Haha, there are many other benefits. Feel them yourself.” Yue Wuwei chuckled but did not say anything more.

The supreme-grade Thunder Yang Treasure Land could bring in a lot of benefits.

“I feel like I’m about to make a breakthrough,” Zhao Feng suddenly said.

“Me too,” Instructor Liu said.

“I’m finally entering the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage.”

“I think I’m about to advance to the next realm too.”

“I’ll reach the Elixir Realm Last-Stage right away.”

“Soon, I will reach the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage.”

“Hahaha! After such a long time, I’m finally about to get to the Elixir Realm.”

In an instant, voices of pleasant surprise rose and fell.

Many of those present had already stabilized their strength in their current realms. They just needed a push to make a breakthrough.

Now that they had absorbed so much Source Spiritual Qi, the time for them to make a breakthrough would soon arrive.

There was no doubt that in the next few days, they would enter a higher level one after another.

Zhang Han was also at the peak of the Elixir Realm at present.

His three disciples seemed to be able to catch up with him soon.

However, cultivation level was only a part of the measurement. Even though Zhang Han was not at a high level, his combat ability was still extremely formidable.

He was cultivating the thunder method called the Great Void Thunder Scripture, but he had only learned the smattering of it. When he had the ability to reach the second floor of the Thunder Tower, Zhang Han felt that he would be able to naturally make a breakthrough even without trying on purpose.

“Never thought that I could make a breakthrough without effort one day.”

Zhang Han smirked inwardly.

In the past, he would make a breakthrough as long as his strength allowed. As he climbed to higher levels, his strength became increasingly stronger. Unfortunately, there were some problems with his fundamental strength.

Now, he had gained the 10-inch Elixir, the Thunderbolt Mark in his soul sense sea, the Taiyi Wood Thunder, the Thunder Tower, as well as the Athanasia Demon Gong. He had initially developed an Immortal Body and was trying to turn it into the Immortal Body of the Five Elements. Also, he had begun to comprehend the true meaning of the Great Void Thunder Scripture.

It could be said that any one of these powers would become another person’s trump card.

But Zhang Han possessed all these powers.

His progress was indeed guaranteed.

Everything should be done in an orderly and progressive manner. It was enough that Zhang Han knew clearly where he was going during his pursuit of cultivation.

He had never thought about upgrading his cultivation as quickly as possible.

What was the point of being that powerful? It was not like he wanted to dominate the Cultivation World.

He was not interested in that. Anyway, he’d done all those things in his previous life.

The goal he had in mind was very simple. Even ordinary people could do it.

That was to accompany his loved ones.

Mengmeng and the others roamed about in the castle.

After the tour, they jumped from the round-shaped high-rise. To be precise, they actually flew to the ground.

“Why do I feel that something is wrong?”

Mengmeng’s big clear eyes registered bemusement. She was staring at Zhang Han.

She seemed to be implying, “Daddy, why haven’t you taught me how to fly yet? Can’t you pay more attention to me? I’m already in the Innateness Realm.”


Zhang Han smiled but didn’t say anything. He liked to see Mengmeng being all fingers and thumbs.

“The hot pot seems to be ready, right?” Zhang Han looked at Zhao Feng and asked.

“Yes, it’s ready. We’re preparing the soup base. You can come now,” Zhao Feng replied.

“Shall we eat first?”

“Let’s go and eat.”

Zi Yan smiled with grace. She wrapped her arm around Zhang Han’s and led the way to the restaurant.


Mengmeng snorted bitterly.

She caught up with them and resolutely held Zhang Han’s hand, asking, “Daddy, when will you teach me how to fly?”

“Ah? Don’t you already know how to fly?” Zhang Han was confused.

“But I can’t fly well yet!” Mengmeng pouted.

“Oh, okay, how about I teach you in the afternoon?”

“Uh-huh, okay.” Mengmeng smiled at once.

“Even when you master flying, don’t fly willfully. Don’t fly too far either. I’ll get worried if I can’t find you,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“That won’t happen. I’ll only fly at home,” Mengmeng replied smugly.

“Stop joking around. Today is the 29th. School will start in two days,” Zi Yan reminded them “kindly”.

“Today is the 29th?”

Mengmeng’s little face stiffened.

“Time flies so fast!

“Why is school starting so soon?

“I haven’t had enough fun yet!”

“Alas, school is about to start. The happy vacation ends so quickly.” Yue Xiaonao sighed.

“Am I going to go to school soon?” Chen Chuan was still a little confused. “Do primary schools and high schools start at the same time? Well… I hope not.”

But the answer he got was positive.

“School starts means you’re all going to school, right?” Nina became a little curious upon seeing Mengmeng’s expression.

“Yes, it’s not you, but us. Aren’t you going to school with us?” Mengmeng muttered, “School is actually quite fun. You’ll know when you get there.”

“Oh right, Daddy, Mummy, Nina doesn’t have the, umm… the ID card. I have a child’s ID card. But she doesn’t have one,” Mengmeng added.

“So Nina needs an ID card,” Zhang Han said.

That was no problem. They could get it done by making a phone call.

However, before Zhang Han could say more, Zi Yan said with a smile, “You have exactly two days before the new term starts, don’t you? Though you’re young, you’re quite smart. You can even fly now. So, why don’t you take Nina to the government to get an ID card?”

“Huh? What, what should I do? I don’t know a thing about it.” Mengmeng was stunned.


Seeing her daughter’s dumbstruck look, Zi Yan couldn’t help laughing. With resignation, she said, “I’m not asking you to help Nina apply for an ID card. I’m just telling you to run errands for her and find a professional to make the application. In addition to the ID card, she still has to complete the admission procedures and the like. Aren’t you going to take Nina on a tour of the city? You can get those procedures done while giving Nina the tour.”

“Well, all right.”

Running errands was a simple task. Thus, Mengmeng nodded seriously.

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